Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ribeiro 5 - Round 6

Love Search
We find ourselves at another new house. This one belongs to brother and sister Tunstall and Sarah Ribeiro. They are children of Bethany and Zeno Ribeiro. Sarah's boyfriend Squash Rosada is also here.

Me: Sweet, all career related!

Rachel: Oh boy, just in time for a proposal.

Rachel: Congrats kids!
Sarah: Thanks. I'm very excited!

Tunstall: Look I'm searching for love. Please, please help me!
Sadie: I will help you but it will cost you.
Tunstall: Any amount of money would be worth it to find a love.

Rachel: So?
Tunstall: Well she's nice and all, just not the one for me.

Rachel: Looks like these two need some time alone.

Rachel: Hey it's Heather (simself). She's pretty.
Turnstall: You really think so? Yuck.
Rachel: Oh, OK.

Rachel: There's a baby on the way?
Sarah: There sure is. I can't wait for him or her to arrive.

Rachel: Look Tunstall, it's Ruby. How about her?
Tunstall: *shivers* Gawd no. Yuck.
Rachel: I think there is something wrong with you. here, drink this.

Rachel: You will now like black hair and make-up. So now, what about Ruby?
Tunstall: Just as unappealing as 5 minutes ago.
Rachel: You are very strange.

Rachel: Well hey, at least she's hooking you up.

Rachel: So, what do you think?

Tunstall: She's gorgeous!
Me: Too bad they can't be together.
Rachel: What? Why? They are very compatible.
Me: But see she is not already in one of the houses we visit and she isn't one of people we already know.
Rachel: Sure she is. She brings the pets.
Me: It's not that simple. Sorry. We'll find him someone.

Rachel: It's not a lot but it's better than nothing.

Rachel: Way to go Squash!!
Squash: Thanks!

Rachel: You guys are getting a cat?
Tunstall: A couple actually.

Rachel: Welcome to your new home Winnie.

Rachel: Welcome Sweets.

Rachel: Way to go Sarah!

Me: Hold on a second. They elected her Mayor in her PJs?
Rachel: Sure did.

Tunstall: Make it a good one this time.
Me: Hey it's Amy (from my Neighborhood Challenge). She's eligible.
Rachel: So, what do think?
Tunstall: She's nice and all, just not for me.

Tunstall: OK, seriously, a good one this time.

Rachel: And?
Tunstall: Eh.
Rachel: Money well spent.
Me: Hey it's Tiny Morrelli.
Rachel: Who?
Me: Oh you don't know her. She's from a combined Legacy I did.
Rachel: A what?
Me: Nevermind.
Rachel: So Tunstall. Do you like her?
Tunstall: Nice enough but not my type.

Rachel: Way to go Squash!
Squash: Thanks.

Rachel: I don't know why you keep asking her for a date but go for it.

Rachel: Listen Miss matchmaker, Tunstall needs someone to have kids with. Please try to keep up.

Rachel: Baby time!

Rachel: And?

Sarah: It's a boy. We're calling him Sirius.

Rachel: He's a real cutie.

Me: Again. Sirius' skin tone belonged to William's grandfather James Lancaster.

Rachel: First day back on the job and you already got a promotion. Way to go!
Sarah: Thanks!

Rachel: I think you're just throwing away your money at this point.

Rachel: So?
Tunstall: Nice enough just not for me.

Rachel: Woh! Way to go again!
Sarah: Thanks.

Rachel: Why are you standing in front of that cake Tunstall?
Tunstall: It's Sirius' birthday.
Rachel: Oh. Dear. I didn't even see him there. He was blending into your shirt.

Rachel: Looks like everyone else knew it was Sirius' birthday.

Rachel: Such a cutie pie.

Sarah: OK sweetie just one foot in front of the other.

Rachel: Wedding time!

Rachel: These two are so sweet.

Rachel: Nothing like giving a bath in your wedding dress.

Rachel: At least there was still time for cake.

Rachel: Hey did Tunstall find someone?
Me: No, she was just sleeping is his bed.

Rachel: Dude I think you're throwing your money away.

Me: Hey it's Elizabeth Dalmation from my 101 dalmations challenges. There might be an issue.
Rachel: What?
Me: She likes women.

Tunstall: Well that isn't going to work.

Rachel: Well that was nice of her.

Rachel: Awe Nursary Rhythm time and also time to go.

Points: 9
6 for money
1 for new sim Sirius (do you know the naming theme)
2 Tops of Career for Sarah


Jenni said...

Aww, poor Tunstall... Hopefully he'll find love soon!

SirenPrincess said...

Wow, I've never seen a sim have so much trouble finding someone. Of course, I usually force my sim together with whoever I want. But maybe it's good for your population control if he doesn't find someone.

ASimWen said...

That look on Tunstall's face is priceless!!!!! HA! Maybe he will just be a swingin' bachelor!

jungfrun68 said...

Maybe hé's meant to be a bachelor, OR you'll have to give in to the Pet Lady! She's good-looking!

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Poor Tunstall! What a picky guy! I bet he'll atleast be loyal once he finds the right girl. :)

Melissa said...

I vote for the Pet Lady - I mean 3 bolts! You can't beat that.

Kerry said...

Well, it could be stars--or Harry Potter--or internet service providers!

I love that Tunstall is having so much trouble--just like real life. Most of us don't find the perfect mate in one date, anyway. I agree, though, three bolts with the Pet Lady isn't anything to sneeze at!

Galena said...

Awww Tunstall. I would go with the cop lady. 3 bolts, but I understand wanting the population down. Evidently this is the round of recessive genes.

ciyrose said...

Awww.....let Tunstall have the pet lady! It's 3 bolts! That's rare! I get the population control thing, but he's picky!