Thursday, October 23, 2008

University - Round 6 - Part 2

Greek House Money

C. Crows invited his brother Rem to move in.

Jasper Rosada graduated. He is dating Libby Ribeiro.

Centepede asked a friend over and she brought her friend Lilith Lovegiver. Since there are more boys and these two are obviously meant for each other. Match.

Rem invited his sister Sarah to move in.

Kiwi was a romance sim. Much better.

Rem invited his good friend Scarlet to move in.

Scarlet's twin sister, Burgandy graduated. She's dating C. Crows Ribeiro.

Centepede invited Lilith to move in thus cementing her place in Prosperity Point.

Sarah Ribeiro graduated. She is dating Squash Rosada.

Rem Ribeiro graduated. Dating Janeane Caligula.

Scarlet invited Tunstall Ribeiro.

Scarlet flirted with Earth. They have one bolt but her turn off is unemployment so hopefully that will go to my required 2.

Lilith invited erin Lost to move in.

Centepede Cooprider graduated. Dating Lilith Lovegiver.

Tunstall invited Phoebe Holiday to move in.

Scarlet Rosada graduated. She is almost dating Earth Vega.

Tunstall invited Janeane Caligula to move in.

Kiwi Te Waiata graduated. She is dating Live Ribeiro.

Live Ribeiro graduated. See above.

C. Crows invited Squash Rosada to move in.

And Earth Vega.

Phoebe Holiday graduated. She is dating Kent Rosada.

Lilith welcomed Arial Vega.

C. Crows graduated. He is with Burgandy Rosada. I feel like all I've been saying is Rosada and Ribeiro.

Janeane welcomed Biff Dante

Tunstall graduated. Single.

Lilith welcomed Danish.

Earth Vega graduated. He's almost dating Scarlet Rosada.

Janeane welcomed Emerald. . . Rosada.

Erin Lost graduated. She is engaged to Danish Ziese-Lecy

Squash Rosada graduated. He is with Sarah Ribeiro.

Arial invited Cucumber.

Janeane Caligula graduated. She is with Rem Ribeiro.

Arial Vega graduated. She is with Erv Ziese-Lecy.

Janeane invited Kent.

Biff thinks Jodi (Simself) is hot. If he doesn't find a playable, Jodi is in.

Danish invited his uncle Erv.

Looks like Cucumber is back on his 50 1st dates but with Greek House money.



Cumcumber invited Donut to move in.

Biff Dante. graduated. Single.

Emerald invited her twin Ruby.

A nanny? Seriously?

Ruby starts back at 50 1st dates thanks to the greek house money too.

Kent Rosada graduated. He is dating Dusk Rosada.

Cucumber invited Venus.

Erv Ziese-Lecy graduated. He is with Arial Vega.

Another for her.

Another for him.

Um, not cool Rem is taken.

Yes, Donut Venus is hot but she is not your's. Donut Ziese-Lecy graduated. Single. :(

Hey Gypsy chick! Stop giving them dates that are taken.

Danish Ziese-Lecy graduated. He is engaged to Erin Lost.

Lilith Lovegiver graduated. She is with Centepede Cooprider.

Cucumber invited Dusk Rosada.

Emerald Rosada graduated. She is single.


Seriously! TAKEN!

One more for her.

Danish invited Malacite.

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ciyrose said...

That is a LOT going on. Holy cow I can barley keep track....ok, I can't keep track at all. lol....looks like there are some good matches in there though.

I had to laugh at the "almost dating" comments though. :)