Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lovegiver 1 - Round 6

Apartment Life
We are finally at the last lot of round 6! *Thunderous Applause* This house or apartment rather, belongs to Centepede Cooprider, son of Kricket and Quavi, and his girlfriend Lilith Lovegiver. These two met at college having 3 bolts, they are a perfect match. Since it was just the two of them, I thought I'd put them in an apartment.

Rachel: Hey there guys. How do you like the new apartment oh and the cat?
Centepede: Love the apartment, it's very spacious. And Amy is a sweet cat. I was very surprised when Jodie gave her to us.
Rachel: That was very nice of her.

Rachel: Getting a friend for Amy?
Centepede: Sure are. Who names a boy cat Tori?
Rachel: No idea.
Me: Someone who forgot to match genders to names when doing her Crazy Cat Lady Challenge. Maybe.
Rachel: Tori looks to be fully trained too. Helpful in a small place like this.

Rachel: Yay proposal!

Rachel: Oh, excuse me.

Rachel: You guys are getting a roommate?
Lilith: Yeah, just for now. When it comes time to start a family we'll ask him to move out. But for now it will help with the bills.

Rachel: Hi Juan. Nice to meet you.
Juan: Nice to meet you too Rachel.

Rachel: Way to go Centepede!
Centepede: Thanks.

Rachel: Hurray, wedding time! Looks like the groom's family made it too.

Rachel: Oh boy, cake!

Rachel: Oh, I haven't seen a first dance in awhile.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Amy!

Rachel: Looks like Amy and Tori are getting along.

Rachel: Um Juan it is not appropriate to be sitting on the bed while your married roommate is sleeping in it.

Lilith: Well I'll get up.
Rachel: That's a good idea.

Rachel: Amy, Tori! Where are your owners? *Looks around*
Me: They're at work. This is the work of the butler.
Rachel: I hope the fire department gets here soon.
Me: They will.

Rachel: Great Job!

Rachel: Looks like there will be some kittens soon.

Rachel: Oh and a little one too.

Rachel: And now is when your job comes up?
Lilith: It's OK. I'll just work on my skills til the baby comes.

Rachel: Oh dear Malacite! What are you even doing here anyway? You moved to a house.
Malacite: I just like the park.
Rachel: Well watch out for the lightning.

Rachel: Great job again Centapede.

Lilith: Speak.
Amy: Meow.
Lilith: Great job!

Rachel: Baby time!

Rachel: And?
Lilith: It's a boy. Meet Data.
Rachel: What an interesting name.

Rachel: Well he sure is cute.

Rachel: Kittens time!

Rachel: Welcome Leo, Alex, & Shelly.

Rachel: Oh I guess Juan doesn't kittens.
Me: I think you're right. As soon as the kittens were born, he high tailed it out of here.

Rachel: Way to go Lilith!

Rachel: Bye kittens.

Rachel: Looks like the butler knows how to do something other than try to burn the kitchen down.

Rachel: Time to run.
Points: 4
3 for money
1 for Data


SirenPrincess said...

I'm glad to see your first apartment (for real). I'm going to have my first one this round, too.

The wedding was beautiful

ASimWen said...

Funny seeing a roomate leaving because of the cats. hehe

snarkysims said...

Congratulations on reaching the end of the Round, Rachel! I don't comment as frequently as I would like, but I really enjoy reading your blog.

Jenni said...

*Claps* YAY RACHEL!!!

Hehe... The roommate's a scaredy cat. No pun intended, but now that it's there that makes it more amusing... Hehe.

M.McMillan said...

i hate it when someone lyes on the bed who aren't frfiends with the occupant yet. Sims have no manners.

Galena said...

Is that Kricket's skintone coming out?

That was weird about the roommate, but it's awkward being the odd roommate with a married couple. Here again maybe he didn't like the cats.

Anonymous said...

I believe the naming theme is Star Trek The Next Generation. If it's not, I still think it shoud be.

ciyrose said...

Nice first apartment...and Kricket's skin is coming out, that's cool. Great job finishing another round, although I know there are still a couple more for me to get through. :)