Monday, September 01, 2008

Ribeiro 3 Round 6

Last time Bethany and Zeno continued raising their kids. The kids had a friendly fishing competition as siblings often do. Rem, Sarah, Live, and C.Crows have all headed off to college now. They also welcomed their last son to the world, Tunstall. Now, their eldest daughter, Jewel, has returned from college, alone.

Rachel: Welcome home from college Jewel. Who are your little friends?
Jewel: Thanks, it's good to be home. These are some of my pets I hope to raise.

Rachel: Oh I see. Welcome little guys.

Rachel: Speaking of little ones!

Rachel: Welcome to Prosperity Point Ryan.

Rachel: Jewel, what are you doing?
Jewel: Well, it worked for my aunt Sun. So I thought I'd give the matchmaker a try.

Rachel: So what's this guy's name?
Jewel: I don't know. We didn't really hit it off.

Rachel: Sorry Cymmi.

Rachel: Congrats Zeno! At least someone can made a good decision. Sorry Cymmi.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Bethany! Welcome to elderhood. It's not so bad.
Bethany: I'm just happy the baby birthing will be left up to daughters and daughters-in-law.
Rachel: Yeah, Zeno wanted a lot of kids.

Rachel: Happy birthday Zeno!
Zeno: Thank you! So has Jewel found someone yet? I want a grandchild.
Rachel: Not yet.

Rachel: Looks like some of the other residents are having a birthday too.

Rachel: Jewel, who is this?
Jewel: This is my dad's friend Risto Cooprider. He's Kricket and Micheall's brother. I really like him.

Rachel: I'd say she really likes him.
Me: They've got 2 bolts for each other. Looks like Jewel found love.
Rachel: Huray! I was beginning to worry about her.
Me: I wasn't. she's young.

Rachel: Looks like it's studying time.
Me: Yeah but you would think Bethany could put some clothes on first. This could scare little Tunstall forever.

Rachel: Wow Daysies sure is an interesting looking dog.
Me: She's a mutt, that's for sure.

Rachel: And Krissy sure is lovely.

Rachel: Bye girls.

Rachel: Holy crap! Flying kitty! Who is Cymmi fighting?

Rachel: Daysies! Bad girl! I guess it's good she's being given up.

Rachel: Adopting a new kitten?
Jewel: Yep, I want to raise 20 of these guys, we've got to keep moving.

Rachel: Speaking of joining the household.
Risto: Yep, Jewel asked me to move in.

Me: A doable Lifetime want too!

Rachel: I guess you don't mind all the pets.
Zeno: Nope. I'm waiting on some grand kids but the pets will work for now.

Rachel: Looks like Ted Bigfoot is doing making friends too.
Ted: Ted love kittens!

Rachel: enjoying the new basketball hoop your dad put in Tunstall?
Tunstall: Sure am! I love sports!
Rachel: Cool!

Rachel: Proposal!

Rachel: Hurray! Looks like there will be a wedding very soon!

Rachel: wait, she's in a wedding dress. Did I miss the ceremony?
Me: Nope, they just couldn't wait.

Rachel: Hey Tunstall.

Tunstall: Look! I got an A+!!!
Rachel: Way to go little man!

Rachel: Hurray! Wedding time!!!

Rachel: what a beautiful ceremony.

Rachel: wow, um. . .

Rachel: Get a room.
Me: I think they already did.

Rachel: That's more like it.

Rachel: It was a lovely day all and all.

Rachel: Wow! Congrats Jewel!
Jewel: Thanks!

Me: sorry this is Cane.
Rachel: What a cool looking cat!

Rachel: Kimmy is lovely too.

Rachel: Bye kitties.

Rachel: Nice going both of you.

Rachel: Nice.

Rachel: Wow! Good call Jewel!

Rachel: Good news all around. Congrats Risto!

Rachel: A golden trout. Owww, awww.

Rachel: Congrats to you both.

Rachel: Speaking of congrats, a baby!
Jewel: Thanks! We can hardly wait.

Tunstall: Welcome home dad. Wanna play some basketball?
Zeno: Sure thing son.

Rachel: You sure are flying up the medical laddor.
Risto: Yep. when you've got a dream, you've got to go for it.

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: Welcome Willie and Angelo.

Rachel: Congrats again.

Rachel: Happy birthday Tunstall!

Rachel: Such a handsome young man. So what do you want in life?

Tunstall: Lots of friends. That's all I know so far.


Rachel: Baby time!

Jewel: It's a girl! We're naming her Kendall!
Rachel: Lovely name.
Me: It's after Kendall Payne, a singer I like.

Rachel: Risto looks happy too.

Rachel: that's a beautiful song.
Risto: Thought I'd compose something new for my new daughter.
Me: All together now, Awwwwe.

Rachel: Nice job on the scholarships Tunstall. See you at Sim State.

Rachel: Looks like it's time for me to go. See you all next week.

Points: 13
11 for money
1 for Jewel's Top of Career
1 for Kendall


ASimWen said...

The cats in this house look like sherbert. lol Nice to see Risto Cooprider! A handsome young man if I do say so myself. heh

Bubbs said...

House if growing in pets and sims. :) Risto Cooprider? Hmm, that skin will love nice with the kids.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Oooh, another Cooprider! I'm glad to see Jewel found someone, and a nice looking one to boot! So many animals all over the place it's hard to keep track. Bethany makes a beautiful elder.

Asara said...

Fantastic, Outstanding, Wonderful, Thank you!

Ang said...

I love how you mix all the families together! It's really neat!

Kristine said...

Love all the cute kiddies :) The photo of Bigfoot is great! Great update!

SirenPrincess said...

I enjoyed the update. The wedding was nice.

Kerry said...

Like the rainbow kitties! And I love that those purple eyes came through for Kendall. Nice update!

ciyrose said...

Colorful kittens....pretty. Kendall is pretty, love the purple eyes.

I'm glad Jewel found someone, and Risto to boot. I'm having fun playing him in the Fellowship, but he's still a teen there.