Monday, October 22, 2007

Rosada 3 Round 5

Last time Amethyst and Bronx decided to try one last time for a girl. Shortly there after Bronx got abducted and got pregnant. Their beloved dog Frank passed away and took to scaring the spit out of the family. Amethyst gave birth to another son, Malacite, so Bronx ate some cheesecake to raise the odds of getting a girl. Sure enough just before we left, Bronx had twin daughters Ruby and Emerald. The eldest sons, Zircon and Tanzanite left for college after much searching for future wives to go with them.

Rachel: Looks like Bronx is going to juggle.
Me: 3 babies. I think there will be a lot of juggling.

Rachel: Dang it! All 3 babies where sleeping nicely in their cribs. The stupid nanny shows up and takes them out of their cribs and places them on the floor.

Rachel: Happy birthday Malacrite!

Rachel: Another handsome boy.
Amethyst: Why thank you. The boys have all been little heartbreakers.

Amethyst: Up you go.

Rachel: So how are liking having little ones again?
Bronx: I love it! I'm very tired, but I love it. I always wanted a big family full of love.
Rachel: You definitely have that.

Jasper: I wish for. . . an iphone.
Amethyst: Not gonna happen dear.

Rachel: At least you grew up handsome. What are you looking for in life?

Jasper: Tons of friends.

Jasper: Preferably Pet friends.
Me: *Bangs head against count and yells* WHY!!!!!

Rachel: Hey even more birthdays. Happy Birthday Ruby!

Rachel: Such a cutie.

Rachel: And a Happy Birthday to Emerald!

Rachel: Another cutie.

Rachel: Look at all the glowing toddlers. Very cute. Where's Malacite going?
Amethyst: Just to the potty.
Rachel: All by himself? Already? Nice!

Jasper: Look Mom, I got an A+!
Amethyst: Just a minute honey, I'm emptying the potties.
Rachel: A mother's work is never done.

Rachel: If you'll remember this house has been the hub of social activity in past weeks. This one is no different. Let's see who we have here. Destin and Sasha Dante, is that Kiwi Te Waiata? Apollo Knight, Snow Forsythe, Butterfly Cooprider, and Rain Forsythe.

Rachel: Hey congratulations Bronx! Now both you and Amethyst will both be ever happy!
Bronx: Thank you. It was quite hard while raising all these kiddos.
Rachel: Well I'm very proud.

Rachel: A second birthday for Malacrite! Yay!

Rachel: Sorry about the PJs but at least you are quite handsome.
Malacite: Uhhhh, thanks lady.

Me: So I've never had a toddler or anyone for that matter play on one of these twisty things and I thought it was cute. She puked a few seconds later.

Rachel: Oh boy, it's the girls' birthday!

Emerald: Yippee, I'm all grown up!!!
Rachel: Not ALL grown up.
Me: Shh, let her be happy.

Rachel: Ruby's turn.

Ruby: Yippee, I'm a big girl too!!!
Rachel: That you are.

Rachel: I love the makeover Emerald. It suits you well.
Emerald: Thanks lady.

Rachel: I see you've met Libby Ribeiro.
Jasper: Yeah, she's pretty and nice and stuff.
Rachel: Isn't she a little old for you? She is already in college.
Jasper: Yeah but she's just a sophomore and I'll be a freshmen next week. Plus she doesn't have a boyfriend yet. Score!
Rachel: You sure would make beautiful babies.
Me: Side note. I have played the first year of college for 37 kids. More will be going from this week and then I'll play a year for all and then blog 1-2 years for all.

Rachel: Looking for something Ruby?
Ruby: Yeah. Daddy said I came from the stars. I want to find my star.

Malacite: Ewe, Biology is gross!
Rachel: Agreed.

Rachel: Come on guys, Malacite isn't that bad at the piano!

Rachel: What the?

Rachel: Jasper, what about Libby?
Jasper: Yeah, I still like her but I was hankering for a first kiss. Not like she'll be coming to college with me.
Mercedes: Awe man, not again!

Rachel: Speaking of which looks like Jasper is off and so am I. I wonder if Libby and Jasper will have any chemistry?

Points: 2
1 for Bronx's Top of Career
1 for Money


ASimWen said...

WooHoo! Great to have blue and green in the fambily! :) Love them aliens.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

The girls are so cute. Thank you Kethwyn for helping me appreciate alien blood. Congrats for Bronx's LTW/TOC! I feel bad for Mercedes. Isn't this the second time she's been stood up?

Melissa said...

So I guess Ruby or Emerald are going to be the heirs even though they aren't related to Amethyst? I love all the kids, they are so cute. Poor Mercedes, she can't seem to get into this Prosperity. =(

Kerry said...

Oh, Malacite is so handsome. What a goodlooking blue boy. I love the photo of Ruby looking for her star. How sweet!

37+ uni students?!? Argh! Now, that would drive me right into another neighborhood. Geez! You're a stronger simmer than I am, that's for sure. Good luck with them all.

Aww, poor Mercedes--everyone's first kiss, no one's sweetheart!

ciyrose said...

LOL....I love your comments/yelling at the LTW of some of these kids. I do the SAME THING out loud! 37 Uni kids!!!??? Holy cow woman, you are a uni machine.