Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rosada 1 Round 5

Strangely Familiar
Last time Aquamarine and Zachary spent their time raising their 6 kids, that's right 6. The 4 oldest all became teens and dated, a lot. Especially Royal who wants 50 1st dates. They all headed off to college at the end of week leaving the youngest set of twin (there are 3 sets), Scarlet and Burgandy. Aquamarine and Zachary are looking forward to a quite house this week.

Scarlet: YES!!!
Rachel: Welcome home Scarlet! You must have brought home an A+. Nice work!

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion and the quiet house.
Zachary: Well thank you Rachel. We are rezaling in the silence or, near silence at least.
Rachel: I bet.

Zachary: But we have decided to adopt a couple dogs. Aquamarine still wants the pitter patter of little feet, even if they are technically paws.

Zachary: Um, excuse us officer. We're sorta in the middle of something here. How 'bout you just leave the dog in the living room?

Burgandy: Let's smustle!
Me: I loved this, they decided to do it on their own and they are so cute. Apparently the Rosada's like to smustle, cause their siblings did all the time too.

Rachel: Welcome Sophie!

Rachel: Hope no one is being interrupted this time.

Rachel: Nope, guess not.
Burgandy: They all look so yummy Daddy.
Zachary: I know dear. Don't tell anyone but every once in awhile, you can snag one.
Burgandy: *giggles*

Rachel: Umm, Libby. Royal doesn't live here anymore, but they'll gladly accept the garden gnome.

Rachel: OK, Sariss, Navy isn't here either. You live with him. . . at college.

Rachel: Well the dogs sure are in sync but they hardly know each other.
Aquamarine: I know, I'm trying.

Rachel: WOW, nice going Zachary!!!

Burgandy: Mommy, Mommy, I'm smart too!!!
Rachel: Nice going Burgandy!

Me: *Gasp* I didn't even hear the chimes. Darn that Risky WooHoo!
Aquamarine: Oh crap! We were trying to get you pregnant Sophie, not me.
Rachel: Congrats Aquamarine! So will you be eating any cheesecake?
Aquamarine: Um, no, we're trying to help with the limiting the population. Emphasis on the word "trying".

Aquamarine: Good boy!!!

Burgandy: Yay it's my birthday!

Rachel: A beautiful girl turns into a beautiful young woman. So what are you interested in?

Burgandy: I want to know everything and how do I plan to do that, you ask.
Rachel: Well, I was going to ask.

Burgandy: By being a Space Pirate of course.
Rachel: What else?
Burgandy: OK, sarcasm isn't nice.
Rachel: Sorry.

Rachel: Make a wish Scarlet.

Rachel: What's your focus in life?

Scarlet: Pleasure please.

Scarlet: And I'd like nothing better than to play video games all day.
Rachel: You and me both.

Aquamarine: It's coming!!!!

Aquamarine: Hee Hee Whoo!

Aquamarine: This is our son, Forest.
Rachel: Ummm, what's that behind you? Wait a minute, rewind.

Me: No way!!! Just when I think this game can't surprise me, it does.

Aquamarine: Something seems strangely familiar here.
Zachary: Well this is our daughter, our last daughter, Kelly.
Rachel: How perfect, 4 boys and 4 girls. And it's nice that you two can work together.

Rachel: Oh Scarlet, are you and Rem Ribeiro hitting it off?
Scarlet: Shh, on a date here.
Rachel: Sorry.

Burgandy: Oh my gawd Rachel this C. Crows is fine and fun!
Rachel: So you like each other.
Burgandy: D'ah!

Rachel: Well that answers that question. Miss Scarlet does have a love connection too.

Rachel: Speaking of a love connection, are those doggie chimes I hear?

Rachel: Scarlet, you look so natural taking care of your little sister. Do you want any of your own?
Scarlet: One might be all right, not a herd like my parents had.
Rachel: Probably a better idea anyway.

Rachel: C. Crows is back.

Rachel: I love first kisses.

Aquamarine: My baby girl is growing up. *sniff*

Rachel: Awe, she's a cutie. Spitting image of Burgandy at her age.

Aquamarine: My youngest baby's birthday, I don't know if I can handle this.
Rachel: You'll be all right, it was bound to happen.

Rachel: Welcome to toddlerhood Forest.

Rachel: I think we all know what this means.

Rachel: Have fun at college girls, and great job on the scholarships!

Points: 8
2 for the babies
6 for money


Infinity-Nevermore said...

And just when I thought it wasn't possible, you have natural twins! Wait, they are natural, right? They're cute. Love Burgandy and Scarlet's hair. Hopefully next time, you can get the dogs instead of Aquamarine pregnant.

Kerry said...

The dogs are pregnant, right? Weren't there doggy chimes? I love natural twins! And C. Crows has a girlfriend! Woot!

The Heat Miserette said...

Cute dogs! And THIS is what you meant about the interesting genetics. :D I'd be tempted to have tons of kids too!

Sally said...

Whoa - more kids! Your 'hood is getting BIG fast!! I just don't know how you handle all those kids and pets but you get my respect.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Whenever I don't want twins, it happens! It's kind of creepy actually...

Love all the red hair! Yea for more puppies on the way.

ASimWen said... the Rosadas!

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

I love this family! The older girls were so cute in their pink and blue princess dresses!

ciyrose said...

All those kids and I don't seem to remember any of them getting the parents blue hair. I suppose it's possible, but they all have red hair don't they? Fun update.....