Sunday, October 03, 2010

Rosada 1 - Round 8

New Wings
Last time William had a mid-life crisis and blew all their money on fun stuff for the house making it party central. Ultramine and Copper's daughter, Violet, grew from a toddler to a child. Meanwhile Aquamarine and William's youngest twins, Kelly and Forest, grew to teens and left for college.

Rachel: Hey Aquamarine! Teaching Diana to play dead?

Aquamarine: Sure am and she's doing very well.

Rachel: Whose your friend Violet?
Violet: This is Brett. He sure is nice. We're good friends.
Rachel: I wonder if you'll get married...

Rachel: Nice job Diana!

Ultramarine: Oh no, this is not good. Why do they have to fight here? Why can't everyone be nice?
Rachel: This is Leeland. He pretty much deserves it.

Rachel: Poor Brett.

Rachel: What's going on Copper?
Copper: I found a way to get my wings back. Well, not exactly my wings but some wings.

Copper: They're smaller but they'll do.
Rachel: Very nice. I'm happy to see you have some wings again.

Violet: Brett, meet my friends Jack Russell.

Rachel: Congratulations Copper!

Rachel: Hum, these two seem to get along very well...

Rachel: Trying out the sauna?
Ultramarine: Yes, but it is really hot.
Rachel: Sort of the point.

Rachel: New doggie!

Rachel: Oh dear. I don't think Eric is very smart.

Rachel: At least he's friendly.

Aquamarine: You sure are a handsome boy. Welcome to the family.

Rachel: Nice going William!

Rachel: Well kids, just keep slap dancing and I'll see you next week.

Points: ?
I'm not sure. I didn't get an image of the final family funds.


ASimWen said...

Yay for wings! yay for friendly dufus dogs!. lol

ciyrose said...

The wings work out just fine. :) The dogs and cats in your hood are so interesting, and brightly colored