Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Forsythe 2 - Round 6

But the Cat Came Back
Last time Ares Knight, his girlfriend Snow Forsythe, his brother Zeus and Zeus' girlfriend Quita moved into a new house after college. Both couples got busy, got engaged and got married. They adopted four cats in hopes of breeding some. Both ladies found themselves with child and Quita had a girl, Padme, while Snow had a boy, Yoda. All the adults worked on their careers and helped out with the now toddlers.

Rachel: Um hey Padme. Don't squeeze the kitty so tight.
Padme: Kitty purdy.
Rachel: I know but not so tight honey.

Rachel: Oh no!
Me: And that isn't even the cat she was hugging super tight.
Snow: Hey so our cat ran away. Name? Frankie? Yeah Frankie.
Rachel: I see why he ran away now. Try not to look so happy.

Rachel: Ahhh!!!
Quita: Ahhh!!!
Rachel: Darn lightning.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Nice job Tina.
Me: Yeah she put herself into her work to get away from that evil, I mean overly enthusiastic toddler.

Rachel: Nice job Zeus.

Rachel: Congrats on the promo!
Ares: Thanks!

Rachel: Looks like Padme and Yoda...
Me: *sings* Y O D A Yoda.
Rachel: Yes, Yoda, um are making friends with their Aunt and Uncle.

Rachel: Fight, fight, I mean, Oh no.

Rachel: Scram wolf! Poor Tiger Lily. I think she's OK.

Rachel: Bye Heidi. Why is she leaving?
Quita: You see with Frankie run away we needed a boy and we needed room.

Rachel: Welcome Sweets.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Yoda!
Me: *sings* Y O D A Yoda.
Rachel: You sure are handsome Yoda.
Me: *sings* Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoda.Yoda: Um, that was weird but thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Padme! *looks at me*
Me: What?

Rachel: Wow Yoda sure is excited. Look at that jump.
Me: *sings quieter* Y O D A Yoda.Rachel: Dude! *rolls eyes* You sure are cute Padme.
Padme: Thanks.

Rachel: Way to Quita.

Rachel: Hi Lager. *sarcastic* What a surprise to see you here.

Rachel: Looks like Lager is making friends, not surprisingly.

Rachel: Big opps.

Rachel: Looks like homework time for Yoda.
Me: *sings* Yo Yo Yo Yo Yoda.Rachel: For the love!

Rachel: great job Ares! Looks like you did well despite losing $12,000
Ares: It's all good.
Rachel: Ah, OK.

Me: If this were a first LTW I'd go for it. As a second, it'll happens if it happens.

Rachel: Homework time for Padme.

Rachel: Frankie!

Rachel: Welcome home boy!

Zeus: Thanks for bringing our cat, um... Frankie? yeah Frankie back.

Rachel: Sorry dear.

Rachel: Hey great job! You got back the money your husband lost and then some.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion too!
Snow: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Looks like Tiger Lily is glad to have Frankie back.

Rachel: Hey way to redeem yourself man!

Rachel: Oh well.

Rachel: Padme gets a lot of these.

Rachel: and keeps losing enthusiasm.

Rachel: Sorry Yoda
Me: *sings* Y O D A Yoda.Rachel: Don't make me hurt you.

Rachel: Way to go Zeus!

Yoda: Yes!!!
Rachel: Nice job. *looks at me* I'm not gonna say it.

Padme: Sweet!
Rachel: Way to go Padme!

Rachel: Way to go Quita!

Rachel: Way to go Quita, um again!

Yoda: OK, so the milk goes in there and then candy comes out over here. That's like magic!
Me: Almost as good using the Force.

Rachel: Looks like Quita has taken up the violin and the cats have taken to singing.
Zeus: Yes, badly! The cats not Quita.

Rachel: Again? I guess since no one seems to remember his name. Geez.

Rachel: You are flying Quita!

Rachel: Impressive. Second week out of college and you've reached the top of your second career.
Zeus: Thanks. Yeah, I worked hard.

Zeus: And then you put a dash of sugar on top.
Padme: Can I eat it Daddy?
Zeus: Just one.

Rachel: Looks like Padme is making friends. There sure are a lot of kids right now.

Rachel: Did anyone gain enthusiasm this week? Wow.

Rachel: Ahhh!!!!
Zeus: Ahhhh!!!!

Rachel: Looks like we're ending the week how we started it, with a fire.

Points: 16
13 for money
3 for Tops of Careers: Zeus, Ares & Snow


SirenPrincess said...

That was interesting. I've never seen a pet run away before. I was really excited to see another update from you today.

Jenni said...

Yooodaaaa!! Yo, yo, yo, yo, YOOOOODAAAAA!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was singing that in my head the entire time. Hehe...

Poor Frankie.

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Great update as always. Man, what was Frankie's problem? The kids are so cute-I love all your custom skintones.

ruby said...

LOL the eyes are bulging on that poor kitty!
*giggles and sings Yoda along with Rachel*
LOL poor Frankie, no wonder he ran. No one seems to even remember his name

Kerry said...

Aw, poor Frankie!

Now I'm going to be singing "Yo, yo, yo, yo Yoda" all day! That was fun.

ASimWen said...

*Ahem* Obviously the Forsythe house is not a place where 'Everybody Knows Your Name....' Poor Frankie! LOL

Minty said...

Poor Frankie :( Hopefully some kind sim will return him this time, too.

Anonymous said...

Wow they have their hands full with four cats and with toddlers! It is really interesting with a whole group of playable children. Loved the post. I noticed someone's been having a slew of dream dates!!

Galena said...

Someone had to be listening to WEird Al during this post. Now I'm thinking about Lola though.

Lager seems to have taken Wen's place. Now when he rolls romance, he'll have a head start. Frankie has ran away twice now, was a search called the second time?

ciyrose said...

Aww...poor Frankie, the unloved, seemingly unmissed kitty. The kids are all cute, there are SO MANY in this gen.