Monday, May 11, 2009

Lost 1 - Round 6

This Won't Be Confusing At All
Another new house. This one belongs to twin brothers Danish and Donut Ziese-Lecy sons of Victoria and Velo. Danish's fiancee Erin Lost (from my Lost challenge) is also here. The two are high school sweethearts. Donut has not yet found love.

Rachel: Hey kids.
Danish: Hi Grandma.

Rachel: Where'd you get that statue?
Danish: I think Erin left it for me as a gift at some point. We're going to sell it.
Rachel: And she's OK with that?
Danish: Yep, we could use the money.

Rachel: Look at those makeovers. You guys look great.
Erin: Thanks. Why on earth does the university stick us with such awful clothes straight out of school?
Rachel: I'm afraid I don't know.

Me: These two really are twins.

Me: Also doable.

Donut: I want a woman whose smart, pretty and has a good sense of humor.
Rachel: I hope you gave her a lot of money for that type of order.

Rachel: We'll see how this goes.

Rachel: I can't believe another grandson is getting married.

Rachel: Congratulations kids!

Rachel: Oh boy cake time.

Donut: How about a hug?
Date: No, um, that's OK.

Rachel: I wonder if I'll be getting a great grand child soon.

Donut: Why hello Mrs. Lost. You are beautiful.
Rachel: Wait, Mrs. Lost, as in Erin's mom?
Sun: Hi, yes I am Erin's mom.

Rachel: *to me* is he flirting with her?
Me: Looks like it.

Rachel: Yeah, this won't be confusing at all.

Sun: I'd love to move in!

Rachel: Not confusing at all.

Me: Three Space Pirates in one house. What are the odds of that?

Rachel: Wow these two are moving fast.

Rachel: Nope, won't be confusing.

Rachel: Congratulations guys! Let me see if I've got this. Once you two are married Donut will be Erin's brother-in-law, as she is now, but also be her step-father.
Donut: Sounds right.

Rachel: Welcome Free. I don't think I've seen you in awhile.

Rachel: Welcome Bobby.

Rachel: Hurray a great grand child is on it's way!

Rachel: Make that two great grand kids!

Rachel: Good job Bobby.

Rachel: Nice job.

Rachel: Good job Sun.

Rachel: Did you both get promoted?
Danish: Sure did.
Rachel: way to go guys!

Rachel: How time flies. It's baby time!

Sun: Just breath through it dear.

Rachel: Twins?
Me: Natural and everything.

Erin: It's a boy! Welcome Hot Rod.
Rachel: What an unusual name.

Rachel: Holy crap Danish! *averts eyes* What are you wearing?
Danish: I was just working out.
Rachel: No one wants to see that. Least of all your grand mother.

Erin: It's another boy. Welcome Grimlock.

Rachel: Looks like pale skin brown hair and green eyes.

Rachel: Hot Rod looks the same, just a little darker skin.

Rachel: Your turn Sun!

Rachel: And?

Sun: It's a girl! Welcome Firestar!
Rachel: Cool name. So she is Erin's sister and her niece?
Sun: Yes. That is a little odd I guess. Also Donut's daughter and niece.
Rachel: Not going to be confusing at all.

Rachel: This should be simpler, puppy time.

Rachel: Welcome Ryan.

Rachel: I don't care what they think, resting the ankle was wise.

Rachel: Another double promotion? You guys can't do anything without each other, can you?
Danish: Not really, no.

Rachel: Way to go Sun!

Rachel: Yes Bobby, it's a baby and yes, it stinks.

Rachel: Sorry Danish.

Rachel: Nice job again Sun. That is you in there, isn't it?
Sun: Yep.

Rachel: Happy Birth... dang it Danish! Why are oyu wearing that again?
Danish: I was working out again.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Firestar! You sure are a cute mix of both your parents.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Hot Rod!

Rachel: Wow Hot Rod (not Grimlock) you sure do take after your dad.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Grimlock!

Rachel: Grimlock actually looks more like his uncle Donut than Danish. If they weren't twins I might be concerned about the paternety.

Rachel: Looks like it's learning time. With all these toddlers, there will be a lot of it.

Rachel: Some play time though.

Rachel: Congrats! So are you back with your brother again?
Danish: Sure am.

Rachel: How on earth did you find time to train Bobby?
Danish: Easy, the kids are sleeping so the moment.

Rachel: And this is where I leave you. So much to learn so little time.

Points: 12
8 for money
4 for new sims (Sun, Hot Rod, Grimlock, & Firestar)
Do you know the naming theme without googling it?


Jenni said...

Wow... Yeah, that won't be confusing... Or awkward. At all.

jungfrun68 said...

It´s nice to see Sun and Erin again, in other circumstances than on the island.
Grimlock inherited his great-grandmother´s eyes!

Anonymous said...

*still reeling* Ok I had to read it twice...the family tree sure is getting gnarly! What fun

ASimWen said...

Nice seeing Sun from Lost! And the kids really are cute. :) I tried to comment early this morning but Blogger was down.

Kerry said...

I would have to draw diagrams to really get that family tree! But, Sun and Erin are both lovely, and the family seems to be doing fine.

SirenPrincess said...

Sun and Erin are so pretty!!! And the boys are really twins. They even like the same woman--sort of, with wanting the mom. It's perfect.

Galena said...

When did Danish get so hot? That just seemed to happen, maybe it's the glasses. I agree with jungfrun, Grimlock looks a lot like sim Rachel.

Rachel said...

I know! It's my best male makeover ever!He went from dork to hottie like that.

ciyrose said...

Wow...a fun, interesting, awkward confusing house. lol....very cool. The kids are all adorable!

Chrissy Brown said...

The kids are beautiful...I can't wait until they age and Erin and Sun are beauties! :)