Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Your Hands on the Prosperity Point Residents

For those of you who don't know all the original families are actually part of the Prosperity Fellowship 2 project except for my simself's family. You can find the following families here: Vega (from group 1), Lancaster, Holiday, Ribeiro, and Dante.

You might also recognize some of the other family names on that list. This is because all the sims from this list were added in as custom townies. The Fellowship 1 sims were also added in as custom townies. The most popular are the Rosadas and the Coopriders. You can find them all here.

Prosperity Point also contains many sims from my other challenges, other people's challenges and simselves.
Asimwen (AKA Wen)'s Simself
Her sims including Quavi & Xuan

I have extracted a number of sims from the game and I would be happy to email ( them to you upon request. Most of these sims have custom hair but since I did not create it I don't feel right passing them. See below for links to custom content sites. Here is who is currently available:

As of 8-1-08
Apollo Knight
Arial Vega
Brad Kaufman
Burgandy Rosada
Cake Ziese-Lecy
California Ribeiro
Canada Vega
Carrot Rosada
C. Crows Ribeiro
Charlie Lost
Cheesecake Ziese-Lecy
Cloudy Skywalker
Cooper Kaufman
Cougar Lancaster
Danish Ziese-Lecy
Donut Ziese-Lecy
Dusk Rosada
Eclair Ziese-Lecy
Eleah Ziese-Lecy
Elizabeth Skywalker
Ellen Caligula
Emily Lost
Erin Lost
Erv Ziese-Lecy
Faith Anderson
Florida Ribeiro
Ford Ribeiro
Georgia Tellerman
Grasshopper Cooprider
Hurley Lost
Ian Ziese-Lecy
Jack Kaufman
Jack Lost
Janeane Caligula
Jasper Rosada
Jewel Ribeiro
Juilette Ribeiro
Jupiter Holiday
Karoline Bach
Kate lost
Kate Ribeiro
Katie Kaufman
Kent Rosada
Kiwi TeWaiata
Lando Skywalker
Libby Ribeiro
Locke Lost
Logan Rosada
Lucida Vega
Mango TeWaiata
Mars Vega
Mary Robins
May Dante
Mercury Vega
Metro Rosada
Mirabella Morelli
MJ Ziese-Lecy
Monica Holiday
Moonchild Bach
Moss (Made by Wen)
Natalie Anderson
Natalie Kaufman
Navy Rosada
Neptune Vega
Nicole Kaufman
October Dante
O'Keefe Simmers
Orca Cooprider
Phoebe Holiday
Pie Ziese-Lecy
Pluto Vega
Puma Lancaster
Quita Skywalker
Rain Forsythe
REM Ribeiro
Royal Rosada
Sarah Ribeiro
Sawyer Lost
Sawyer Ribeiro
Sayid Lost
Scarlet Rosada
Scorpian Cooprider
Sleet Forsythe
Snow Forsythe
Squash Rosada
Strawberry TeWaiata
Sun Lost
Sun Ribeiro
Tanzanite Rosada
Timi Robins
Tiny Bach
Tomato Rosada
Ultramarine Rosada
Uranus Vega
Victoria Ziese-Lecy
Vincent Simmers
Vodka Vega
Zeus Knight
Zircon Rosada
Zucinni Rosada

I use for managing my sims bookmarks and you can find them here and Sims 2 Favorites here