Friday, October 24, 2008

Caligula 1 Round 6

Last time Kalliope and Dakota's younger daughter, Janeane, grew to a teen and used the wishing well to get a bunch of dates. She has gone to college and since graduated. She is back and we will get to her house in awhile. The most notable event of last week was when one of Janeane's friends was over and the toilet spontaneously combusted after she used it. Dakota went in to try and extinguish the fire but caught on fire himself. The bathroom was too small for anyone to get in there and extinguish him, even the fireman. So Dakota perished. Kalliope and Janeane both took his death very hard. Kalliope looked for a job in the paranormal career every day but it never came up.

Rachel: Welcome home Ellen.
Ellen: Thanks it's good to be home. I'm only sorry I wasn't here last week. I keep thinking that I could have saved Dad.
Rachel: I don't think it would have mattered honestly. There was just no room.
Ellen: Well, I'm going to do something about it now.

Me: Looks like her LTW won't interfere with that.

Kalliope: Hey honey Thomas and Molly are your dogs. You take them to your new home you're setting up with Rem.

Rachel: Looks like your sweetie is moving in.
Ellen: He sure is. Him and his dogs.

Rachel: Hurray! Wedding time!

Rachel: What is that terrible noise?


Rachel: While Logan is away some contractors came and added on to the house.

Ellen: We're hoping to expand the family and we need more room. The yard is way too small so we had to go up.

Rachel: Congratulations! Now you're new wife would like some wedding photos since you had to run off to work so fast.

Rachel: Cute.

Rachel: You two really do make a very sweet couple.

Rachel: It's a bitter sweet Happy Birthday to you.
Kalliope: That it is. I miss my sweet Dakota and now I will never see him again.
Rachel: There's still hope that Ellen can bring him back.
Kalliope: Even so, he will be years younger than me now. It will never be the same.
Rachel: Things are never the same, no matter how much you want them to be.

Rachel: Speaking of expanding the family.

Rachel: Congrats on the job Ellen!
Ellen: Dad's coming home!

Ellen: But first we do need a little room first.

Rachel: This just looks bad.

Kalliope: We are calling death here after all.

Rachel: Scary.

Rachel: Dakota!

Rachel: You look just fine man. 10 fingers and all.

Me: Excuse me Mr. Grimreaper, I didn't exactly LET him die the first time. Jerk.

Rachel: Looks like Dakota sure is grateful to be alive again.

Dakota: I sure did miss you honey.
Kalliope: Even though I'm old and grey now?
Dakota: I will always, always. . .
Rachel: What's wrong?
Dakota: I can't seem to fall back in love with my wife or used to be my wife.
Kalliope: And resurtecting him was the thing I wanted most in the world but I can't fall back in love with him either.
Me: Crap!
Rachel: *Looks at me* What is it?
Me: Something went wrong. Keep them occupied and I'll see what I can find out.
Rachel: Hey look guys, something shiney.

Me: *whispers a bunch of stuff to Rachel*
Rachel: OK, Kalliope, here's what you need to do. Call the Matchmaker. When she gets here, buy some love potion from her.

Rachel: Drink it and flirrt with Dakota.
Kalliope: This isn't working.
Rachel: Try to Woohoo.

Rachel: Looks like that went well.
Kalliope: But we still aren't in love.
Rachel: Propose.
Kalliope: what?
Dakota: Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife in this life?

Kalliope: Yes! But, um, we still aren't in love.
Rachel: To the arch!

Dakota: Are you sure this is going to work?
Rachel: *looks at me*
Me: *Shrugs*
Rachel: You do realize if it fails. . .
Me: We'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

Rachel: Well they are getting married. This is certainly a step in the right direction.

All: YES!!!

Rachel: And the crowd goes wild *makes crowd cheering sounds*
Me: That's enough.

Rachel: Yes Ellen?

Rachel: Speaking of expanding the family looks like a little one is on it's way.

Rachel: Nice going Ellen!
Ellen: Thanks! I've been working towards this my whole life.

Ellen: Now I'd like to be a dancer. The whole Paranormal thing never really suited me. I just wanted Dad back.
Rachel: You do realize you are younger than him now right?
Ellen: Interesting. Oh well. More help with the baby.

Rachel: How are you getting along with Logan's dogs?
Kalliope: oh quite well. I still miss Thomas and Molly, but I know Janeane will take good care of them.

Rachel: Um, that's an interesting workout outfit. Elegant, but interesting.

Rachel: What's Wendiigo doing?
Dakota: He's watching me fish.
Rachel: Watching?
Dakota: Yes, watching.
Rachel: Weird.

Rachel: Way to go Taffy!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Wendiigo! Try to do more productive things than watching Dakota fish please.

Rachel: Nice job Ellen!
Ellen: yeah once I knew everything I thought I'd work on some badges.

Rachel: Hurray a plaque!

Rachel: Nice job Kirby!

Rachel: Wow, you too Logan!

Logan: Thank you. Now I would like ot rule the criminal under world.
Rachel: Um, but you always seemed so nice.
Logan: Just to learn their secrets though.

Rachel: Good call and nice going Taffy!

Ellen: Um, Mom!
Kalliope: Yes dear?

Ellen: I think the baby is coming!
Kalliope: That's nice dear, let me finish this pot holder.

Ellen: I don't think there's time!

Me: *bangs head on desk*
Rachel: Cheesecake?
Me: Nope. Do you really think I would bang my head on the desk if I meant for this to happen?
Rachel: I don't know. Maybe you like to hit your head.

Ellen: Here honey, hold your son.
Logan: we have a son? Wow.
Ellen: Yes, and his name is Cosby.
Me: After Bill Cosby, a favorite comedian of mine.

Ellen: It hurts!!!

Ellen: And we have a daughter. Her name is Wanda.
Me: After Wanda Sykes.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Double opps.

Rachel: Congrats, I guess.

Rachel: Double congrats!
Me: *Sings* "Mr. Jones strikes up a conversation with a black haired flamenco dancer. You know she dances while his father plays guitar, she's suddenly beautiful and we all want something beautiful."
Rachel: But she has blonde hair.
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Cosby!

Rachel: What a cute little guy!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Wanda!

Rachel: What a little cutie lady. She even has grandma's freckles.
Kalliope: No doubt she's from this family.

Rachel: Wow! Nice job!

Ellen: Thanks! Now I'd like to get into journalism.
Rachel: You sure do like to explore everything.

Rachel: Time for some learning.

Rachel: Are you enjoying being a grandfather Dakota?
Dakota: I'm just so happy to be able to be here with them.
Rachel: So are we all.

Rachel: Nice job Taffy!

Me: And here's the part where I actually like ceilings. Didn't think I would.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Or puppy, singular. Welcome Leo.

Rachel: Looks like you're flying up this career too. Nice job!

Wanda: Gran-pa Kota.
Dakota: Grandpa Dakota. You're very smart like your mommy.

Rachel: Looks like the twins are enjoying playing together.

Rachel: *Blinks*
Me: *Jaw hits the floor*
Rachel: Is that the butler potty training Cosby?
Me: I think so.
Rachel: They really are a lot better than the nannies.
Me: *nods in shock*

Rachel: I sure hope they can stay best friends for life.

Rachel: Another smart one I see.
Dakota: Sure is.

Rachel: Nice job Ellen!

Rachel: And with that, I bid you farewell 'til next time.

Points: 12
2 Top of Careers, 1 for Ellen (Dance), 1 for Logan (Education)
3 for Ellen's Impossible Want
2 for Cosby and Wanda
5 for money


Minty said...

Heee - you sang Mr Jones!

I am loving that house, it is just awesome!

SirenPrincess said...

Wow, that was an awesome update. It was so full, I just don't even know where to start commenting.

I loved the toilet fire from the previous round and then how you incorporated resurrecting him and the whole love thing into the story. Many players would have been tempted to not save, but the fact that you played it all out made it so much more interesting.

I really like this family. Ellen is pretty. The helicopter wedding was hilarious. And, I like these dogs. I enjoyed it all around.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

What a great update! So much happened! And Ellen, wow, I'm impressed! My prosperity hood just finally got it's first TOC, seemed like it took forever. So Kudos to her, hehe.

M.McMillan said...

Awesome update. Getting married and then haveing to go to work. That sucks.

Melissa said...

Congrats on the Gold Robotics badge. I'm impressed. I've yet to do that. I have a PlantSim that's well on her way, but well, they're easy since they don't have to sleep. So, yes, very impressed.

ASimWen said...

Great job as usual! Yippee!

Kerry said...

Oh, Cosby is the cutest toddler ever. Wow, that's cool about the butler potty-training. Good deal.

ciyrose said...

Awww.....a very full update. Yay for Dakota coming back, and way to work it all in together. I loved the wedding getting interrupted, too fun. The twins sure are cute, and they got a great mix of the genes. I love the freckles on a toddler! :D