Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dante 2 - Round 8

Are They Related?
Last time May and Ian's elder son, December grew into a handsome young man and the younger son, August, grew to a toddler. May and Ian both reached the top of their careers. Other than that nothing really noteworthy happened.
Rachel: Hey there son, looks like you and August are getting along famously.
Ian: Yes, I have been very lucky. Both my boys are great.
Rachel: They certainly are. 
Rachel: Looks like December is making friends.
 Rachel: Oh very good friends. These two would make a nice couple. Wait... *looks at me* they aren't related are they?
Me: I...don't
December: Couple? Gross! We're good friends, that's all.
Rachel: For now.
 Rachel: Looks like Krissy has finally found a home.
 Rachel: Hey there guys. I don't think I saw you at all last time.
Sasha: We're busy growing old together. It takes a lot of time.
Rachel: Don't I know it.
 Rachel: Looks like Krissy is getting an official welcome.
 Rachel: Great job Clive.
Rachel: Happy Birthday dear grandson August!
 Rachel: Such a handsome boy. Just like his brother
August: Thanks Grandma.
 Rachel: Nice job Ian!
Ian: Thanks! Well on my way to another top of career.
 May: Such a pretty kitty. Are you going to make some pretty kittens? Yes, I think you are.
Rachel: Ummm...I think I'll come back later.
 December: Weeee!!!
Rachel: Oh Destin you are such a great grandpa.
Destin: OK.
Rachel: Do you have anything else to say?
Destin: No.
Rachel: Still a man of few words.
 May: Play dead...
Fay: Meow.
May: Ugh...
 December: So now that you are starting school you're going to meet a lot of people.
August: Really? Cool.
December: Yeah, we have a lot of cousins around Prosperity Point and second cousins and third cousins and probably all the way to 18th cousins.
Rachel: Not quite. Close...
 May: OK, time to start your training Krissy. Speak.
Krissy: Meow.
May: Great job!
Krissy: Meow.
May: I didn't say to speak again.
Krissy: Meow.
 August: Grandma look what I made!
Rachel: Wow! I don't think I have ever seen anyone build something so complex out of blocks. Yep, definitely my grandson.
August: Hi everybody. I'm August. Are any of you guys my cousins? I mean I hear...
Zebra: I'm a second cousin I think. Hee ya!
August: Yeah cuz, your grandma is my grandpa's sister so your mom and my mom are cousins...I think.
Me: My head hurts. It's too complicated!
 Rachel: Happy Birthday Clive!
Rachel: How cute. They're making friends! Are they related?
Me: I don't... think so...
Rachel:  You don't sound too sure.
Me: That's cause I'm not.
 Rachel: Happy Birthday Erik!
Rachel:  Excellent job son!
Ian: Thanks Mom.
 Rachel:Nice going Sasha. Now I know what you've been doing with your time.
Sasha: Yep.
 August: Hi December!
December: Hi August. You know you don't have to wave every time you see me. I mean, we see each other like 20 times a day.
August: Oh, sorry.
December: It's OK, it just might not be cool once we hit high school.
 Sasha: And then the bear...
Rachel: Gratuitous sweetness.
 Rachel:Another top of a career! Awesome!
Rachel: And with that. It's time to go. See you guys later!

Points: 7
6 for money
1 for Ian's top of career 


Twoflower said...

Nice update! It's fun to see your sims again Rachel. I especially loved when May was teaching Fay to play dead. :)

ASimWen said...

Nice to see you back!!!!!

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Yay! A new post! I have to say, my favorite thing about your hood is your rainbow colored animals. I have to start getting more creative with my pet genetics.

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Rachel!!! So good to see you back. I was afraid Prosperity Point had gone the way of so many other blogs.

Twoyys4me said...

Great to see you and Prosperity Point back! Loving the update, the young and the old, :)

ciyrose said...

YAY, more updates. I love the colorful pets! The kids are so cute. Very nice update for them.