Monday, September 27, 2010

Ribeiro 3 - Round 8

Social Butterfly
Last time the family kept working on Jewel's wish to raise 20 puppies or kittens which can be rather heart breaking for her at times as the pets leave. Jewel and Risto's daughter, Kendall, grew to a toddler.

Rachel: Looks like everyone is busy. I'll just chill for a while.

Rachel: Sorry Zeno.

Rachel: Good job Risto.

Rachel: Hey there Kendall.
Kendall: Kitty!
Rachel: Looks like she has her mom's love of animals.

Rachel: Mary, you sure do look cool.

Rachel: The revolving door for pets continues.

Rachel: Congrats on the promotion and get some soup and fast.

Jewel: Don't take Mary! I love Mary!
Rachel: I know but if Mary stays around you won't have room for more animals.
Jewel: *sniff* I see your point.

Rachel: And here comes a new puppy already.

Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Kendall!

Rachel: What a sweet little girl and I love your violet eyes.
Kendall: Thanks!

Rachel: Enjoying some quiet time in the garden?
Jewel: Sure am. Kendall is busy making friends and the house is full of kids right now.

Rachel: A fine young man.
Kendall: This is my friend Romaine.
Rachel: I know. He is a handsome one too.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Snaps!

Kendall: So are you going to be in the class of 08 or 09?
Bumblebee: 09 I think. I'm not quite old enough to go for 08.

Kendall: OK. Let's play some baseball and get to be great friends.

Rachel: Bye Snaps.

Kendall: So I'm making friends with all the boys but I'd like to be friends with the girls too. Should we be friends?
Violet: *shrug* Sure. Why not?

Rachel: Looks like Risto is partical to the new kitten.

Risto: Yes. I have grown to love the animals just like my wife does.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Matt!

Rachel: And to you Alegra!

Rachel: And good bye Matt and Allegra.

Kendall: *giggles* I just love this water wiggler!

Rachel: Looks like it's good for making friends.

Rachel: Welcome Jason.

Kendall: Oh high school sounds so very exciting. I can hardly wait to go.

Rachel: Welcome Murphy.

Rachel: What the? Pear, what happened?
Pear: I don't know. She just came up and started poking me.

Kendall: Since we are such great friends, here's a gift.
Pear: Oh, hey thanks.

Rachel: This doesn't look good.

Rachel: Listen kids, maybe you should both head home now.

Rachel: Twix, don't even think about taking the puppy.

Rachel: Well at least he reappeared. Just in time for me to go too.
Points: 3 for Money


Janeene said...

I love reading your updates - I'm glad you didn't lose the neighbourhood with your recent disk failure.

It occurred to me while reading this update (slow - I know - I've only been playing Freetime for several years!) that if I was unsure about wearing costumes at work I'd pack one in a bag and bring it so that I could change into if other people were wearing costumes...*lol*.

Hmmm...looks like the Livejournal OpenID login is no longer working. I've run into problems with it on other sites recently too, so I suspect it's a change on LJ's side. :(

Twoflower said...

It breaks my heart when my sims run to the car when I have to give a pet up for adoption. I like how colorful and pretty all your sims and pets are.

ASimWen said...

I was always impressed with the management of pets in this blog...I don't believe I would be able to do it!

ciyrose said...

You have a knack with the pets. I have so many problems with them most of the time.

Chrissy Brown said...

Kendall is very cute :) and woah at all the pets. Lol