Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ribeiro 3 Round 5

A Little Friendly Competition
Last time Bethany & Zeno welcomed a second set of twins: Live and C. Crows after two of my favorite bands. They also welcomed two cats, Cleo and Cymmi. Their eldest child, Jewel, grew to a lovely teen and left for college while the younger four all grew to children. Zeno became education minister and Bethany found out there was another baby on the way.

Rachel: Wow this house is still bursting at the seams, even with Jewel away at college.
Bethany: What can I say, my husband wants a big family.
Rachel: So do you think this one will be your last?
Bethany: I hope so, this house just isn't big enough.

Live: Mommy, where's Wisconsin on the map?
Bethany: It's right up here, in a very cold part of the US.
Live: Where are we?
Bethany: Way over here by Sim City in Prosperity Point.
Live: Oh, OK.

Rem: Guess what.
Rachel: What?
Rem: It's my birthday.
Rachel: Well Happy Birthday little man.

Rachel: Rem you have a twinkle in your eye there. What's running through that mind?

Rem: A lot of money, Simoleons even.

Rem: And I really hope to get it by having 5, count them 5 Top-Level Businesses!
Me: *bangs head on desk* Why me!?!?!
Rachel: *clears throat at me* That sounds great dear.

Sarah: Hey, it's my birthday too, don't forget about me!
Rachel: Wouldn't dream of it dear. Blow out those candles.

Rachel: Wow Sarah, you're. . . beautiful!
Sarah: Hey, don't sound so surprised.
Rachel: Sorry, it's just that you were a late bloomer, it's nothing personal. So what do you want out of life?

Sarah: Friends! There's nothing better.

Sarah: And I'd love to be Mayor!
Rachel: Very nice.

C. Crows: Mommy, where do babies come from?
Bethany: Why don't we stick to your homework for now.
-The next day-

Rachel: Looks like all the studying paid off. Way to go boys!!!

Bethany: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Baby on the way!!!

Rachel: Awe, the baby has the same Ribeiro violet eyes as Jewel, Live and Sarah. So what'd ya have and what's his or her name?
Bethany: It's a boy and we named him, Tunstall after a musician I love named KT Tunstall.
Rachel: Very nice.
-A few days later-

Bethany: Boy how time flies when you have a ton of kids!
Rachel: *Laughing* Happy Birthday Tunstall!

Rachel: What a cutie pie. A definite mix of both parents.

Bethany: OK, now take a step for Mommy, like a big boy.

Rachel: Wait a minute both of the cats were just in the house?
Me: That means kittens are on the way.
Rachel: Sweet!

Rachel: C. Crows, what do you think you're doing fishing in the rain?
C. Crows: Well, we just got this pond here and I had to try it out. Look I caught a boot. I rock!!!
Rachel: Yes, you do.

Rachel: Looks like the rain stopped.
Live: Sure did and look I caught an actual fish.
Rachel: Do I sense some twin sibling rivalry?
Live: Well, guess what.
Rachel: What?

Live: It's our birthday and I win! I get to grow up first!!!

Live: See how strong I am. I'm stronger than C. Crows.
Rachel: That's nice dear, but what do you want to do with your life?

Live: I want friends just like Sarah does.

Live: But I want to be an athlete not a stupid politician.
Rachel: OK.

Rachel: C. Crows, I almost missed your birthday. What are you doing?
C. Crows: It's not that big of a deal.

Rachel: Well, what do you want in life?

C. Crows: It's like Dad told me, "Families all that matters."

C. Crows: And I want to protect them by becoming Captain Hero!
Rachel: Well that's wonderful. I just hope your mom has retired by then.
C. Crows: Why?
Rachel: Oh. . . nevermind.

Rachel: Wow Sarah that's one heck of a fish!
Sarah: Yeah, my brothers were trying to say a girl can't really fish. Ha!!!

Rachel: Wow, another birthday! Happy birthday little man!!!

Rachel: Oh yeah, you're Zeno's son, no doubt about it!
Tunstall: Yay!!!!

Live: Look at how tough I am! I'm the strongest of all the Ribeiros!
Rachel: That's nice, dear.

Rachel: I guess time really does fly!

Rachel: Great job kids!
Sarah: Ha I win! I got the most scholarships!
Rachel: Not everything is a competition.
Sarah: Yeah, but this is!

Me: And so ends another round at the Ribeiro 3 house.
Points: 2
1 for money
1 for Tunstall


QueenofSimtopia said...

Whew! You're just spewing out the updates, aren't you? Great round, so many kids of course! *sigh* more uni for you! Ah well, I love watching all those kids grow up.

The Heat Miserette said...

What a lovely family! The kids all grew up to be very good looking, and you're right - they do have interesting genetics. I can see why you're attached to them and the *gulp* 25 other households! *Bows* I'm not worthy!

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, no Pleasure sims! No Romance Sims! I want my money back! lol, just kidding. Funny, how through the majority of the update it seemed only Live seemed to be competing, and you can't compete against no one, and then Sarah pulled that one out of left field.

Kerry said...

I thought they all seemed very competitive--a very dynamic bunch. I love how the jewel eyes and the pointy ears come through in some of them.

C. Crows is a doll, too--I really like his appearance and I loved it when he caught the boot--"I rock!"

Tee hee!

Sally said...

Just as the other commenters said - you have some great genetics in this family. I love the violet eyes. Looks like you got lucky on the LTWs, except for 5 top businesses. Though I don't mind this one so much now. Ever since I stopped doing venue and started running retail businesses, getting a top business became a lot faster and a lot more fun (well for me anyway!)

ciyrose said...

Man you keep rolling up that 5 Top Level Businesses don't you? I HATE that one...mostly because I cannot figure out how to get it done takes me FOREVER! All these kids are really good looking, and I love the genetics!

Chrissy Brown said...

Eeeks, the 5 Top Level Businesses are a pain. But anyways all of the kids are quite pretty!:)