Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dante 1- Round 5

1st Honeymoon
Last time Liza grew to an elder. Lily and Oak both grew to teens and left for college. Liza's live in boyfriend, Kennedy Cox tried out the Happy Hands Hat died a tragic death. That's about it.

Rachel: Hey Pine's back from college!

Pine: Sure am. I'm very happy to be back.
Rachel: That's wonderful! Who is this little puppy?
Pine: Oh, this is Oprah. She came from Aracely Vega's dogs.

Pine: Mom also just adopted another dog, Stevie. He was from Kayla's dogs.

Pine: It's prefect considering what I want in life.
Rachel: Good plan.

Pine: This is my girlfriend Galagrial, you remember her, right?
Rachel: Of course. Welcome Galadrail.
Galadrail: Well thank you. We do have a slight problem though.
Rachel: What's that?

Galadrial: My husband.
Rachel: That's pretty easy to fix.

Galadrial: Get out you loser, I want nothing to do with you.
Rachel: But you cheated on him.
Galadrial: Shh!

Pine: Now we can be together.

Pine: Will you marry me, now that you're single and all.

Galadrial: Yes, yes, yes!!!

Rachel: Getting some clothes for the wedding?
Pine: That and have you seen what we're wearing?
Rachel: Quite true.

Rachel: Hurray wedding time. Wow a nighttime wedding, fancy.

Rachel: Awe, how sweet and a little odd. He's bringing her flowers during the wedding.
Pine: We just had a date, so I thought I'd bring my lovely new wife some flowers.
Rachel: Very nice.

Pine: Umm, we didn't invite you to spend the night. Weird.

Rachel: Hum, she smashed the cake in his face. She fits right in with the Dantes.

Rachel: Get down you too! A very nontraditional first dance, but hey, it works.

Galadrial: Honeymoon time!!!!
Rachel: Let's take a look at the pictures!

Rachel: Mahjohn.

Rachel: Making a wish.

Rachel: Sweet $1,000

Rachel: Ninja!!!

Me: Anyone that watches "Ask A Ninja" would know that!

Rachel: Wow, the Ninja taught you to teleport?
Pine: Sure did.

Rachel: And some lovely, relaxing massages!

Rachel: That could some in handy.

Rachel: Digging for treasure, always fun.

Rachel: Sweet!!!

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Double Opps!!!

Rachel: Yay, more money. Hope that helps with the poison ivy!
Pine: That's it, then we came home.
Rachel: Did you have a good time?
Galadrial: We had a great time! Poison Ivy and all.

Rachel: Ut-oh, that's not going to help with Pine's life long dream!

Rachel: I think Howie's mad about something.

Rachel: Really mad apparently

Rachel: Yep, Oprah is definitely Boo and Olie's puppy! She's beautiful but interesting.

Galadrial: Oh boy!
Rachel: Did you know you were pregnant?
Galadrial: I had some suspicions.
Rachel: Well congratulations.
Galadrial: Thank you, I'm very excited!

Pine: And then a few bad things happened. First the elevator brought. Thankfully our maid was OK.

Pine: Then lightning struck the wedding arch still in the yard.

Pine: Thankfully the fire department showed up thanks to our outdoor smoke detector.

Pine: Then one of our customers was struck by lightning in the hottub. He was OK too.
Rachel: Well thank goodness, that could have been tragic!
Pine: And bad for business.

Rachel: Looks like the dogs are getting along. I wonder if that means there will be puppies soon?

Galadrial: Speaking of little one's. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galadrial: This is our son, Cedar.
Rachel: He's a cutie. Looks like he got his grandma Liza's red hair.
Galadrial: Sure did.

Rachel: Nice job Oprah! That'll make Pine happy.

Pine: Roll over girl. Just gotta teach you this for that next promotional.

Rachel: OK, maybe now, there will be puppies on the way.

Galadrial: Hey come here, it's Cedar's birthday!
Rachel: Wow, already?!!?

Rachel: Happy birthday little man!

Rachel: So how are you liking fatherhood Pine?
Pine: It's great! Since I stay home to train the dogs for promotions I have lots of time to train Cedar too.
Rachel: That's great! Stay at home dad's are great!

Pine: Say Papa, Papa.
Cedar: Naw!
Rachel: Maybe next time. Speaking of next time, it looks like it's time for me to go.

Points: 12
2 for Galadrial and Cedar
10 for money

Funny Picture:

I got the picture of Pine being grabbed to be kissed by Galadrial but not the kiss. Thought his face was funny. Like a, "what did I just do?" face.


Bubbs said...

That can't be a good sign...the wedding arch is hit by lightning! What a round! Divorce, wedding, honeymoon, baby!


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I missed the first comment because I couldn't remember where Galadrial popped into the hood. Did the gypsy start that problem? Oh well, not too big a problem. Cedar is a cute little kid. Nice little honeymoon. Now I need to learn to teleport, since I've seen all of Ask a Ninja, lol.

ASimWen said...

Great entry about Bon Voyage. I haven't played that EP much. Thanks! Now I have some things to look for and to do.

The Heat Miserette said...

Quite an update! Galadrial looks adorable in her wedding dress, and so happy!

Let me guess... your two favorite expansion packs are Pets and Bon Voyage? :D I've just started playing with BV, and am loving it so far - haven't seen the raining money yet though!

Sally said...

Yey - more pets! I love that all your households have dogs and puppies. That sure was a busy round and a fast wedding and baby!

Melissa said...

Every since installing BV I've had quite a few neighborhood Sims (even at Uni) tell me that I was a bad host and they're going home - as if I had invited them to be house guests when I did not. Hopefully that will be adressed in a patch SOON. I hadn't seen the raining money yet, either. Lucky!
Melissa *the jealous one =)

ciyrose said...

I have mixed feelings about the honeymoons....I miss the whole limo showing up and they just go and come back fully refreshed. I like vaca's, but I don't really like adding "time" on for a honeymoon if I want them to have it. I like other things from BV though. :)