Monday, September 20, 2010

Ribeiro 2 - Round 8

Making Friends
Last time the Ribeiros kept raising their dogs. California and Oak's daughter, Virginia, grew to a very happy child. Oak then proposed to California. The family also continued to run their home business. That's about it.

Rachel: Great job Virginia!

Rachel: Oh an A+! Another great job Virginia!

Rachel: Hey there Jan. Doing some training?
Jan: Yep. Gotta keep the promotions coming in.

Rachel: Good job.

Rachel: Making friends again?
Virgina: Yep. This is October. He's very cute.
Rachel: That he is. I wonder if you two might have a future together.
Me: *clears throat*

Rachel: Who is this friend?
Virgina: This is Plurk. He's cute too.
Rachel: Yes, he is.

Rachel: Great job Oak!
Oak: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Looks like Plurk and Virgina are really hitting it off. *giggles*
Me: What?
Rachel: They're having a pillow fit and I said hitting.
Me: Wow.

Rachel: Nice going Janey!

Rachel: California, the nice art lady is trying to give you a plaque.
California: Uh sorry. I'm... trying... to.. ring up this customer.

Rachel: Opps. Sorry Oak.

Me: So I have no idea why I took this but this is Virgina's personality.

Rachel: Making some friends Jan?
Jan: Yep. Oak needs them for a promotion.

Rachel: Cute.

Rachel: Excuse me old guy, she's married. Setting her up on a date is not exactly cool.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bruce!

Rachel: Looks like it's time to go. See you next week.

Points: 2 for money


ASimWen said...

Well, at least nobody died~

ciyrose said...

That was a pretty easy going house.