Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Vega 1 Round 5

Handsome Boys
Last time the Vega's desperately needed a Vega heiress. Andre loves his family that having more babies really didn't bother him. Coqui gave birth to one set of twin boys, Mercury and Uranus. Even though they loved their new sons they still needed a daughter so Coqui took a swig of the exliar of life so she could have one more chance. She once again ate cheesecake and they had a boy, Earth and a girl, Venus. Finally Pluto headed off to college at the end of the week, leaving a still, very packed house.

Rachel: Welcome home Mars. How was school today?
Mars: Yipeee!!!! I got an A+!!!
Rachel: Great job man!!!

Rachel: Welcome home to you too Andre. Looks like a fruitful day at work.
Andre: Yes, it was.
Rachel: What's wrong?
Andre: My heart is still heavy about Venice and her decisions.
Rachel: Yeah, but I think you did the right thing.
Andre: Well thank you. I just hope the rest of my kids turn out better.

Rachel: Ah yes, this a very common site in this house. We'll leave them to it.

Rachel: Speaking of a common site. Happy birthday Venus, the little heiress.

Rachel: And let's not forget Earth. Happy birthday little man.

Rachel: All these boy look so much a like, it's crazy! Only Mars takes after the Vega side of the family.

Rachel: See what I mean, common site?

Rachel: Yay, nice going Coqui!!!!
Coqui: Well thank you.
Rachel: So how do you feel about all the kids?
Coqui: I love them all, but I sure am glad to be done. I'm getting too old for this. Thankfully

Coqui: OK, most of the training.
Mercury: Mom! Mom!!! I got an A+!!!
Coqui: Wonderful dear!

Rachel: Another one? I mean, Happy Birthday Mars!!!

Rachel: Definitely a Vega. So Mars what are you looking for in life?

Mars: I thrust for knowledge.

Mars: And I'd Love to spread knowledge to everyone possible by being the Education Minister.
Rachel: Wonderful!!!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Neptune! Make a wish!

Neptune: Wow, I'm pretty smokin' hot.
Rachel: Ahhh. . . I'm afraid to ask.

Neptune: I love to love baby.
Rachel: Oh boy.

Neptune: And I want to score with all the ladies. Venice is my role model.
Rachel: Goodness. Well, that's very nice dear. *Shakes head*

Rachel: And the youngest school age boys bring home their A+ report cards! Wonderful job boys!!!

Coqui: Ohhh, man. See I wasn't kidding about getting old.
Rachel: Welcome to the club, it's not so bad.

Rachel: WOW, another one! Happy birthday again Earth!

Rachel: *Sigh* Yep, handsome too. I wonder if I can get any of my grand daughters married off to you?

Rachel: And another Happy Birthday to you too Venus.

Rachel: I see many broken hearts in your future. Wait, I hope not. Your dad will have a stroke!

Rachel: Hannah! All these goings on I almost forgot you were here. Happy birthday girl!

Rachel: See?

Rachel: They all finally know how to study. Thank goodness!

Rachel: Speaking of studying, look the whole family is learning, even the one's you can't see right now.

Rachel: Neptune, what are you doing?
Neptune: playing catch with Kricket, she's hot!
Rachel: Please step away from her, she's been hurt enough.
Neptune: Whatever.

Rachel: Seriously? You all should open a bakery. *sigh* I mean, happy birthday Mercury!

Rachel: Very handsome too. So Mercury, what do you have your sites set on?

Mercury: Love baby!
Rachel: *sigh* Lordy. Do I dare ask what your dream in life is?

Mercury: I want to be a bloody Rock God!!!
Rachel: Oh thank goodness! That won't break your father's heart.

Rachel: Hey Uranus. You getting along with Lynn well?
Uranus: Yes mame!

Uranus: I really like her.
Rachel: Cool! She's been trying to get into one these houses for awhile now. But hey, I think you have some candles to blow out.

Rachel: Yep, another handsome young man. What do you want in life?

Uranus: A life of Pleasure please.
Rachel: Cool and what's your dream?

Uranus: Professional Party guest would be awesome!!!
Rachel: There are worse ways to spend your life. Nice going!

Rachel: Hey Coqui! Did I just see you can make Servos now?
Coqui: Sure can! And I just sold one and fulfilled my lifetime dream!!!
Rachel: Great going!!! I knew it would only be a matter of time. So glad you made it this week.

Rachel: I guess it's about that time!

Rachel: Great job to all you boys! Can't wait to see you all at Sim State. And you're all going single. Watch out ladies!

Points: 6
5 from money
1 for Top of Career for Coqui
Andre takes care of all the training.


PRMami said...

WOW so nice to see my families going well!

I have taken a much needed break from playing the Sims 2 after blogging challenges since Jan

I am now playing Second Life hahhaah

but still enjoy coming round to see what you are doing with my original clans that I made so long ago. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Need...Holiday...genes! By the way, I think your dice are rigged. It's impossible to have that many Pleasure and Romance Sims. At least they all have TOC LTWs. I forget whether Coqui or Andre were already perma-plat before now. Oh well. Congrats!

Kerry said...

Wow, that was a busy house! Study-birthday-study-birthday-rinse and repeat! What a squadron of handsome young men hitting Uni, too. Those girls are gonna be excited.

Sally said...

Heh - looks like you have a couple of heart breakers on your hands there. Two romance teens in the same family! I think Neptune is a real cutie or should I say "Hottie"...

QueenofSimtopia said...

So many good-looking boys there! What are you gonna do with them all at college??? Especially those romancing ones! All those kids are adorable (of course, did I have any doubts???).

ASimWen said...

Ha! An update that is nothing but birthdays and skilling! Great job, as usual.

ciyrose said...

That was quite an update. Tons of birthday's, and when it wasn't a birthday it was a study session. Glad the kids are doing so good, but 2 more romance sims? Poor Andre is just going to have to deal with his romance kids. Hopefully the boys are nicer about it than Venice.