Sunday, October 03, 2010

Rosada 2 - Round 8

I Can't See You
Last time Tomato and October welcomed a second son, Celery. Their older son, Romaine grew to a child. William and Danielle loved helping the boys with their school work and chores. Tomato and October are just as much in love as ever.

Rachel: Hey there William. What's going on?
William: I woud really like to have 20 gandkids.

Rachel: Oh, William, I don't know. You only have 7. That's a lot.
William: Well a man can dream.

Rachel: Tomato, it's customary to wait for the person in the shower to leave before cleaning it.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bonnie.

Rachel: See? So very much in love.

Rachel: Wow Celery's birthday already? Happy Birthday!

Rachel: Another handsome little man.

Rachel: What did your parents get you?
Celery: A plant! Wooh!!!
Rachel: Ah...OK.

Rachel: I like the new look Celery.

Rachel: That's great Danielle!

Rachel: Yay a new dog!

Rachel: Welcome to your new house Ellie.

October: I know everything now!
Rachel: Nice going October!

Tomato: OK girl, shake. Just pick up your paw and shake.

Rachel: Well this match up isn't going well.

Rachel: Doing some fishing.
Tomato: Yep. I thought I'd do some bounding with my sisters in law.
Rachel: Oh that's right. May is October's brother and Sarah married your brother, Squash.

Rachel: Um William...
William: Yes?
Rachel: Your invisible.
William: Weird.
Rachel: I know!

Rachel: Sorry Gerry.

Rachel: Nice job Ellie.

Rachel: Oh No! Gerry ran away!

October: I would like to report a runaway dog.
Rachel: I hope they find him.

Celery: You're sure nice Kendall. How about a hug?
Rachel: Oh that did not go well.

Rachel: Well at least they can toss a football. Hopefully that will patch things up.

Romaine: Ha ha ha. Oh you sure are funny Wanda.
Rachel: Glad to see Romaine is making friends too.

Rachel: Passing along some of that knowledge?
October: Sure am. I want my boys to know everything too.

Rachel: Still invisible I... see?
William: Yeah, not sure what the deal is.

Rachel: Good job Bonnie!

Rachel: A new dog?

Tomato: Yeah, we want to breed Ellie but we can't with Gerry ran away.
Rachel: So what about when Gerry returns?
Tomato: We'll see if he can get along with Ellie now and go from there.

Rachel: Good job on the plaque William! Must have been awkward bring invisible and all.

Rachel: Welcome to the family Ruddy.

Points: 3
3 for October's Impossible Want


Twoflower said...

Rachel, your pets are adorable! I especially think Bonnie is cute.

Did William ever become visible again?

Rachel said...

Not yet

ASimWen said...

ha invisible Sims! lol More pet management going on I see.....

ciyrose said...

Poor William being invisible. Hopefully when you go back to him he'll be visible again.

Chrissy Brown said...

Romaine and Celery are handsome :) and lol at William being invisible.