Monday, July 09, 2007

Vega House 4 Round 4

Only Child?
Last time Aracely and Joe were finally married. They started breeding puppies and had a real population explosion. In fact, very few of the neighborhood dogs aren't related to Boo and Otis. Thanks to many sim and pet promotions they were finally able to afford windows for the house and a second story, but the windows were way more important to Aracely. She actually made it all the way a Criminal Mastermind thus achieving her lifetime want. Little Vodka grew from a tiny infant all the way to a lovely child.

Rachel: Hey Aracely. What's go... hey! You're putting the puppies up for adoption?
Aracely: All but Jack. We need the room if we want to try to breed some more puppies. We really should have done this last week.
Rachel: I guess that makes sense.

Aracely: Meet Gloria.
Rachel: Gloria? Wait did you adopt another puppy?
Aracely: Yeah, we needed a girl for Jack for when he grows up.

Rachel: Speaking of which.

Rachel: A nice combination of his parents and he looks exactly like his siblings.

Me: Opps.
Rachel: Opps? These are people's lives you're messing with here!
Me: *shrugs* Sorry

Rachel: I'm so sorry Joe.
Joe: It seemed like such a good idea. I mean Leo Laporte got people interested in the titanium spork on the Daily GizWiz podcast.
Rachel: What's a podcast?
Me: Lordy!

Rachel: Wait a second Gloria is still a puppy?
Aracely: We thought we'd have one more set by Boo and Otis.

Rachel: Oh hey Vodka!
Vodka: Hey lady! I got an A+!
Rachel: Way to go little lady!

Aracely: Shake... Good boy.
Rachel: I see you're back at teaching the dogs.
Aracely: Most definitely. We've got to keep these dogs getting promotions.

Rachel: Aracely, Aracely! Are you OK?!?!

Aracely: Tadah!
Rachel: You scared me.

Aracely: Good Girl!

Rachel: What are you doing Vodka?
Vodka: This nice man Jupiter is helpin' me make candies. Yummy candies!
Rachel: Well that's nice of him. He is my future son-in-law, so I'm very proud.
Vodka: Oh. OK.

Rachel: Hey Joe, congrats on the promotion. So how are liking your new job?
Joe: I love it. Much better than the restaurant business.
Rachel: Great!

Rachel: Puppies!
Aracely: Yep a boy, Olie and...

... a girl Oprah.

Rachel: Yay for Jack! Looks like all that training paid off.

Rachel: Why's Jack checking out Ruby's butt?

Rachel: Ah and now Aracely is training Vodka.

Rachel: Hey happy birthday Gloria. Very interesting looking.

Rachel: Hurray for Boo!!!!

Stormy: Sure, I'd gladly buy Olie.

Rachel: Happy, why do you look so mad?
Vodka: I don't want it to be my birthday. I want to stay little forever.
Rachel: Sorry honey it doesn't work that way. Besides don't you want a boyfriend?

Vodka: Oh yeah!

Rachel: Lovely.
Vodka: Thanks but I'm so going to the salon.
Rachel: OK, up to you. So what do you want out of life?

Vodka: A whole bunch of friends.

Vodka: And I want to own 5 top level businesses.
Me: *hits head against desk repeatedly*
Vodka: What's that?
Rachel: Oh, um, nothing.

Vodka: Woooh!
Rachel: I take it you like your new hair.
Vodka: Are you kidding? I love it!!!!

Rachel: *singing* Tiny puppies, in the snow!!!

Pine: I hope that's enough. I really want to buy Oprah.
Aracely: Yeah, this'll do.

Pine: Come on Oprah let's go watch Montel together.
Aracely: He's weird.

Rachel: What? Are you getting another dog?
Aracely: Yeah Gloria is a bit testy, so I thought we'd get another girl. Whichever he likes better, he'll have puppies with.

Rachel: She looks really smart too and she has a good personality over all.

Rachel: I think she knows she's in a competition.

Rachel: Ah, she's from Venice Holiday's dogs, Spree and Speckles.

Rachel: Wow! I guess Vodka REALLY wants a boyfriend.

Vodka: Heck yeah! Come one, smart, funny and handsome.

Rachel: Ouch!
Me: I wonder how he did that?

Me: Yeah I'd be seeing stars too.
Vodka: He's pretty cute. I hope he's smart and funny.

Vodka: Well that was an OK date. Would have been better if you would have stopped playing poker for 5 seconds to pay attention to me.
Ricky: I was having a lot of fun winning money. Next time we go out I won't.
Rachel: Speaking of next time...

Me: *giggling*
Rachel: what?
Me: Look at the look on his face. I'd say he had a good time.

Rachel: Hey you guys are best friends. So is he going to go to college with you Vodka?
Vodka: I think so, probably.

Rachel: Oh my I'd say Aracely and Joe are having a great date too. That car got some air.

Rachel: Speaking of Woohoo. Doggie woohoo and I guess Jack has made his choice.

Rachel: Whose getting Gloria?

Aracely: Ricky. Why not?

Rachel: Leaving the life of Crime?
Aracely: Sure am. With my husband in the law career I thought it would be best to find other employment. Plus who doesn't want to be a star?
Me: *Singing* Everyone wants to be a star.
Rachel: Huh?
Me: Counting Crows, nevermind. Great now I want to listen to the Counting Crows.

Rachel: I guess this means it's time to go. Way to go on the scholarships dear.
Vodka: Yep, thanks for coming by. I'll see you at college.

Points: 2, both for Money
And it's looking like Vodka is destined to be an only child. Risky WooHoo is leaving Aracely and Joe alone.


aerisblue2000 said...

As a late joiner to the Yahoo Prosperity Group, it's taken me an age to read through all the back posts, but I've finally made it. Just like to say it's awesome, and now I'm scared as mine won't live up to this! Can't wait for the next installment, well done!

SirenPrincess said...

I loved the picture of the boyfriend stuck in the railing. Hillarious.

Black Trinity said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog... I've been reading through all the past posts recently and I think I'm finally up to date. *happy dance*

You're doing so well... and how do you manage with all the puppies? I tend not to play with pets - I'm dreading the first pet related LTW...

Twoyys4me said...

wow, all those kids and puppies make me
I love how Vodka wanted to remain young- what a stunner she is as a teen though- ouch to her LTW- (hope your head is better). *grin*.
Great update.

Galena said...

I wanted Risky Woohoo to take it's course. Seems like it hasn't done anything for a while. Hopefully now you won't get a Sim that has woohoo twice and gets the lullaby both times.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

No Risky WooHoo babies? Slipping, my friend. You don't sound devastated though, Rachel. I guess you've finally settled into your rules. I only go for lots of kids if both Sims are Family.
Vodka, of course is gorgeous. Please don't headdesk. There'll be no more updates.

Melissa said...

Great update, as usual. Glad Vodka grew into her looks ;P

Kerry said...

LOL, I loved Vodka telling Ricky that their date would be better if he'd pay more attention to her, and less to playing poker. I've had some real dates that were a little like that....

ASimWen said...

I am tending to use Risky too. I did put back in the 'try for baby' option and turned back on the chimes. I now click 'woo hoo' every time. The last three pregnancies in the Falls were Risky pregnancies. heh I will only click 'try for baby' if both parents are Family Sims. hehehe

ciyrose said...

Well an only child is ok for them....lots and lots of puppies....some pretty cute ones too.