Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Holiday 2 - Round 6

Like Mother?

This is another new house. We last saw Venice and Quavi when Venice's elder daughter, Monica, was kicking her out of her house. Don't think Monica is a jerk though, Venice more than deserved it. Phoebe, Venice's younger, went off to college where she meant and fell in love with Kent Rosada, son of Ariana and Adrian.

Me: Doable.

Me: Also doable.

Me: Wait, what? He's a romance sim here. I guess he's channeling his original Prosperity Falls self.

Me: Pretty sure this is her second.

Rachel: Hey guys. Oh excuse me. You're busy.

Kent: Phoebe, you would make me the happiest man on earth if you would be my wife.

Phoebe: Yes!

Rachel: Congrats kids!

Rachel: It seems I am always interrupting you two. Pardon me.

Rachel: Hey, you're adopting back one of Spree and Speckles' puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Zach and... Lynn. What are you up to?
Lynn: Just part of the welcome wagon, that's all.

Rachel: Oh hey Jaime!

Rachel: I hope she gets along with Zach.

Rachel: Wait, what? Zach just got here!

Me: Here's the thing. Jaime worked up to the top of her career over at the Ziese-Lecy 3 house. While there she befriended Freddy, Zach's brother. It'll be much easier to breed two dogs that already get along well.
Rachel: Well, that makes sense.

Rachel: Welcome Freddy. Say hi to your friend Jaime or just chew on the bone. Whatever.

Rachel: Looks like Spree won't be having any more puppies.

Rachel: Phoebe on the other hand is about to become a mother.
Phoebe: Well how the heck did this happen?
Rachel: Wow you sound like your mom.
Phoebe: Sorry, I do know how. I was just surprised.

Rachel: Good job Kent!

Rachel: *looks around confused* Venice?
Venice: Yeah?
Rachel: Ah, are you sewing?
Venice: Yeah. What's your point?
Rachel: Isn't that a little domestic for you?
Venice: Anything for my daughter.
Rachel: You mean your younger daughter, right?
Venice: Huh? Oh yeah, I guess. You know, the one who isn't dead to me.
Rachel: You say that as if you ever actually cared about her.

Rachel: Great job Quavi!

Rachel: Nice work Freddy!

Rachel: Nice going Kent!

Rachel: Happy birthday Venice!
Me: Wow this moment is very strange. Venice came here as a toddler, now she's an elder. Wow.

Rachel: These two are very sweet.

Rachel: Baby time!

Rachel: Looks like a bad one.

Me: Looks like we know why. This is 100% natural too.

Rachel: And?
Phoebe: It's a girl. Meet Zebra.
Rachel: Hi Zebra.

Rachel: Don't put the baby in a bathtub.

Phoebe: Ahh! Another one!

Rachel: And?
Phoebe: It's a boy. Meet Giraffe.

Rachel: He definitely takes after his dad.

Rachel: Congrats Freddy!

Rachel: Nice to see you Quavi. Congrats!

Rachel: Nice job Venice.

Rachel: That was fast. Nice job Kent.
Kent: I've got two kids to support, so I've got to bring in as much money as I can.

Rachel: Wait, then why are you getting a new job?
Kent: Time tested strategy. Work your way up more than one career.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: Oh no!

Rachel: He looks kind of bewildered.

Rachel: Can't he find Speckles on his list?

Rachel: Oh, now he did. Bye Speckles.
Me: I'm going to miss you boy.

Rachel: Poor Spree will too.

Me: Can't blame her. They had a lot of puppies together.

Rachel: Way to go.

Rachel: Top of your career! Nice job Freddy!

Rachel: Why would you walk that far on a bad ankle?
Phoebe: Just trying to help charity.
Rachel: I think your sister rubbed off on you.
Phoebe: My sister is a great person.

Rachel: Quavi, it seems we only see you when you get promoted.
Quavi: Gotta make a living.

Rachel: Nice going Phoebe!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Zebra!

Rachel: What a cutie.

Me: She is a good mix of both sides of the family.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Giraffe!
Me: Look at that look between these two. She definitely isn't her mother's daughter.

Rachel: Oh he's a cutie too. Look at that little suit.
Phoebe: I think he wants mommy and daddy to get married.
Me: Definitely not her mother's daughter.

Rachel: A-dor-able!

Phoebe: Momma's big girl is going to the potty.

Rachel: First sewing, now gardening?
Venice: I sort of enjoyed taking care of Monica's garden.
Rachel: Maybe you should tell her that.
Venice: Yeah, why don't you shut up.

Kent: Come to Daddy.
Rachel: I don't know that I've seen a toddler give that look before.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Oh, just one. welcome Melissa.

Quavi: Say, "Grandpa."

Quavi: *Sings nursery rhyme*
Rachel: Looks like he's responding a bit better.

Rachel: Way to go Phoebe!

Phoebe: Come to Mommy.

Rachel: Holy cow Kent. Two career's in one week?
Kent: Like I said, gotta support my family.

Rachel: Looks like we're finally going to have that wedding.

Kent: Wooh! Check out my wife. She is Hot!

Phoebe: Get over here.

Rachel: Yum, cake.

Rachel: Good thing your hot wife has a sense of humor Kent.

Rachel: These two really are a nice couple.

Rachel: Opps.

Rachel: This is the strangest site I've seen in a long time.

Points: 17
2 for Zebra and Giraffe
12 for Money
3 Tops of Careers, (Kent 2, Phoebe 1)


SirenPrincess said...

What a full house. This house always has been entertaining, but it's going all domestic now. It's cute to see.

ASimWen said...

HiYa Quavi! *wavies* Yes he is channeling his Family SimSelf to Prospeirty Point, thus the LTW. Hmmm..How close is he to elderhood seeing that Venice is already there? How long will he have to wait? Or will she live long enuff for him to wait for him to grow up? LOL So many questions! Love Giraffe! Got his granddaddy's eyes!

M.McMillan said...

I love how you handle the pets. Some day I will try it and succeed. Mine just fight.
I like you story

Kerry said...

Hmm, perhaps there is hope for Venice yet--she seems like a reformed woman.

Oh, that picture of Kent and Phoebe dancing at their wedding is lovely.

Cute babies, although that blue hair is shocking with Zebra's skin tone. Giraffe is adorable!

ciyrose said...

The babies sure are different looking here, but very cute. I like Phoebe and Kent, they are very sweet.