Monday, June 01, 2009

Ziese-Lecy 1 - Round 7

There are 2 changes starting this round. The first is I will be doing half weeks to keep things moving along. Round 7 will be 4 days and Round 8 will be 3 days. The other change is each house will be getting mini "Jar" challenges. Some of them are true Jar Challenge additions and some I just came up with. My only problem is I'm not used to do them and I tend to forget.
Doing Things the Hard Way

Last time Marty & Rachel's daughter, Eleah returned from college and invited her boyfriend, Royal Rosada, to move in. They were married and started their family when little Gwyndolynn was born. The family earned itself a wishing well which Marty and Rachel's youngest son, Erv, used to get a bunch of dates before leaving for college.
Mini Challenge: No Aspiration Rewards Minimum 7 days

Rachel: Gosh I'm tired. I didn't think we were ever going to get back here.
Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Things will be moving a lot faster now.
Rachel: OK good. Hey, I gotta go to work. Bye!

Rachel: My boss is just a sore loser.
Me: I agree. I would have done the same thing.

Rachel: My grandbaby loves dogs too.
Me: Not surprising.

Rachel: Way to go honey!
Eleah: Thanks Mom!

Me: Oh and congratulations to you too!
Rachel: Thanks!

Royal: Ahh!
Rachel: Bad dead dog!

Rachel: Oh no! Whose fighting?
Me: Sadly, the dogs you hoped to breed.
Rachel: Oh dear.

Rachel: Wait, now they're playing.
Me: I don't understand either.

Rachel: Hey Gwyndolynn I think your mom is trying to teach you something.

Rachel: There you go.

Rachel: Good job Royal.

Rachel: Psst, whose this guy?
Me: Came home with someone. I had no idea where he was. Turns out he was under the house.
Rachel: Weird. Can you make him leave?
Me: Certainly. Otherwise he's going to die down there and smell and then there's the cops. Umm, I mean yes.

Rachel: Blow out the candles sweetie!

Rachel: What a beautiful little girl!
Gwyndolynn: Can I get a makeover?
Rachel: Sure.

Rachel: I like it. Very Spunky.
Me: Hehe.
Rachel: What?
Me: See she's named after my friend whose nickname is Spunky.
Rachel: *Confused look*
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: Oh no, West!

Rachel: Goodbye West. You'll be missed.

Marty: Thanks John Locke.

Rachel: Oh, homework time. I won't interrupt.

Rachel: Oh good a snow day. More time for lessons. I mean fun learning.
Me: I thought so.

Rachel: For every job that must be done there is an ellimate of fun.
Me: Who do you think you are, Mary Popins?
Rachel: Who?
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: What are we looking at?

Rachel: OH Puppy time in the snow.

Rachel: There's our little Matthew.

Rachel: Looks like my grand daughter is a little social butterfly.
Me: Yep, Nutmeg. A fine young man.

Rachel: Oh or Curry. He's nice too.
Me: Nutmeg doesn't look too happy about Curry talking to her.

Rachel: Nice job Royal.

Me: Well time to go.
Rachel: What do you mean it's only Friday morning?
Me: Well I want you to make it through this whole round and you know, this will get you through the houses faster.
Rachel: What do you mean, "make it through"?
Me: Nothing, nothing. Things will go faster. Focus on that.

Points: 6
2 Tops of Career (Rachel & Eleah)
4 for Money


Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Yay, a new round! It's such a great feeling to finally get back to that very first house.

SirenPrincess said...

You know what's funny about this? I'm contemplating if it's possible for me to go to 7 day rounds instead of 5 to make my hood go faster. I'd spend more time playing and less time blogging that way and things would move faster. I guess it just depends upon your definition of faster.

jungfrun68 said...

*phew* Nice to see you made it to start another round. I get all worn out by thinking of having as many houses as you have. Nice to finally see Rachel in person again!

Prosperity Point and Prosperity Falls are my main inspirations to introduce population control earlier in gameplay :)

Jenni said...

Aww... Bye bye puppy :-(

Kerry said...

Ooh, didn't like that, "make it through" comment, though. How old is Rachel? I hope she gets some nice green juice....

ASimWen said...

Yay another round done, another started. I know what you mean. I thought about shortening the number of days in houses, but I think I will stick with 7 for the reason SirenPrincess said.

ciyrose said...

All right, beck to the first house. So far your sim-self is good. I have played around with the length of my rounds. Breeze Point I moved to week rounds to "make them move faster" and have more to blog about, but less entries to make. In Fellowship One those I do 5 days, or one season at a time.