Saturday, July 18, 2009

Holiday 1 - Round 7

Should a Bigfoot Raise Your Baby?
Last time Monica returned to college and her on going conflict with her mother, Venice reached a boiling point resulting in Venice being thrown out on her butt along with her husband, Quavi. Monica had returned from college without finding a mate so she called up the matchmaker. In the end she ended up with one of Quavi's friends, Jack Lost. The two were married and took a lovely honeymoon in the mountains. They met and befriended Ted Bigfoot there and asked him to return home with them. Monica's little sister, Phoebe grew to teen and left for college. Monica is currently pregnant with their first child.

Rachel: Well, let's hope this week is a little more peaceful than the last.
Me: It should be without Venice here.

Rachel: Nice going Ted!
Ted: Thanks to Rachel.

Rachel: Looks like his coworkers like him too.
Me: He is quite lovable.

Rachel: Way to go Jack!
Jack: Oh, why thank you.

Rachel: Baby time!!!

Me: Oooohhhhh crappppppp!

Monica: It's a boy! Meet Ross.
Rachel: Hi Ross! Nice to meet you!

Rachel: Why didn't you hand him to Ted? He's right there?
Monica: He can get a little excitable. I think Ross is safer down here.

Monica: Eeeeee!!!!

Monica: It's another boy. Meet Joey.
Rachel: Hi Joey! Welcome to life.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Wow, first day back at work and you get promoted, nice!

Monica: Oh it's OK baby, don't cry. Did Ted scare you? He's nice, don't worry.

Rachel: Puppy time!

Rachel: Welcome Rob.

Rachel: Oh Ted are you restoring that car?
Ted: Yes. Ted make work.
Rachel: Great!

Monica: Oh darling, it's OK.
Rachel: Joey really is a fussy baby.

Rachel: Ross on the other hand doesn't seem to mind Ted.

Rachel: Oh, bye Rob.

Rachel: Yay!

Rachel: Way to go Jack!
Jack: Thanks.

Rachel: Good job Ted. Although I am a bit worried about a company that would would make you the president. I mean grammar isn't your strong suit.
Ted: Oh but Ted try real hard. Impress executives.

Rachel: Looks like Joey is finally used to Ted. Happen Birthday!

Rachel: What a cutie! He looks a lot like his mom.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Ross!

Rachel: A handsome young man. He definitely takes after his dad.

Rachel: I see the training has begun.

Rachel: This seems very odd to me.

Rachel: I guess he likes the nursery rhythm.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Amy & P.D.

Monica: Oh boy.
Rachel: Going for a girl?
Monica: Sure am. I just really hope it isn't twins again.
Rachel: Me too.

Rachel: Although I think you guys have handled this set like pros.

Rachel: Joey likes music too. How cute.

Points: 5
3 for Money
2 for the births of Joey & Ross.


Jenni said...

Wow... Twin boys... That's not gonna be a pain.

SirenPrincess said...

It's so good to see another Prosperity Point entry. I've missed them.

ASimWen said...

Somehow the theme from "Friends" is running through my

Kerry said...

Wow, Ted was doing well--and all those babies and puppies, what a busy house.

Galena said...

This town loves twins it seems. Hopefully there's a girl this time. I've never seen the gifts to bigfoot before. They seem to happen often in this house though.

The boys are very cute.

ciyrose said...

Such cute little boys, as always. Looks like your love of the cheesecake early on has cause your hood to be twin crazy. The puppies are cute too.