Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vega 5 - Round 6

Births & Birthdays
Last time Uranus Vega returned to town and started his own house. He invited his life long friend Lynn over. He invited her to move in and the two were wed immediately. They adopted a couple kittens but got started on their family right away because Lynn wants to graduate 3 kids college. Little Mustang was born soon after. A few days later Lynn was pregnant again and enjoying some cheesecake. Lynn decided to stay home to raise the family while Uranus went out to earn the money. Lynn took to sewing and making outfits.

Rachel: Hey boys. Some talking lessons?
Uranus: Sure is. Lynn's laying down so try to be quiet.
Rachel: I'll just wait here til it's time.

Rachel: It's time!

Lynn: 2 Babies!
Rachel: I thought you knew what cheesecake did?
Lynn: Oh yeah, that's right. Ahhh!!!

Lynn: It's a girl!
Rachel: Sweet, an heiress. What's hername?
Lynn: Messara.
Rachel: Pretty.

Rachel: She even has your eyes.

Rachel: Why do you have to put her on the floor? You have cribs.

Rachel: What's wrong?
Lynn: I can't have her twin because she's in the way.
Me: Whatever you do, don't tell her she put Messara there. She's under duress.

Lynn: It's a boy! Meet Blazer.
Rachel: That's a tough name for a little baby.

Rachel: Wow and we've got kittens on the way too.

Rachel: Some very colorful kittens.

Rachel: It looks like things have been a little crazy around here.
Lynn: Why would you say that?

Rachel: Um, the large pile of garbage behind Mustang for one.
Lynn: Oh, that. Things will settle down soon.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Mustang!

Rachel: What a handsome little boy.
Mustang: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Wow, the twins' birthday too? All right. Happy Birthday Messara!

Rachel: What an adorable little girl.

Rachel: And straight to the potty.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Blazer!

Rachel: What a cutie! Why does he always close his eyes?
Lynn: I don't know. He's a little weird.

Lynn: Say, "Mama, mama"
Blazer: No!

Rachel: Looks like someone learned to talk.

Mustang: Dad this is hard.
Uranus: It's OK, we'll take it slowly.

Rachel: Wow! Not bad. That'll help a one income family.

Mustang: Yes!
Rachel:Hey you did it!
Mustang: I guess the homework wasn't that hard.

Mustang: Mom! Mom look! Mom?
Lynn: What honey? I'll be there in just a minute.
Rachel: Don't feel bad Mustang. She really is proud of you. The twins are just occupying her right now.

Uranus: Come to papa.
Rachel: Seriously what is it about this kid and his eyes?

Rachel: Walking lessons all around!

Rachel: Bye kitties!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kari!

Rachel: Kari step away from the toy car. Don't scratch the toy car.

Rachel: Oh no. Look what happens when you aren't paying attention to toddlers.
Me: Sorry. Trying to keep the cat from destroying stuff.

Rachel: How was school today Mustang?
Mustang: I made a friend.
Rachel: Oh no, not...

Rachel: Hi Lager.
Lager: Hi Rachel. Fancy meeting you here.
Rachel: Yes, it's a real surprise to see you.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Blazer!

Rachel: Hey, you have eyes! Very nice one's in fact.
Me: Well technically we can really only see one.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Messara!

Rachel: A very pretty little girl.

Rachel: I like the new hair-do Messara. Having fun fishing?
Messara: Oh thanks. Yeah, this is my friend Mexico.

Rachel: I love the dress too!
Messara: Oh thanks. My mom sewed it for me.
Rachel: She's very talented.

Lynn: I've been doing some sewing and I made a new outfit for your friend Mexico.
Messara: I'll give it to him Mom!

Messara: Here. My mom made something for you.
Mexico: Oh thanks.

Mexico: Ah cotties!!!

Messara: Oh yeah! Take that!

Rachel: Dang! Now that's a water balloon fight!

Rachel: Kittens!

Rachel: Welcome to Fred & Winnie.

Messara: I'm gonna draw Mexico.
Blazer: The country?
Messara: Hehe, sure.

Rachel: Bye, bye kitties. I guess it's time to go.
Me: Yep, I forgot an ending picture not sure how much money they have either. I'll have to check later.
Points: 2
2 for Messara & Blazer
Money: ?


Sugar Socks said...

wow thats great! who was the blue guy? Im going to have to start buying my toddlers b-day cakes they never get them cause Im always forgetting

Rachel said...

The blue guy is Royal Rosada. This is his most recent update

Melissa said...

Great job. I love the twins' eyes. Nice that Lynn is sewing for the neighborhood.

SirenPrincess said...

Those children are really cute. And it was another very full and busy update. Good job.

Anonymous said...

so many pets and babies. You are a brave simmer!

ASimWen said...

I think this is the first time I have ever seen SimLynn in a blog have kids. hehe I must have missed the first entry she was in.

Ang said...

Fred and Winnie remind me of the Wonder Years. Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold and his neighbor was Winnie Cooper. :-)

I love this blog! :-) Nice update!

Bubbs said...

what cute kids I have! And I even got a daughter!! Wow! Sadly, IRL, none of my boys got my blue eyes and I don't have a girl. So my sim-self better take good care of her! :)

ciyrose said...

They kids are all adorable...I love that they got Lynn's eyes, they are super pretty! Lots of kittens this round....