Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ziese-Lecy 2 Round 2

Ziese-Lecy House 2 Round 2
How Sweet!
Or What else would I do with 2 family sims?
Welcome back. This is a new house as well. It belongs to my simself's daughter Victoria Ziese-Lecy and Velo Sylvaen who met in high school and went to college together. They both have familiar aspirations, gee, I wonder what I'll do with them?

Sim Rachel: Hi kids.
Victoria: Hi Mom. Velo and I are running straight to the new pets shop. Wanna come help us pick out a pet.
Sim Rachel: Sure dear.

Velo: What do you think of this little gal?
Sim Rachel: She seems real sweet.
Victoria: Let's get her!
Velo: Her fur has colored patches so that's what we'll call her.

Sim Rachel: Patches are you ready for the cab ride home?
Patches: *bark*
-A couple hours after getting home-

Sim Rachel: Oh, my oldest baby is getting married today *sniff*
Victoria: Aww, Mom don't cry it's a happy day.
Sim Rachel: I know, I'm crying because I'm so happy for you.
Victoria: The guests are arriving, you'd better get out there.
Sim Rachel: *hugs Victoria* I love you. You're so beautiful.

Sim Rachel: I can't believe she's married. My baby's married!

Victoria: Take that Dad!
Me: Ahh the customary wedding pillow fight. And don't mind the Rachel on the picture, that's Victoria, I was tired.
Me: Get down, get down, get down tonight!

Sim Rachel: My this wedding sure is long.
Me: Yeah that's what happens when your video card crashes during the wedding party and you end put having to do it a couple times, but have too many good pictures.Sim Rachel: Video card crashing? What does that have to do with a wedding.Me: I mean the Compact Flash card in your camera wigs out and you have to shot it again.Sim Rachel: Oh, OK.
Me: Wait a minute, we already had a pillow fight at this wedding. And why is everyone hitting Marty? Oh, yeah he does pick on people. He probably had it coming. Proceed.

Victoria: Yippee, Honeymoon time!!!

Sim Rachel: Patches what are you doing on their bed? You know you're going to get yelled at when they get back.

Victoria: Patches, that's a very bad doggie. Stay off our bed.
Sim Rachel: See.

Victoria: Ahh, Mom, do you mind?
Sim Rachel: Sorry dear, let me go check in on Patches.

Sim Rachel: Sleeping soundly in his house, like a good doggie should.

Victoria: I'm hungry. How 'bout some dessert Velo?
Velo: Sure, make my favorite alright?
Victoria: Will do dear.

Velo: Bad Patches! You need to pee outside! Seriously that's doggie ankle deep!

Sim Rachel: Who is this?
Velo: We thought Patches could use a friend so we adopted Dakota.

Sim Rachel: Looks like there will be another addition to the family very soon.
Victoria: Yep, no sooner did Dakota arrive and I got the news there would be another arrival.
Sim Rachel: Oh my God, I'm going to be a grandmother!!!

Sim Rachel: Patches you were such a stinky doggie. Time for your bath.
Me: Looks like Patches is part Poodle!

Victoria: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sim Rachel: Um, dear I know you're in labor, but the stove is smoking.

Victoria: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria: Mom, meet your first granddaughter. This is Cheesecake! Velo's favorite dessert.
Sim Rachel: Wonderful dear and we can really enjoy this in a minute, but the smoke is getting really thick from the stove.

Victoria: And a grandson, Pie!
Sim Rachel: Wonderful, but...

...FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Velo, what are you doing? Pick up your Daughter!!!

Sim Rachel: where's the fire department? Oh here they come. Thank goodness, because my son-in-law thought a good place for his new born child was next to the fire!
-A little while later-

Victoria: Yeah, I was making Velo's favorite dessert when the fire broke out. Everyone is OK. The twins are safe in their cribs and all is well.

Sim Rachel: Dakota's turn for a bath too?
Victoria: Yeah, both these dogs always seem to be in need of a bath.

Victoria: They do get along quite nicely though. Patches is much happier with a playmate.

Victoria: Sweetie how would you feel about another brother or a sister? Huh? yeah you would like that wouldn't ya?
Sim Rachel: Are you trying to tell me something?
Victoria: Nothing's official yet, we'll see.

Victoria: It's official!

Victoria: It's nice to pass my pregnacy painting to try to bring in some extra money.

Velo: Good girl! I'm teaching Patches to sit up. I think she almost has it now.
-After Velo heads off to work-

Sim Rachel: Umm, hey nanny, you're taking a bath OUTSIDE!!! You had better go, Victoria's here today anyway.
-That night-

Sim Rachel: Happy Birthday dear PIE!!!!

Sim Rachel: Ut-oh, SKUNK!!! Get, get!!!

Sim Rachel: Happy Birthday dear Cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!

Sim Rachel: Oh my they both look a lot like their dad don't they?
Victoria: Yep, so far.

Victoria: Both the kids sure do love Patches!

Sim Rachel: Dear? Ahh dear?
Victoria: What?
Sim Rachel: Dear you fell asleep in your omelet. Maybe you had better go to bed. I'll watch the twins.
Victoria: Thanks Mom.
-That evening-

Victoria: My what a strange looking dog. I wonder what's up with his eyes?
Me: Cheesecake let go of the wolf and crawl slowly away.
The next morning-

Sim Rachel: Dear, are you O.K.?
Victoria: yeah, this pregnancy has just been really hard on me.

Sim Rachel: I'm going to take off and let you get some rest. I'm excited to meet my next grandbaby. You get your rest for now.
Me: So that ends our time at this house. We have 2 points for 2 new sims.


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Did Victoria go and get herself bit?

PRMami said...

What a fun update!
My My me thinks Victoria is going to pop out anthour set of twins eh?
That is so cute that Cheesecake hugs the dogs and wolf - wow does he come around alot?

Bubbs said...

Woo-hoo! New twin babies and doggies! Yeah!! When will you try for puppies??

Bubbs said...
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ASimWen said...

Woo-Hoo! Huggin' the wolfie! LOL how funny is that SimRachel is very happy about being a grammy! She was smiling all over the place. :)

ruby said...

Aw what an adorable update and I love the twins and their names especially too cute and the pets, gosh I love when the toddlers cuddle like that

Heather/Simaholic said...

Busy household! Two babies and two puppies. I can see you're going to have fun with this one. Of course what else can you do with your very own Sim-daughter ;o)

Fairy D said...

Granma Rachel and of course twins. Will this new baby be one or two? I can't wait to find out.

Shaunna said...

Congrats on the grandbabies! They are too cute, but with your excellent sim DNA it would be hard to go wrong!

Love Patches and Dakota too of course, what cute pups!

Charity said...

Love how Dakota just watches the skunk. (S)he's too smart to get sprayed.
Rachel - you're a Grammie! I hope I look that hot when I have grandbabies! :)

Anonymous said...

Still reading. It's amazing how much like her mother Victoria looks - even you got them confused :D

ciyrose said...

Busy house....but your a grannie now....the twins are cute, and looks like more on the way.