Saturday, November 11, 2006

Vega House 4 Round 2

Vega House 4 Round 2
Man that Stinks!
Today we find ourselves at the second to last new house. This one belongs to Aracely Vega. She is the last of the Vega triplets. They grew up poor but still pretty happy. Her poor status as a youngin has led to want the finer things in life. She never found anyone to love in high school but did get a crush on Joe Knight in college. Joe is Kora Knight's father. Let's see if she brings him back into her life or looks for someone else.

Sim Rachel: Hey there Aracely. Umm I can't help but notice that your house has no windows.
Aracely: Yeah I can't afford them right now. One day this house will have the most beautiful windows and be so much larger. This was what I could afford for now, but really it's a step up. My mom's house wasn't even half this size and there were six of us there. Do you mind waiting here? I have a call to make.
Sim Rachel: Sure.

Sim Rachel: Ahh I see who you calling. My daughter Victoria told me about you and Joe.
Aracely: Joe this is Rachel.
Joe: Nice to officially meet you. I believe I saw you at my daughter Kora's wedding.
Sim Rachel: Yes sir. It's nice to officially met you though.

Aracely: Joe you sure are a handsome man.

Joe: Aracely you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. When I lost my wife I never thought I could feel anything for another woman, but you proved me wrong.
Aracely: Oh Joe.

Aracely: Joe, how would you like to move in with me?
Joe: I'd love to!

Joe: Dear, I decided to get us a dog, meet Boo. She's a very good dog.
Sim Rachel: Hey guys I know you're just welcoming a new pet to the family, but the Welcome Wagon is here to welcome you too.

Sim Rachel: Humm, Wen must be busy with womrats again.

Sim Rachel: Ooops, um guys a police car just pulled outside.
Aracely: Ahh yes, Joe, I'm glad you like dogs because I made a call too.

Joe: Welcome to the house Joe. I hope you and Boo get along so we can get some puppies.

Sim Rachel: Man you guys kiss a lot. Sorry to interrupt, but Otis is destroying your toy car.

Sim Rachel: There you are. Man it seems everywhere I go you two just can't get enough of each other. I'm just going to use your master bath if you don't mind. Someone from the Welcome Wagon is in the other.

Sim Rachel: Oh sorry guys, I didn't see anything I swear.

Sim Rachel: Looks like the dogs are getting along.

Joe: What a good girl. Now I'm going to teach you a trick.

Joe: Stay.

Joe: No, don't follow me *sigh*

Sim Rachel: Working out?
Aracely: Ahh, yeah. I've gotten a job well, in the criminal track and they say I need to get into shape.
Sim Rachel: Why are you a criminal?
Aracely: I've always heard the money is great. You know just to get us on our feet, then I'll get out.
Sim Rachel: Humm....

Aracely: Gotta run or I'm going to be late.

Joe: Alright, let's try this again. Stay.

Joe: Excellent!

Sim Rachel: Don't even think about starting something with the skunk Otis. I hear that nanny Gast got sprayed by one in another town.

Sim Rachel: Hey where's Boo going?
Joe: We thought the dogs would be a great extra source of income. Boo's in Security and Otis is in Show Biz

Sim Rachel: Have a great first day Boo
Boo: *bark*

Joe: OK Otis the show biz folks said you need to learn to speak if you're going to get anywhere. So, Speak!

Otis: *bark*
Joe: Excellent!

Sim Rachel: Who are you calling Joe?
Joe: I just figured out another way to bring in some extra money. Some of the other houses around here have little venues at their houses, so I'm starting one here.
Sim Rachel: Good plan.
-A couple hours pass and Aracely arrives home-

Joe: Aracely, you have brought me back to life. When my wife died I thought there would be no more love in my life, until the day I met you. Want to keep living with you....

...Aracely, will you marry me?

Aracely: Yes, OH Yes!

Sim Rachel: Oh hey the first customers

Sim Rachel: Joe, so your in charge of taking care of the dogs?
Joe: Pretty much. Aracely is working on her career but I just want to earn $100,000, so I let her work on her skills most the time. The customers don't like it when the dogs stink so I do what I have to in order to keep them coming back.

Joe: Bad Otis, bad!!! No escaping from the tub!
Me: Is it just me or does having your sims eat mac and cheese make you want some too? No, just me? Never mind then.

Aracely: Alright a promotion!
Sim Rachel: Great job!

Sim Rachel: Looks like Boo got a promotion too. Way to go girl!

Sim Rachel: Oh hey guys, I need to use your bath room again, don't mind me.

Sim Rachel: Oh I guess they didn't.

Joe: Boo! Darn it get back in the bath!

Sim Rachel: Hey Ginevra, we've been seeing you more lately.
Ginevra: Yeah I heard Wen and Jenn have been all over the place and even Kimberly and Lynn have been showing up. I wanted to get some blog time too.

Sim Rachel: Ut-Oh Boo doesn't look happy.
Joe: No she got fired. She's going to take some time off.

Joe: Aren't ya girl. You're still a good girl though.

Joe: These two are funny. ONe second they aren't liking each other...

...and the next they're playing like puppies.

Sim Rachel: Aracely, you're gonna be a mom!
Aracely: I know. I'm going to have to miss some work, but it works out because I need some more skills anyway. I'll have time to work on them.

Sim Rachel: Another bath?

Joe: Some of the customers were complaining.

Joe: Good girl you stayed in the whole time.

Joe: Who gets a belly rub? A good girl that's who.

Sim Rachel: I thought washing the dogs was Joe's chore?

Aracely; ahhh!!! Well, normally it is, but I told him I'd help out a bit since I'm not working right now.
Sim Rachel: I see.

Aracely: Boo, how about you and Otis try for some puppies of your own?
Boo: *bark*

Sim Rachel: well the customers apparently like that. Umm, that's weird isn't it?
Me: Ahh yeah.

Sim Rachel: Oh no the skunk is back.

Sim Rachel: Boo sit very still and maybe she'll leave.

Sim Rachel: No don't confront her!

Sim Rachel: Uhh, right in the eyes!

Sim Rachel: and under the chin!

Sim Rachel: Yes Boo you need a bath.
-About 5 minutes pass and the sun comes up-

Sim Rachel: Not again! Boo leave the skunk alone!

Joe: Boo stay away from the skunk alright girl. You're going to have puppies and we don't want anything happening to you.
-A little while passes, Joe goes to work-

Aracely: Shoeflee!
Sim Rachel: What?
Aracely: The baby's coming!!!

Aracely: Meet Vodka!
Sim Rachel: Vodka?
Aracely: Yes, Vodka
Sim Rachel: *shrugs* Vodka it is.

Sim Rachel: She definitely looks like her daddy.
Me: Humm first time a custom skin has been passed over for a standard one. And I really wanted a violet baby.

Sim Rachel: She looks to be a customer pleaser.

Aracely: And a Mommy pleaser!

Joe: Whose the prettiest iddy bitty baby? You are!

Sim Rachel: Well, I must leave you guys now. With a new baby and puppies on the way. Man I wish I could stay until the puppies come. *shrug* Rules are rules I guess.
-Sim Rachel starts walking down the sidewalk towards the next house-
Sim Rachel: Wait a minute. There was no wedding!
Me: Yes I know.Sim Rachel: But why not?Me: I thought I'd change it up a bit. They'll get married next week. These entries were getting predictable.
Sim Rachel: But they had a baby and they aren't married!
Me: Open your mind dear, just because it's right for you doesn't mean it's right for everyone.Sim Rachel: I suppose.Me: Now go, the next house is the last one before we get back to your house.Sim Rachel: Oh boy!!!
Points: 1 for little Vodka
Funny picture: The wall is eating Otis.


ASimWen said...

Don't you worry Aracely, the house you are starting out in is good enough! Very nice.

Yes, Joe is a good looking man, looks like he let his hair grow out after he moved in with ya!

Boo and Otis! A great pair. I bet they will make pretty puppies. Hmmm...I bet the puppies will look like them!

Look here now. I still have WOMRATS...are you EVER gonna buy one??? Hm. Maybe this womrat venture is not a good one. I will have to give this a second think. They are alot of work! OH hey. I will sell my main breeder to you CHEAP.

Hey you look good in that work uniform. Horizontal stripes are becoming to you! Man I can't wear 'em...makes me look fat.

Oh poor Boo, getting fired. *sigh* Well you just pick youself up and get goin' again. It isn't that hard, girl. I am sure you have the support of your family.

Geesh...weird customers...animal woo-hoo...ick..that doesn't paint a pretty picture in my mind...

Lemme ask ya Boo a Doofus?? (trouble training....doesn't understand baths.....getting fired...getting sprayed...) I am putting 2 + 2 together here.

Vodka is a pretty baby regardless of skintone. She carries the violet tone has her recessive. Don't worry. :) Maybe her baby will have it. And then, if Aracely and Joe have another child, of course, it could exhibit in that one. :) *smacks head* Of course Joe and Aracely will have another one!

Yes, customers at home venues generally like it when there is a birthday on the lot. :)

Great update!

Bubbs said...

LOL - the skunk got Boo twice...lmao. Vodka?? Were we drinking (or wanting to drink) and playing?? :) I wondered where your wedding was, nice change at this house. :) Can't wait to see the puppies.

PRMami said...

Nice go on Aracely and Joe ; am I missing much with not having Pets installed ? Hmmm I guess I'll mosey on over to the other pc too get my Pets fix lol.

I've had it happen before where the custom skintone was passed over for a regular Maxi skin... but here's hoping she passes her skin on to the next baby but at least Vodka got her eyes :)

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Hrm... With all these puppies, I guess it isn't such a big deal having a starter family and dogs at the same time

Heather/Simaholic said...

Poor Boo, just couldn't leave the skunk alone. I can't wait to see the puppies! I haven't had any puppies in my game yet. Too bad Vodka ::snickers:: didn't get the violet skin tone. Maybe the next kiddo will ;o)

ruby said...

Vodka may not have gotten the pretty skin tone, but she is beautiful like her Daddy!
TDF about Boo & the skunk, not once but twice? Geez ya think she'd learn the first time *g*

Fairy D said...

Great update. The customers sure do like the babies and dogggie woohoo.
No wedding was a surprise kinda like no twins. LOL!

Shaunna said...

Lovely family. I have to say that I know what you mean about seeing your sims eat mac and makes me want it to! LOL! Same for the pancakes...

Morgan said...

When Boo gives birth to the puppies, you should name the first male Milo...get it, Milo and Otis? Anyone? Aw, I'm a loser...

Speaking of Otis, I don't think it's just the wall that's eating him. The counter seems to be enjoying an Otis flavored snack as well.

Vodka, tee hee! Actually, believe it or not, I think it's really pretty. Tequila would be pretty too. Right...that's enough random babbling...*sneaks away backwards down invisible stairs*

ciyrose said...

Vodka is cute...I'm sure one of their babies will get the purple skin. Boo and Otis are fun, I can't wait to see the puppies.