Monday, June 08, 2009

Lancaster 1 - Round 7

Lonely Years
Last time Brendon's daughter, Puma, returned from college to join her boyfriend, Ford who arrived the week before. The couple was married and started a family with the birth of a daughter, Pallas. Brendon's second wife, Stormy, passed away keeping this house the most haunted one of Prosperity Point. The family also bred the family dogs, Olie and Spice.
House Challenge - House achieves maxed enthusiasm in each hobby area

Rachel: Hey guys! Wow, way to go Ford!

Rachel: Welcome home Brendon. Congrats on the promotion.
Brendon: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Brendon! Welcome to Elderhood.
Brendon: Thanks. At least you have someone to spend your golden years with. I'm all alone.
Rachel: Well, you know you do have a wishing well out back.
Brendon: Good idea.

Me: Hey it's Gwyndolynn from my Royal Kingdom Challenge.
Rachel: Who, from your what?
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: Well it looks like he made a love connection.

Rachel: Ouch!

Rachel: Congratulations Puma!
Puma: Thanks. Ouch.

Puma: AHHHHH!!!!

Puma: It's a boy. Meet Jaguar.
Rachel: Hi Jaguar.

Rachel: Happy birthday Pallas!

Rachel: What a cutie you are.
Pallas: Thanks.

Rachel: Nice job Puma.

Rachel: Holy crap Olie!

Rachel: Oh no the dogs aren't getting along.

Rachel: Wait, now they are.

Rachel: Good job Ford.

Rachel: Oh hey, it's a new comer to Prosperity Point.
Me: Yes, this is Flick Guy. Now let's see if he makes friends.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Jaguar!

Rachel: What a handsome little man.

Rachel: Looks like this Flick guy is making friends.
Me: That doesn't seem right.

Rachel: Nice job Puma.

Rachel: Oh I like Pallas' new hairdo but we won't bother them during homework time.

Rachel: Ford is just a teaching machine.

Rachel: Oh look it's Lynn's son Blazer. Wherever Lynn cannot go, she sends her kids.

Rachel: OK honey, throw the ball in front of you.

Brendon: Do you hear something?

Brendon: Oh no!

Puma: Whose Momma's big boy?

Brendon: AHHHHHH!!!!!
Rachel: Good thing you're already an elder or you'd be having a baby!

Points: 8
1 for Jaguar
1 for Puma's Top of Career
6 for money


Galena said...

Still no alien babies. That's a difficult house challange though.

ciyrose said...

That's going to be a tough jar challenge, but good job so far.