Friday, May 08, 2009

Rosada 6 - Round 6

Fast Paced Love
Welcome to another new house. This one belongs to twin sisters Scarlet and Burgandy Rosada daughters of Aquamarine and Zachary. Burgandy is with C.Crows, son of Bethany and Zeno Ribeiro. Scarlet has not yet found love but there is really good potential with Earth Vega youngest son of Coqui and Andre Vega.

Rachel: Hey guys. How are you liking the new house?
Burgandy: It's quite nice. We'll be able to raise our family here for sure.

Me: Those all look good.

Rachel: Welcome Fini.
Me: Ah Fini was part of my started 101 Dalmations challenge. I accidentally made Fini a male.

Rachel: Welcome to Flick too.
Me: Flick was also made for that challenge. He is actually a girl. You would think with as much as I play pets I wouldn't have this problem.

Rachel: Nice job Earth.
Earth: Thanks. Um, what am I doing in this house with people I barely know?
Rachel: Well you and Scarlet have decent chemistry and someone (me) thought that once you got a job you two might be a great pair.
Me: Yep, her turn off was not having a job. Earth got a job.
Earth: Hum, well she is cute.
Rachel: Why don't you go talk to her?

Rachel: Looks like things are going well.

Rachel: Oh, very well.

Me: Yep, these two now have my personally required 2 bolts of attraction.

Rachel: Aimee! Stop looking.

Earth: I think it's love.
Scarlet: I know it is.

Rachel: Run Fini! Away from the... nevermind.

Rachel: Seriously Flick, Fini
JUST got sprayed. Get away from the skun... nevermind.

Rachel: Things continue to go really well for these two.

Rachel: Hey C.Crows! Taking up a hobby I see.
C.Crows: Yep. I heard some other people had started making their own clothes so I thought it would be cool to take up sewing too.

Me: How were these two not in love yet? They have 3 bolts for each other. Hum. Well we'll see them in like 5 houses or so.

C.Crows: Burgandy, I need to ask you something from the heart.

C.Crows: When you first came into my life back in high school I knew you were the woman for me.

C.Crows: Will You Marry Me?

Burgandy: Yes!!!

Rachel: Congrats kids and I have to say I love the new hair and clothes.

C.Crows: Speaking of which, I have a gift for you my love.
Burgandy: Something else?

Burgandy: Look at what C. made for me.
Rachel: He made you your wedding dress?
Burgandy: He sure did. He made one for Scarlet too. He'll give it to her once Earth proposes.
Rachel: It's beautiful. I'm very impressed.

Rachel: A quiet ceremony. How lovely.

Rachel: *claps*

Rachel: I think I'll leave the newly weds alone.

Rachel: Way to go Scarlet!

Me: That one will not happen, because...

Earth: I love you so much.

Earth: Will you do me the honor of...

Earth: ...becoming my wife?

Scarlet: Yes my love!

Rachel: Your dress is lovely too.

Rachel: You guys are so cute too.

Rachel: I guess these two couldn't wait to get their family started either.

Rachel: Speaking of which puppy time!

Rachel: Welcome Melissa.

Rachel: These guys have had a lot of puppies already.

Rachel: Sorry Burgandy.

Rachel: Nice job man!

Rachel: Nice!

Rachel: Congrats Burgandy!
Burgandy: Oh no, I was doing so well at work. This is going to slow me down.
Me: Oh don't worry about that.

Rachel: Woh! Way to go Earth!
Earth: Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Keep it up Scarlet.

Scarlet: Oh boy.
Rachel: Looks like your career will be slowed down a little too. Congrats though.

Rachel: Looks like more visitors falling in love.
Live: Uh yeah.
Me: Live is so shy. It's cute.

Rachel: Wait, she's pregnant how was she at work.
Me: She walked. They can do that you know.
Rachel: Actually I didn't.

Rachel: Congrats Burgandy! Way to keep going for your dream even while pregnant.

Rachel: Way to keep it moving too Scarlet!

Rachel: Sorry Flick. Not everyone's a winner.

Burgandy: Ahh!!!
Rachel: Boil some water!

Burgandy: It's a boy. Meet Dragonwell.
Rachel: Wow that is a tough name.

Burgandy: Whose the iddy biddy baby boy.
Rachel: Maybe he'll grow into it.

Rachel: Looks like he's getting a cousin!

Rachel: Or cousins! *looks at me*
Me: Hey these were also completely natural.

Scarlet: It's a boy. Meet Anji.

Rachel: He's handsome.

Scarlet: Can you hold Anji for me?
C.Crows: I am already holding my son but I guess I can.

Scarlet: It's another boy. Meet Gyokuro.
Rachel: These kids sure do have interesting names.
Me: I wonder if anyone will know the heme without googling it.

Rachel: Way to go Burgandy! I knew you could do it.
Burgandy: Well thank you.

Burgandy: Now I want to max all my skills.
Rachel: I bet you can do that.

Rachel: Good job Earth.

Rachel: And another step closer to your dream. Nice going.

Me: Look Burgandy. Neither of those are her sons. They are Scarlet's. That just cracked me up.
Points: 18
3 for Dragonwell, Anji and Gyokuro
12 for money
3 Tops of careers (Scarlet 2 & Burgandy 1)


Jenni said...

I totally love Burgandy's outfit...

And I have no idea what naming theme you have going... Hmmm... Are you gonna end up telling us?

Rachel said...


SirenPrincess said...

I really like the new outfits and hairs, too!!! I particularly loved having the wedding dresses made, and the one wedding dress was gorgeous.

Hey, have you played with the gold sewing badge before? I was wondering what the difference between make clothes and make custom clothes is. How does that work?

M.McMillan said...

Love the dress and the concept. Good story too

Kerry said...

Earth is gorgeous--really a pretty boy!

I wonder if the theme is some kind of anime, from the names? I didn't look it up, though!

Galena said...

I have an idea on the naming scheme, but I'm not quite sure. This town evidently does not want a population reduction. Still getting a lot of twins.

Anonymous said...

It's types of Tea isn't it?!
BYTWgreat progress with the story... I have to admit I'm hooked!

ciyrose said...

hmm.....I'm not sure on the names. I have a couple of ideas, but I'm not sure. The kids sure are all cute, and your game just doesn't want population control apparently. 2 recent sets of natural twins.