Monday, October 11, 2010

Cooprider 1 - Round 8

Like Brother, Like Sister
Last time Grasshopper and Cooper continued raising their twins, Fairyfly and Mantis along with their older son, Bumble Bee. Meanwhile Grasshopper's mom, Kricket, continued studying the Way of the Light in Witchcraft. Cooper got abducted by aliens but did not become pregnant because the house was already full. Kricket decided to close the long running home business. She was sick of the customers complaining while she was trying to make reagents. Kricket's youngest, Beetle, grew to a teen and left for college. Bumble Bee worked on making friends around the hood and has taken to Sunshine the most.

Rachel: Why is everyone staring at Cade? Is he going to do a trick?

Rachel: I guess not.

Rachel: What a fine time to grow up Fred. Just as your papa is passing.

Rachel: Why does this always take so long?

Rachel: Bye Cade. We'll miss you boy.

Rachel: Nice.

Rachel: Congratulations Grasshopper!
Grasshopper: Thanks. It's been so much hard work.

Rachel: Peggy looks like an interesting dog. I can't wait to see her pups.

Rachel: A step ahead of your wife. Congrats!
Cooper: Thanks.

Cooper: Welcome to the family Peggy.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mantis!

Rachel: What a handsome young man.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Fairyfly!

Rachel: And a lovely young lady.

Rachel: Oh dear. Looks like her birthday celebration took a bit too much out of Fairyfly.
Rachel: Looks like it's studying time for Bumble Bee (not Mantis).

Rachel: I love the new hair Fairyfly.
Fairyfly: Thanks! The pigtails weren't me.

Rachel: Looks like she's taking after her older brother and working on making friends.

Rachel: Good job Bumble Bee, getting into a hobby club at such a young age.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Ginger!

Rachel: And I'll leave you where I left you last week. With Bumble Bee playing with Sunshine.

Points: 4 for money


Anonymous said...

love your story zz i read them over and over and i never get bored :)x

Anonymous said...

its been awhile since your last update :( your not leaving are you ? i love your story and hope we get an update soon :) BTW great story and i love what you did for charity :)

Rachel said...

Don't worry, I'm not stopping. I've just been very busy with my online store lately. I have a bunch more to blog and I'm hoping to get to it after the holidays.

ASimWen said...

I think this story has shifted from Sims being born to pet breeding.hahahaha The genetics in pets are as interesting than in Sims!

ciyrose said...

Hey, the kids in the picture are back to normal. lol. The kids are all cute, and I do love all your different dogs.