Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cooprider 1 - Round 6

That's One Way To Do It
Last time Kricket mourned her second divorce by falling into bed with her first ex-husband, Leeland. She decided to distract herself from him by working in the garden her eldest daughter, Grasshopper, started before heading off to college. She won the wishing well from the garden club and asked it for love. It gave her a great guy who was still in college, Brad Kaufman. They had some wonderful dates and Kricket soon found herself pregnant by a third guy. Shortly after, a baby boy, Beetle, arrived. She also continued raising Quavi's son Centapede. He became a teen, looking for 50 1st dates and has left for college. Grasshopper has now returned from college with her boyfriend, Cooper Robins.

Rachel: Welcome back Grasshopper and welcome for to your new home Cooper.
Grasshopper: Thanks. It's good to be back. I can't wait to get started on my career.
Rachel: Oh? What's that?
Grasshopper: I would like to go into Law.
Rachel: Very good. And you Cooper?
Cooper: Well my main focus is not work. I want 3 kids to graduate from college.
Rachel: Wonderful.
Rachel: Oh excuse me. *Shakes head* Kids.
Grasshopper: It sure is great to be back in my garden.
Rachel: And it looks like you're doing really well.
Kricket: Up little one. Ouch!
Rachel: What's wrong?
Kricket: I'm getting too old for this raising babies thing.
Rachel: I know what you mean.
Rachel: Well I guess that solves that problem.
Kricket: Yep, definitely done having babies now.
Rachel: On to grandkids.
Rachel: Nice.
-Not even 5 minutes later-
Rachel: Wow. Them some good dates.
Kricket; Say momma.
Beetle: Nah! Ol' lady.
Me: Ouch.
Grasshopper: Oh boy!
Rachel: Congratulations! Cooper and you are going to have some seriously cool looking kids.
Rachel: Opps.
Rachel: Another fountain?!?! No way!
Rachel: Way to go Cooper.
Cooper: Thank you.
Rachel: Happy birthday Beetle!
Rachel: What a handsome and happy little boy.
Beetle: I got big!
Rachel: Yes you did, little man.
Rachel: Holy crap! Another gift!
Rachel: How is Grasshopper's garden doing?
Kricket: It has gotten a little overgrown while she's been pregnant but overall, really well. I don't mind helping. I know how being pregnant can be.
Rachel: Bye doggies.
Grasshopper: Um excuse me!
Rachel: Yes dear?
Grasshopper: The baby is coming, now!

Grasshopper: It's a boy! We'll call him Bumble Bee.

Rachel: Awe, he's cut but um, you shouldn't scratch there in public.

Rachel: Congrats Cooper. or should I say double congrats?
Cooper: Double?
Rachel: Your son was born while you were at work.
Cooper: *Runs off to see his son*

Rachel: Who is your friend Kricket?
Kricket: She is one of the local witches that just came to town. She is a good witch.

Kricket: And now, so am I!

Rachel: Sweet! Did you do that?
Kricket: Sure did.

Rachel: And back to moment of normalcy.

Rachel: Looks like the dogs are getting along.

Me: I guess first woohoo as witch gets a cinematic.

Rachel: Ut-oh

Rachel: I guess the dogs aren't really getting along.

Rachel: Nice!

Rachel: Wow! You sure are flying through the education field.
Cooper: I have a family to support. I have to work hard.

Beetle: Look Mom, I got an A+!
Kricket: That's great dear but mommy is brewing spells right now.

Cooper: I always knew I wanted to be a father but I didn't realize I was going to love it this much.
Rachel: Even changing diapers?
Cooper: Even changing diapers.

Rachel: Nice job Grasshopper!
Grasshopper: Thanks.

Rachel: Um, excuse me Monica. You make a better door than a window.

Rachel: There we go.

Rachel: Happy birthday Bumble Bee! Wow he's adorable!
Me: Well Cooper is based off you.
Rachel: What?
Me: You won't really understand.

Rachel: Giddy up little cowboy!

Grasshopper: Come to momma.

Grasshopper: Oh boy!
Rachel: Wow another kid?
Grasshopper: Well Cooper does want to graduate 3 from college. they have to come from somewhere.

Kricket: Al-eck-a-zam!

Rachel: Looks like you still need a little more practice.

Beetle: Hehe, this is so much fun. I'm a soldier!
Rachel: Yes, you are.

Rachel: Happy birthday Cade.

Rachel: Doggie woohoo. This can only mean one thing.

Rachel: Awe Cooper's teaching him the song. Too cute.

Rachel: wait! Don't eat that!
Grasshopper: I want to work on my career but Cooper wants 3 kids. I thought I'd speed things up.
Rachel: That's one way to do it.

Rachel: Just in time too.

Grasshopper: It's a girl! Meet the heiress, Fairyfly.

Grasshopper: Here hold your daughter. I've got a surprise for you.

Cooper: What?

Rachel: A boy, Mantis.
Cooper: Twins?!?! Wow, 3 kids under 3. This is going to be interesting.

Grasshopper: More like exciting, I hope.

Rachel: Well it's about time mister.

Rachel: Alright, let's get these 2 married, SAT.

Rachel: I see why they have 3 kids.

Rachel: Well I need to go. Um. . . OK, talk to you later.

Points: 19
3 for Bumble Bee, Fairyfly, and Mantis.
16 for money

Me: And for anyone keeping track, Cooper is now Cooper Cooprider.


Anonymous said...

Great update, love reading your blog. Can't wait for the next time we see that family.

ASimWen said...

Yay for Cooprider witches, and yay for more insect descendants. LOL great time spent as usual, reading your blog.

SirenPrincess said...

I love seeing the things in your game that I haven't had a chance to play with in mine. It gives me ideas, and it's just neat to see new things.

Wow, three babies so close. That will be interesting.

M.McMillan said...

Looks like a housefull. Your really doing well with the education career. Congrats

Infinity-Nevermore said...

All the kids are so cute! Hey, born close, but then she doesn't have to have any more. Cool, Kricket's a witch, and apparently a very "popular" witch too. Very good!

Melissa said...

Yeah! Kricket is a witch. I have a warlock so far, but haven't had a chance to do much with him yet (round was over after he turned). Congrats to Grasshopper & Cooper Cooprider. Beautiful children, I love their names!

Luckycharm said...

What a cute family!!!

Minty said...

Bumblebee is the most adorable little toddler! I lolled at the inappropriate scratch picture.

Galena said...

I didn't know what a fairyfly was. Kinda ewww...

Yay, the first witch. I was wondering when one would appear. Looking forward to seeing how that progresses. Wondering if Vience will become a bad witch now. Good job on the 3 kids.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but....
1. You have a simself in the town. It's really annoying.
2. You use the most ridiculous names. Bumble Bee? Really?
3. You can't read or spell. I saw the promotion headline, his name is spelled C-O-P-P-E-R!!!!!! LIKE THE METAL!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1, you are being extremely rude. I bit my tongue at your first post regarding her makeup, but I think you've crossed the line now. If you don't like her blog, don't read it. There's no reason to leave a nasty comment However, regarding #3, Rachel has dyslexia, so sometimes the letters get transposed between her brain and her fingers. I am greatly oversimplifying the condition, and Rachel can correct me if I'm wrong.

There are plenty of blogs out there, so why don't you move on and find one that suits you better?

Rachel said...

Anonymous #1, if you don't like my blog, please don't read it. There are tons of other sims blogs out there. Saying, "No offense," and then insulting someone does not make it OK. I am in fact dyslexic. Sometimes when reading or writing I mix up words or letters. I actually have relatively mild dyslexia. Here is a link to more information on the condition This blog is something I do for fun, so I don't do as much proof reading as in professional life. If reading this blog isn't fun for you, please move on to another.

ciyrose said...

Bubble Bee is SUPER cute!! Of course his mom and dad are very good looking sims as well.

A witch!! I've never played one, although I've been slowly working on getting one....looks like fun.

Fun as always.