Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Te Waiata 2 - Round 8

What are They Thinking?
Last time Strawberry's second pregnancy started to show and a third boy, Pineapple, was born later in the week. Barring an accident, Strawberry and Will are done having kids. The twins, Fig and Pear, grew to handsome children. They started on their Jar Challenge (Make a Vampire. They must stay a Vampire at least one week) but the grand vampire hasn't even made it to the house yet.

Rachel: Hi guys. What a wonderful way to start the week!
Pear: Sure is! Lots of today playing!
Me: And skilling. Lots of skilling.
Rachel:  Nice.
Rachel: Happy Birthday Pineapple
Me: Yummm, Pineapple.
Rachel: Another handsome boy.
Strawberry: He definitely is showing the Holiday traits.
Strawberry: All right little man, time to walk.
Rachel: Bad Hine!
Me: That's actually Will.
Rachel:  Not the customers Hine!
Rachel: For Pete's sake Hine! Cut it out!
Danton: Say Bot-le
Pineapple: Bottle.
Danton: My grandson is so smart!
Rachel: Sorry Fig.
Rachel: Hi Madalyn.
Me: She's actually saying bye.
Rachel: Where is she going?
Me: The Prosperity Point Cemetery. Her and Hine are scaring way too much.
Rachel: OK. Bye Madalyn.
Rachel: Bye Hine.
Rachel: Great job Strawberry!
Strawberry: Thanks!
Rachel:Welcome to your new home Ally.
Will: Hi there girl.
Rachel:You have a weird look on your face. What's on your mind?
Will: Huh? Nothing.
Fig: *chuckles* This is fun Grandpa.
Danton: Just follow my lead.
Me: I think Pineapple is a bit preoccupied.
Rachel:What do you mean?
Me: Nothing really.
Rachel: Looks like you're finally getting somewhere on that goal of becoming a vampire.
Danton: Yep, we're becoming friends. Slowly but surely.
Rachel:Will, you're always so quiet. Now I know what you've been up to Will. Good job.
Will: Thanks.
Rachel: Oh no, we missed Tammy's passing. Good bye Tammy.
Rachel: Happy Birthday Spot!
Rachel:  Looks like another new family member.
Rachel:Welcome Jimmy. No! Bad dog!
Rachel:Will, do you have dog welcoming duty.
Will: Evidently.
Rachel: Another Birthday for Pineapple, already?
Rachel: Happy Birthday handsome boy!
Rachel: Looks like Jimmy is starting to fit in already. And with that, I must be on my way.

I missed the final picture so I don't know where they ended up money-wise.

Points: 1, that I know of for now
1 for Strawberry's top of Career


ASimWen said...

Busy as usual in Prosperity Point. Interested to see the vampire quest next time!

Twoyys4me said...

Another great round, I love all those multi-coloured pets- just started introducing some into my Veronaville.

ciyrose said...

Busy busy houses. Jimmy is a very cool looking dog. :) Good luck with the vampires next round, hope he makes it.