Friday, November 02, 2007

Cooprider 2 - Round 5

Last time Michaell was working very hard on maxing all her skills. She's almost done. The family welcome more puppies, a bird, but no babies (see I do have SOME self control). They concentrated on raising their daughters Dolphin and Orca. They are best of friends and headed to college at the end of the week.

Rachel: This house sure is quiet. At least as far people go. The only pitter patter is from paws.

Rachel: Welcome home Michaell. Congratulations on the promotion. Looks like your climbing your second career ladder very quickly.
Michaell: Yes, I'm having great success again. It's easy when you don't have any little one's around.
Rachel: So do you think there will be anymore little ones?
Michaell: Well Santos would like another since his dream is 6 grand babies and having each child have 2 instead of 3 would be better. I just am concentrating on education at the moment. I think it's a matter of if it happens, it happens.
Rachel: Sounds like a plan. Plus next week you'll start having grand kids at home.

Rachel: Playing some chess with your future son-in-law Moss, I see.
Michaell: Future son? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I know Orca likes him and all. I like him too. I just don't want to get too excited.

Rachel: How's the garden coming?
Michaell: Good. I just maxed all my skills so now I'm working on badges.
Rachel: Looks like it's going well.

Rachel: There you are Santos. Wait, ahhhh!!! Are you OK?
Michaell: Oh yeah he's just teaching Sam to play dead. Everything's fine.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to all the doggies!!!

Rachel: Hey Keenan is joining the family?!?!
Santos: Sure is. We're hoping he'll get along with Gloria and we'll have more puppies.
Rachel: Cool!

Rachel: Welcome little guy!

Rachel: Wow another top of career! Nice going Michaell!
Michaell: Why thank you!

Rachel: Looks like they need room in the house. Bye Georgie. I'm sure we'll see you again.

Rachel: Looks like gardening is going really well for Michaell.

Rachel: what are the dogs doing?
Michaell: Watching Petey. They do that a lot.
Rachel: Too funny.

Rachel: Helping out Michaell with her garden Santos?
Santos: Yeah, there isn't much to do without any more babies to care for.
Rachel: Yeah I heard you most likely are done.
Santos: *sigh* Yeah. I'm looking forward to grand babies though.
Rachel: Next week, not too long to wait.

Rachel: Working on the fishing badge?
Michaell: Sure am.
Rachel: Sweet.

Rachel: Keenan sure is a handsome dog.

Rachel: Looks like Santos call the Garden Club. Let's see how the review goes.

Rachel: I would hope she would like that. It costs about $15,000!

Rachel: Way to go guys! You got the wishing well!!!!

Rachel: Looks like Gloria and Keenan are getting along very well.

Rachel: Bye Genie. I guess that Try for Puppy took.

Rachel: What are you wishing for? Can't be love, you already have that. Friends?
Michaell: Nope, we've got lots of friends.
Rachel: That can only mean one thing.

Rachel: Money!

Rachel: How's the fishing going?
Michaell: OK.
Santos: Just waiting for one of the girls to come back home.
Rachel: they'll be back before you know it.

Rachel: I guess it's time for me to go. See ya next week.

Points: Just 1 for Michaell's Top of career


Bubbs said...

**falls over in a faint**

Where are the babies Rachel? Where??? Nice update. These two seem to be doing ok breeding the dogs. :)

ASimWen said...

I am with Bubbs...where are the babies??? hehehe Oh the doggies are cute!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

She just said she had some self-control. Don't tempt her!
All the doggies are so cute. Other than that, pretty quiet week.

Melissa said...

We'll get to see babies next week when the heiress and her hubby come home. Can't wait to see what Keenan and Gloria's puppies look like!

ciyrose said...

You have a lot of luck with breading dogs. Great update...nice and simply again.