Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ribeiro 3 - Round 7

Bite the Robot!
Last time Bethany and Zeno continued raising their last of many, many kids, Tunstall. Their daughter, Jewel, returned from college with the dream of raising 20 puppies or kittens but no man to help her bring in the next generation. Zeno introduced Jewel to one of his long time friends, Risto Cooprider and the two hit it off. He moved in soon after, and they were quickly engaged and then married. They started their family when little Kendall was born. Tunstall left for college at the end of the week.
Jar Challenge: Life as an Artist. I can't really start this one til Kendall becomes a child but she will not be allowed to play with any skill building toys til that time.

Rachel: Hey there. Adopting a pet?

Jewel: Yep. I need to keep working on raising 20 pets.

Rachel: Holy cats! Great job man!

Rachel: Congratulations Risto! Yes, yes, hi Mercury.

Rachel: Oh look it's Flick Guy again. I really wasn't expecting to see you this much but nice to see you regardless.

Zeno: What are you doing?
Danielle: *chest pound* Teaching you a new greeting.
Zeno: Oh, OK.

Rachel: Love the remodel guys!

Zeno: How's my little grand daughter Kendall? You are so cute, yes you are!

Rachel: Whoo! Way to go Risto!

Rachel: Good job Jewel.

Rachel: Happy birthday Kendall!

Rachel: You look so much like your mommy.
Me: We're just going to have to do something about that hair.

Zeno: Hum, well we can't have the baby playing with a sparking robot.

Zeno: Hey Bethany dear! Can you fix this thing?

Rachel: I love the new hair do. Adorable!

Rachel: Way to go Jewel! You're a bloody Rock God!
Jewel: A "bloody Rock God"?
Rachel: Yeah like... I don't know.
Me: Like Charlie on Lost.
Rachel: Umm, OK.

Rachel: Oh dear, the brick doesn't seem to be entertaining her.

Rachel: Oh good, time to learn stuff. That will keep her busy.

Rachel: Happy birthday Willie!

Rachel: Not the best angle but Happy Birthday Mary.

Rachel: And bye Willie and Mary!

Rachel: Welcome Matt

Rachel: And Snaps

Rachel: Great job Risto!

Rachel: Great job Bethany!

Rachel: Looks like everyone is taking a turn teaching Kendall something.

Rachel: Now I see what Zeno has been up to.

Kendall: Ahhhh! Woo-bot!

Rachel: There you go, bite the robot!

Rachel: Looks like everyone was distracted and missed that the robot fighting wore Kendall out.

Rachel: Um Aphrodite.
Aphrodite: Yes?
Rachel: Playing in the water wiggler in the winter is a very bad idea.

Apollo: What a sweet little one.

Rachel: Looks like Tunstall is boring Aphrodite.
Me: Perhaps she thinks it's a little creepy that this single guy is hitting on her.
Rachel: He isn't hitting on her. His parents just thought they should meet so they can talk once she gets to college to see if she likes him.
Me: Still creepy.

Rachel: Yeah, water balloon fight in winter is not a good idea either.

Rachel: She might think he's creepy.

Rachel: Wait, she smiled. Crap, I need to go.

Points: 9
1 for Jewel's Top of Career
8 for money


Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Great update! I'm so happy I have a rainbow kitty as a namesake!

Galena said...

Mercury *swoon*

NOw that I've got that out of the way. Great update.

I'm a little worried about Kendall. Biting robots, hating the brick? If she was in Sims3 would she have the evil trait?

And what's with all the water play in winter. This family is just getting stranger and stranger.

Jenni said...

Kendall is adorable! She's kind of got an interesting nose, but you can't help but think she's absolutely adorable! *Squish*

ASimWen said...

Hi Risto! *wavies* Nice to see the family tree included his dad Gary.

M.McMillan said...

I love the new hairdo. Now that I am being bold and daring and downloading stuff i am going to have to try some custom hair.

SirenPrincess said...

Ohh, the house looks so nice!

Kerry said...

happy update! I loved her biting the robot. And, who doesn't hate the brick?

ciyrose said...

What a cutie pie! LOL...I loved her biting the robot. She really didn't like that brick did she? Very fun.