Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caligula 2 - Round 6

Fashion Victims
Hey guess what. Yep, it's another new lot. This house belongs to brothers Rem and Live Ribeiro sons of Bethany and Zeno. They are both twins but not each others. Rem has a twin sister, Sarah and Live has a twin brother C.Crows. Rem is in love with Janeane Caligula younger daughter of Kalliope and Dakota. She is being her two dogs, Molly and Thomas with her. Finally we have Kiwi Te Waiata, youngest child of Pania and Danton. Janeane and Kiwi are cousin since their dads are brothers. Kiwi and Live had been flirting but didn't actually fall in love until they were visiting Live's twin C.Crows at his house.

Rachel: My eyes!
Me: What is wrong with you?
Rachel: Seriously? Do you see what they're wearing?
Me: Yes it is rather unfortunate what the college gave them upon graduation. However C.Crows gave them some clothes he made for them while they were visiting. Unfortunately he only got clothes done for the ladies.
Rachel: Kiwi's was by far the worst so that's at least good.

Me: Yeah, not gonna happen. I've done that one a couple times. It's not hard but it takes FOREVER! This round is already taken too long (10 months).

Me: The rest will probably happen.

Rachel: Hi guys. Love the new dress Kiwi.
Me: I think they'll a little busy.

Rachel: You guys are so cute. I'm glad you found one another.

Rachel: Holy cats! Right into the proposal! You are a bold man Live.

Rachel: Good thing Kiwi is bold too. Congratulations kids!

Rachel: And not to be out done by his little brother, Rem is proposing too.

Rachel: Congratulations to you guys too! And the new outfit and hairdo for you too Janeane.

Rachel: That hair is much better Live. Oh, excuse me, I'm interrupting again.

Rachel: So how is Molly liking her new home?
Janeane: Pretty well I think. She's taking to everyone, so is Thomas. We're working towards a promotion now. Aren't we girl?

Live: Bark bark bark.
Rachel: I really hope you're teaching Thomas to speak.
Live: Yes I am.

Rachel: Hey g... excuse me.

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Looks like you learned to speak boy. Congrats.

Rachel: Hurray a new puppy! Hi Tiff!

Rachel: Wedding time!

Rachel: Yay! Congratulations guys!

Rachel: Congratulations to you guys too!

Rachel: Yum, cake!

Rachel: Nice job Molly! Awe, do you miss Kalliope? Sorry girl Dakota couldn't come back if you guys stayed.

Rachel: Did your job just now come up? It's Wednesday.
Kiwi: Yep. I'm just now joining the work force.

Rachel: Good call Rem.

Rachel: Great job Thomas!

Rachel: Nice job for you too Rem. I like the new do too.
Rem: Thanks.

Rachel: Holy cow, great job Kiwi! Nice!
Kiwi: Thanks!

Rachel: Well that was good too.
Janeane: Why couldn't I have gone first?

Rachel: Hurray there's a baby on the way!

Rachel: Way to go Janeane!
Janeane: Thanks!

Rachel: New job?
Janeane: Yep. If I can't have the businesses I want, I at least want the simoleans.

Rachel: Looks like the simoleans are going to have to wait cause you're having a baby!

Rachel: Nice job!

Rachel: Nice job Live!

Rachel: Way to go Kiwi! I can't help but notice that you went to work in your night gown.
Kiwi: Well I'm pregnant.
Rachel: And your point is?
Kiwi: Well they don't make my work uniform in maternity.
Rachel: Um, yeah thanks for clearing that up.

Me: She might get her second LTW.

Rachel: I just love when they learn to play dead.
Me: Hey me too!

Rachel: Way to go again Janeane! And you wore your maternity wear instead of your night gown.
Janeane: Why would someone wear their night gown to work?
Rachel: That's the question.

Rachel: That's not a job in the military track.
Kiwi: No but it'll do for now.

Rachel: Watch out for the bees!

Rachel: You are just the little over achiever aren't you? I bet you're even having twins.
Janeane: Well I hope not.

Rachel: Happy birthday Tiff!

Me: Tiff is part of the two largest doggie gene pools in town.

Rachel: Looks like she's playful. Good girl.

Rachel: Getting another dog?

Janeane: Yep. I hope to breed Tiff someday.

Rachel: Sorry Rem.

Rachel: Way to go Live!
Live: Thanks.

Rachel: Baby time!

Rachel: And?

Kiwi: It's a boy. Meet Dorito.
Rachel: Yummy. I mean he's cute.

Rachel: Nice.

Rachel: Time for another baby!

Janeane: Ehhh!!!!

Rachel: All right, let me see the little one.

Janeane: It's a girl. Meet Twinkie.

Rachel: She's cute. Beautiful blue eyes.

Rachel: You two are so cute.

Rachel: Rem don't look so shocked. 1. She's your wife. 2. She was in here first.

Rachel: Time for me to go. See you next week.
Points: 20
2 for new sims, Dorito & Twinkie (I bet some of you can figure out the theme)
15 for money
3 Tops of Career (2 for Janeane, 1 for Kiwi)


Jenni said...

Haha! when you first said Dorito I was like "Is her naming theme things I'm allergic to??" You could get a nice long list out of that one... Haha.

SirenPrincess said...

You have some very pretty sims in this house.

I don't blame you for not wanting to do the 5 top level businesses. They are so tedious. I wonder if there's a way she could buy them from your other sims and keep their level? I don't have the OFB guide handy, but I think there may be. Might be worth looking into.

Ness said...

I just found your blog and finally catched up on it. I think you're doing an incredible good job on it and love to read about all those families.

ASimWen said...

Snack cakes!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Things you eat when you're high! LOL. Just kidding.

I love your blog, Rachel. Keep up the good work.

Kerry said...

Junk food! I loved that shot of the dog growing up--with her legs crossed like that, she looks like she's about to break into a dance step. I sure don't blame you for avoiding the 5 top businesses deal--I loathe that want.

ciyrose said...

Once again, cute kids! I don't blame you for not wanting to do the Top 5 businesses....I'm still working on that one too, it's driving me nuts, takes SO LONG. Looks like everything is going well. Love the dog with the crossed front legs. :)