Friday, May 01, 2009

Sylvaen 1 - Round 6

Amethyst and Vincent were last seen living at Vincent's Mom's house Simmers 1, Round 5. They married there but decided to move out when Vincent's sister moved back to the house. They have no children, amazing, I know.

Rachel: Hey! What am I doing here? I thought we were going to my house next.
Me: Sorry. We need to visit the new houses first.
Rachel: New houses? How many are there? I thought Prosperity Point was working to reduce the overall population.
Me: OK, hold on. There are about 10 new houses. Yes, we are working on reducing the population however most of these "people" were born before we started that project. They need to live out their lives too.
Rachel: Fine.

Rachel: Way to go Vincent!

Rachel: Double way to go!

Rachel: A good goal. Something to keep the population down.
Me: So there aren't as many new houses?
Rachel: Exactly.

Rachel: Our first recruit.

Amethyst: Hi there Wendiigo. You sure are colorful.

Amethyst: Hi Fran. I heard you're a smart one.

Rachel: How sweet, they are getting along already.

Amethyst: I bet you're going to be a handful Samantha.

Amethyst: Hi Chris. They told me you're very even tempered.

Vincent: Come on girl, shake.
Rachel: There you are Vincent.
Vincent: Yep I've been busy training the dogs. No tricks, no promotions.

Amethyst: Hi there Mag...
Rachel: She just a bit cowardly.

Rachel: Looks like Wendiigo and Fran really are getting along.

Rachel: Congrats Chris! See how that even temperament pays off.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Samantha!

Rachel: Oh no!

Rachel: Bad Samantha! Poor Chris.

Rachel: Opps

Rachel: Um, what are you doing?
Amethyst: Building a snowman.

Rachel: Why?
Amethyst: Well we're not having any luck getting pregnant, so I've gotta do something with my time.
Rachel: Sorry to hear that.

Rachel: Great job Maggie!

Rachel: New job Vincent?
Vincent: Yep. I just feel like a change.

Rachel: Puppy time...I think.

Rachel: There she is. Welcome Terri.

Rachel: Way to go Maggie!

Rachel: Great job! Feeling nauseated at all?
Amethyst: A little nervous but no, I'm fine. Oh you mean morning sickness. No.
Rachel: Sorry to hear that.

Rachel: You do realize there is a very dirty bath tub outside in the snow, right?
Vincent: Yep, that's what happens when you have this many dogs.
Me: It think they need to expand the house a bit.

Rachel: Nice job Fran.

Rachel: Nice outfit Vincent but seriously, nice job on the promotion.

Rachel: Looks like Wendiigo is getting along with everyone.

Rachel: Adopting?
Amethyst: Yep. We haven't been able to conceive and, well, time's running out.
Rachel: Unfortunately we won't get to meet the little one 'til next week.

Rachel: Nice job Vincent! Did you hear you're going to be a parent?
Vincent: Yes, Amethyst and I decided to adopt this morning when the pregnancy test came back negative.

Rachel: And one more promotion for one of our geniuses.

Points: 9 for Money, That's it.

Me: For some reason these two lost their ability to try for baby as soon as Fran got pregnant. I was surprised when the game let them adopted. The problem was only in this house but I have heard of others having it in multiple houses.


Jenni said...

The pets are adorable! I love them!

Melissa said...

Great job, as always. Love the colorful dogs!

SirenPrincess said...

I loved your comments about population control. Too funny!

ASimWen said...

Wow I hope that pregnancy problem doesn't happen in my hood.

Anonymous said...

You must win the prize for the most pet-related wants fulfilled!

Good luck on the population control. How many households *are* there?

Rachel said...

Right now, 52

Kerry said...

Wow, 52 houses--and I know a lot of them have two separate families going, too. That's a lot! I loved how Samantha turned out--what a pretty dog.

jungfrun68 said...

I would go crazy from 52 houses! I think I've got 20, that enough for me (even though I guess I'll have more later)

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

52 houses? OMG :) Your pets are always cool looking. Mine all look the same, very boring.

Galena said...

I have never heard about the problem with pregnancy in sims. Maybe it's something I'll have to look forward to when I get the game going again.

ciyrose said...

Wow...the pregnancy thing was kind of annoying I'm sure, but I guess they will get a kid one way or another. Great job with all those pets, the dogs are so cool looking.

Also, 52 houses??!!! That's INSANE! Great job keeping them all straight. I have no idea how many I have, but it's no where close to 52....unless, maybe, I combine every hood I have. :)