Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ribeiro 2 Round 5

Short and Sweet?
Last time Jan and Abigail continued their romancing ways. They ran into some money problems and the maid stole the toilet as payment. In between WooHoos they did manage to raise their 3 daughters and send them off to college. But not before they actually got married. Strange? I know.

Rachel: Hum, Jan it doesn't look like you're starting off the next week very well.
Jan: Yeah, well, at least the maid came back.

Rachel: Hey happy Birthday Abigail!
Abigail: Shhh!
Rachel: What?
Abigail: Don't tell anyone. They'll know I'm old.
Rachel: Yeah, cause no one will notice if I don't tell them.

Rachel: Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday Billy and Joanie!

Jan: Melissa, you're SO hot!!!
Melissa: Gee thanks!
Jan: My wife's at work, want WooHoo?
Melissa: Why not?
Me: *Shakes head* Romance sims.

-Much later-

Rachel: Yes!! Way to go Abigail!!!
Abigail: Thanks! Whose the old lady now?
Rachel: I didn't call you an old lady.
Abigail: You implied it.

Rachel: Puppies!!!

Rachel: Welcome to Prosperity Point Davie and Donnie.

Rachel: Nice going Jan!
Jan: Thanks. My neck hurts.
Rachel: Probably too much WooHoo.
Jan: Is there really such a thing?
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Way to go Jan!!!
Jan: Thank you.

Jan: I feel weird. Don't say it's too much WooHoo.

Rachel: Nope, welcome to elderhood too Jan.
Jan: Shhh, don't tell anyone.
Rachel: Right.
Me: Well looks like the week is over.
Rachel: What? Really?
Me: Yep. What can I say? No babies or kids, not much to report.

Points: 4
2 for Money
2 for Abigail and Jan's Top of Careers


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Old and still the epitome of dumb blondes. At least they're entertaining. I guess I'll have to wait till next round to see who'll be moving back in. And congrats on TOC/LTW.

Melissa said...

I see you got rid of some of the dogs. Interesting to see Jan as an Elder. She married one of my Gen 2's and not too long ago gave birth to the heir in my neighborhood.

Sally said...

Abigail grew up into the elder jumpsuit? Ha - I bet that offended her fashion sensibilities! Congrats on the double TOC.

QueenofSimtopia said...

What a short update from you! Not much to do with 2 aldults/elders. Specially when they're romance sims... More puppies!

ASimWen said...

Jan Tellerman really is kinda pretty. I haven't played her, I don't think.

ciyrose said...

Short and sweet. This was probably a super boring house for you after the craziness of the last few. Although it might have been a nice break too....but I think you like the busy ones. :)