Monday, November 05, 2007

Dante 2 - Round 5

The Impossible Dream
Last time Sasha adopted a couple of very interestingly colored cats. The cats, Fay and Clive got along great and produced some very colorful kittens. Their kids, May and October grew up to lovely teens and left for college at the end of the week.

Rachel: Hey there Sasha. How's it going?
Sasha: It's going all right, except every time I turn around there are more weeds in here.
That'll happen.
Sasha: Don't they know we're trying to get into the garden club?
Rachel: I guess not. But wait, why do you want in?
Sasha: More friends.
Destin and I are both popularity minded but I'm absurdly shy.
Rachel: That would be a problem. I hope you can get in.

Rachel: Welcome home
Destin. Congrats on he promotion.
Destin: Why thank you.
Rachel: and look you brought a friend home from work, awesome!

Destin: Thanks for coming. Sasha would really like to be in your club.
Garden Lady: So why isn't she out here
Destin: She's insanely shy and you know what they say about those original Dante's right?
Rachel: They're not very nice.
Destin: *Shoots nasty look at Rachel*
Rachel: Sorry.

Rachel: Quick Sasha I see a weed!

Sasha: What!?!?! What does she mean my garden is OK? My garden is amazing!
Rachel: I. . . I don't know.
Sasha: And it needs more decorative landscaping!?!?! What does she call the fountain and large arch thing?
Rachel: I. . . I don't know. Please don't hurt me.
Sasha: I'll show her.

Rachel: Oh look kittens are on their way!
Me: Run, run like the wind!

Rachel: Awe a boy and a girl. Frankie and Faith. Cute!

Rachel: Congrats Sasha! Maybe that will help with the garden club.
Sasha: What do you mean? My garden is perfect as is!
Rachel: Um, I don't know.

Sasha: Sit up Clive. Good boy.

Rachel: Congratulations Sasha! You made it!
Sasha: Thanks, but I won't be fully happy until that Wishing Well is mine!
Ahhh, OK.

Rachel: Those look like wonderful oranges.
Sasha: I don't see why that witch doesn't see it.
Umm, I don't know.

Rachel: What's everyone up to?
Sasha: Water balloon fight with some friends. It's fun.
Rachel: Wonderful!

Me: wait I Know that butt.
Rachel: You do? Who is it?
Me: It's Locke Lost from my Lost Challenge.
Rachel: Whatever that is.

Rachel: More Kitten!!!!

Rachel: Another boy and girl!

Rachel: Awe! Oh no I think Moody is back, I mean Sasha

Rachel: Congrats on the gold badge.
Sasha: Yeah well that had better impress that witch.
Rachel: For my sake I sure hope so.
Sasha: What do you mean for your sake?
Rachel: I. . . I don't know.

Rachel: Thank goodness you're home. I mean congrats
Destin! That's you're second top of career isn't it?
Destin: Sure is.
Rachel: Wonderful.

Destin: The garden club is coming in the morning and I told Sasha I'd make sure everything was just so.
Rachel: That's so nice of you.

Destin: Roll over Clive. Good boy!

Rachel: I'm SO nervous.

Sasha: Seriously, I have a huge fountain and arch. They are right over there! Can't you see them? Is she blind?
Rachel: I think so and stupid or she just hates me.
Sasha: Now I have to wait until next week to try again!
Rachel: I'm sorry.
Sasha: Why? What did you do?
Ummm, I don't know, nothing.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Faith!

Rachel: And to you Frankie!

Rachel: Awe, time for some of the kittens to go.
Destin: Yeah, we need to make room for May and a man to come back next week.
Rachel: Any word from her on the man front?
Destin: Not yet.

Rachel: Looks like Sasha is blowing off some steam. Let's not bother her. *Backs away slowly*

Rachel: Baby is back.

Rachel: Congrats
Destin! Now you both have gold badges.
Destin: Yeah, I just wish that were enough for Sasha.
Rachel: Me too.

Destin: Good girl Fay! She just learned to speak.
Rachel: Great job!

Rachel: And one last water balloon fight as we creep slowly away.

Points: 4
2 for Tops of Career for Sasha and
2 for Money

Now let's get the heck out of here!!!!


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I almost forgot that Sasha had Dante blood in her. I never saw it unless she was in a room with Leeland. But the claws are sure coming out. However, she has a point; seriously, that garden club lady must be nearsighted or something. Sorry about the headache, Rachel. Congrats on the TOCs!

ASimWen said...

Sometimes those Garden Club people don't make much sense. Really.

Kerry said...

LOL! I was worried for your safety, there, Rachel! Do you think that the garden club lady wants more flowers? Maybe that's what she means by decorative landscaping? I've only got the wishing well once, though, so I'm certainly no expert.

I loved the update, even though it gave you a headache--where would we be without the Dantes? :)

Bubbs said...

I love all the colorful cats! They are too cool! The garden people in your game are really picky, huh?

SirenPrincess said...

The garden club seems almost impossible to get into. Your plants looked very impressive to me.

ciyrose said...

I have yet to get a wishing well....I think. I MAY have a single one in Breeze Point, I don't remember if I made it or not. I have major problems with that.