Monday, June 11, 2007

Ziese-Lecy 2 Round 4

Looking for Love
Last time Victoria and Velo faced the age old problem of every family sim couple just starting out, too many kids, too little money. A second set of cheesecake twins was born at the beginning of the week, Cake and Eclair, and a third set later in the week, Donut and Danish. That's what this whole family is about, family.

Rachel: Um Victoria, dear.
Victoria: Yes, Mom.
Rachel: You're walking around naked.
Victoria: Oops!

Rachel: Nice job Velo! The family sure could use the extra money.
Velo: No fooling.

Rachel: Valuable study time. We'll come back in a bit.

Rachel: Pie what's Butterfly Cooprider doing over here? She's in college you know.
Pie: Yeah, we're friends. We were closer to the same age before. Like last week.

Rachel: My son in law Velo is such a good father, helping all his kids with homework.

Rachel: So how's it going with all these kids?
Victoria: It's pretty busy but not too bad so far.

Rachel: Oh boy time for my eldest grandbaby to grow up.

Rachel: Oh and you're a stunner dear! What are you looking for in life?

Cheese Cake: A life of wealth.

Cheese Cake: And I really want to own 5 Top-Level businesses!
Me: *Sigh* Of course you do.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Cake!

Rachel: Another gorgeous grand child! And what did you choose dear?

Pie: Knowledge.

Pie: And I want to be the next Indiana Jones by reaching the top of the Adventurer Career.
Rachel: Very cool

Rachel: Oh Cheesie thanks so much for helping your momma out.
Cheese Cake: I think mom and dad really needed the help.

Rachel: Nice job Velo!

Rachel: Wonderful job!!!

Rachel: More of my grandbabies' birthdays!!!

Rachel: Another handsome boy!

Rachel: Yeah, we have some great genes in this family!

Rachel: wait, does that say $80,000? Way to go Velo! I guess money really isn't going to be a problem from now on.
Velo: Don't think so. We have some contractors coming in the morning to make some much needed additions to the house.

Rachel: Very nice, much more spacious.

Rachel: Great job to you too dear!
Victoria: Thanks Mom.

Rachel: There's my wonderful son in law helping his youngest study.

Rachel: I guess we see who is less nice of these twins. Donut, no cheating!

Rachel: Even more birthdays!

Rachel: Yep, another handsome kid. So dear, what do you want in life?

Cake: A life of Pleasure.
Rachel: Nothing could better.

Cake: And I REALLY want to be a Celebrity Chef.
Rachel: A wonderful ambition!

Rachel: Make a wish dear.

Rachel: Yep, we just can't make a bad looking kid in this family. So what do you want out of life dear?

Eclair: Friends, lots of friends.

Eclair: And I want to be a general.

Rachel: The first study session must have been cut short.

Rachel: Oh hey, it's Apollo Knight!
Eclair: Yeah his brother is friends with Cheese Cake and he came along. And he's just dreamy!
Rachel: Well dear, I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.
Eclair: What do you mean?
Rachel: He wants to have 50 first dates, he's a real heart breaker.
Eclair: Oh he'll change for me.

Rachel: He's at it again. Teaching one of his kids something as always.

Rachel: I know that look. I hope this isn't a mistake.

Rachel: Dear, where are you going?
Victoria: We're going for a dreamdate.
Rachel: Say no more, I'll leave you two alone.

Rachel: Wait a minute, it's not Monday morning!
Cheese Cake: I just needed to get that out of the way. Things are so crazy around here and I'm trying to find a boyfriend so I don't have any more time to study anyway.

Cake: Get me a real pretty one.
Gypsy: For that little money kid, you'll be lucky if it's a she.

Rachel: She is pretty.
Cake: Yeah but no sparks.

Cake: Make her super hot and lots of chemistry.

Rachel: Well she certainly is pretty.
Mal: Yeah, only a little chemistry this time.

Cheese Cake: Oh boy! Get me a boy please. Nice and smart and nice.

Rachel: So?
Cheese Cake: He is all those things, but there's nothing there.
Rachel: I'm sorry dear.

Rachel: Oh hey, you trying for the garden club dear?
Victoria: Sure am Mom. Poor Cheese Cake wants a boyfriend so bad. If we get the wishing well, hopefully we can help her out.

Me: The dog just peed!Give us a break!

Me: Seriously the paper girl just dropped off the new paper! Ligthen up lady!

Rachel: Way to go honey!
Victoria: Thanks Mom! I couldn't be more excited. I thought for sure the puddle and old newspaper were going to cost us the wishing well, but they didn't!
Rachel: I'm so proud!

Cheese Cake: I wish for Love!

Rachel: What do you think?
Cheese Cake: He's cute. I feel strangely drawn to him.

Rachel: Looks like the date went well.
Cheese Cake: It did.
Rachel: So do you think he'll be going to college with you?
Cheese Cake: He says he wants to.
Me: We'll have to see if she has chemistry with anyone else in the meantime. Normally Randy London wouldn't get the time of day, but Ruby is making me rethink it.
Rachel: Who that townie Ruby? Why?
Me: Never mind.

Rachel: Trying again?
Cake: Of course.

Rachel: She's pretty.
Cake: No sparks.

Cake: I wish for love!

Me: Here's a blast from the past, Natalie Anderson from my Pass A Sim.

Cake: How about a makeover my love?
Natalie: Sure
Me: Good thing this isn't real life, that so wouldn't fly.

Rachel: So Natalie, do you think you'll be heading to college with Cake?
Natalie: I sure hope so. We have a ton of chemistry.
Me: It is true, they have 3 bolts. It would be a crime to keep these two apart.

Rachel: All right this is more like it, it's Monday morning and time for my grandbabies to head to college.

Rachel: Nice job kids!

Points: 10
2 for Victoria and Velo's top of career
8 for money

Pie is our only teen without a girlfirend, but his friend Butterfly is single at college. Eclair is dating Apollo Knight who currently wants 50 first dates, I hope this doesn't spell disaster for her. Cheese Cake is dating townie Randy London and Cake is dating an old favorite, Natalie Anderson. This house was seriously the craziest one I've ever played, it should be quieter next week, when they have room for more babies, hum.


Bubbs said...

A 3 bolt couple via the match maker? That is good news in itself! Look at all those kids growing up and moving along. Hmmm, this does leave room in the house for new babies....

Twoyys4me said...

Great update! It's so hard to keep track of them all I imagine! Got some LTW's and lots money and birthdays this time round! The madeover home looks great and is more fitting for this super large family. So glad they got the wishing well- jeez that woman is fussy with her papers and puddles... good job it wasn't fall- she hates piles of leaves too! :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, what a busy house! Good job with the 80k; you'll definitely need the room. I still need to get a wishing well; I think I'll try with Rosemary next round.

Rubywyld said...

Oy lookie all them kids. I don't know how you do it! I'd be nuts. Nifty on the 80k rewards the new and improved house looked really nice ... and you obviously needed the room. :)

Kerry said...

Whew, I kept mixing them up--cake vs. pie vs. cheesecake--I'm impressed that you keep them all straight! Glad they've all found at least reasonable partners--perhaps there's someone even more perfect in the works for cheesecake!

Great job on the well, too!

Melissa said...

Enjoyed as usual. Victoria and Velo do make some pretty babies. I love how they all seem to have their own original look, too.

ASimWen said...

Randy London is an excellent Sim to play. :) I say GO FOR IT!!!! lol Sometimes you get good ones out of the matchmaker...the wishing well is more reliable. lol Great entry!

ciyrose said...

Good job on the wishing well. I really need to work on getting one of those in my hood. That was one busy house, great job on keeping all the kids straight.