Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vega 1 - Round 7

Train Wreck
Last time Coqui and Andre continued raising their youngest two kids, Earth and the heiress Venus. Venus set out to meet as many of the neighborhood boys as she could. The first one she met, Cucumber Rosada, was actually the one she picked. Only one problem, he wanted 50 1st dates. Venus waited while Cucumber dated through college where he achieved his dream. Now they are back at her parents' house to start their lives together.

Jar Challenge: Spend the week selling lemonade from the lemonade stand. Opps, forgot to do this one too.

Rachel: Welcome home Venus and welcome to your new home Cucumber.
Venus: Thanks Rachel. It's nice to be back.
Rachel: Wow. So far you're so much nicer than your half sister who also has romantic ways.
Venus: That's because I'm not her. I don't want a whole bunch of rugrats running around but if one makes Dad happy, I can handle that. I want to keep my place as the favorite daughter. Plus, I'm hot so I really want to pass these genes along.
Rachel: I don't know that that is the best reason but hey, it keeps the peace.

Me: Doable.

Me: Also doable.

Rachel: I love the makeover Venus!
Venus: Thanks! Who knew I could get even hotter?

Rachel: Looks like Cucumber approves of the makeover too.

Rachel: Ahh! Um, happy birthday Richard. Don't bite me.

Rachel: Hannah! No!!!

Rachel: Goodbye girl. You were a very good dog.

Rachel: The whole family is sad. Even Cucumber.

Rachel: Hey there Andre. What are you up to?
Andre: I've really gotten into toy making recently. I've got a lot of grandkids to make toys for. I'm hoping there will be one more soon.
Rachel: I hope so too.

Rachel: Good job Cucumber!

Rachel: Wow! Excellent job!
Cucumber: Thanks.

Rachel: Hurray! Grandpa Andre will be so happy!
Venus: Well let's hope it's a girl. I've been pregnant 2 seconds and I already don't like it.
Rachel: Why?
Venus: I can't wear my cute dress.

Rachel: She's just talking. It isn't noise Tunstall!
Me: I'm beginning to think that Tunstall will be a bachelor forever.

Rachel: Good job Fini!

Rachel: Nice job Richard.

Rachel: Good work Kenny.

Rachel: Wow, you're being domestic.
Venus: Listen lady, I'm not my sister. I'm Venus not Venice.
Rachel: You can see why I might be confused. No? OK.

Rachel: Nice going Fini!

Andre: And roll... over. Good girl!
Rachel: Fini is very smart.

Rachel: Great job Venus!
Venus: Thanks! I'm very happy!

Venus: I think I'd like to be a celebrity chef next. But first I think I'll unwind with some model train time.

Venus: What the?!?!
Rachel: Ahhh! Thank goodness for the fire alarm. Stay calm the fire department will be here soon.

Rachel: Stay calm but move away.
Venus: I'm on fire!!!!
Rachel: Stop, drop and roll! Stop, drop and roll!

Venus: Hannah? Is that you girl?
Rachel: Stay away from the light! Don't go into the light!

Rachel: Finally! Where the heck have you been?
Fireman: Traffic.

Venus: I really don't feel well. What if something had happened to me and the baby?
Rachel: Thankfully you're OK. Go eat and lay down. I need to go anyway.

Points: 8
1 for Venus' Top of Career
7 for Money


Galena said...

Was wondering about the lack of puppies, but realized with the baby the house is full.

Really worried about Venus for a second. And how did that model train catch fire in the first place?

Rachel said...

Train sets catch fire all the time. I guess they supposedly over heat or have bad wiring or something. And actually the house isn't full right now but I think one of the dogs is pregnant. With the half week they just haven't been born.

SirenPrincess said...

I've read about train fires, but I hadn't actually seen one. Wow that one was big!

Elizabeth said...

Venus is so funny..."Who knew I could get even hotter?" *chuckles*

Loved stop, drop and roll too... reminds me of duck and cover for some reason.

M.McMillan said...

Such a large household. You really like that hairstyle.

ASimWen said...

Hahaha! "Hannah, is that you girl?" LOL!

Kerry said...

Oh, my goodness--that was a little scary! I used to put a sprinkler over the train tables to avoid bad results. I enjoyed hearing Venus try to convince Rachel that she might be a romance sim, but she's not Venice!

ciyrose said...

Whew....I was a little nervous for Venus these. Glad everything was ok.