Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vega House 2 - Round 2

Vega House 2 - Round 2
Write On, Write On!
Yep, another new house. This one belongs to Temple Vega and Aston Dante. Temple is one of the Vega triplets and grew up poor but looved, much like many of the sims here. Aston comes from the troubled Dante family. He came here as a toddler as well shortly after the mysterious death of his father. But that's in the past. They met at college and fell hard and fast for each other, that is when they could pull their noses out of the books. Let's see how these two fare on their own.

Sim Rachel: Hey Temple, hey Aston! What a lovely house you two have here. It's quite different than most the houses here.
Temple: Yes, it's a Victorian home, most houses here are much more modern.
Sim Rachel: Hum, I see

Sim Rachel: So what are you two up to?
Temple: Just relaxing waiting for the cab to come and take us shopping. We are in desperate need of new clothes.
Sim Rachel: I'd say. That frumpy dress they gave Rose was better than this slutty dress they gave you.
Temple: I know! Not like I'm all about Romance, I want to learn.

Sim Rachel: Hey guys the cab is here! Guys?

Aston: Oh, sorry. We'll be right down.
-At Amelia's Closet-

Sim Rachel: So did you find some nice clothes Temple?
Temple: Most definately! I can't wait to get home and get changed. We have one other stop to make first though, PLanetary Pets.

Sim Rachel: Having a little snack while you shop?
Temple: Yeah, I can't explain it, I'm just SO hugrey today.
Me: Looks like Ginevra's Simself is shopping today. We haven't seen her in awhile. She left without buying anything.

Sim Rachel: Oh what a beautiful dog you have there. What are you going to call her?
Temple: Trixie
Sim Rachel: Nice name, reminds of something, but I don't know what.
Me: I do. A friend of mine in Junior High had a big white dog named Trixie. Sorry to the Simmer Trixie, I didn't even think of it until later, no offense.

Sim Rachel: Getting something Aston?
Aston: Temple got so excited about the dog she forgot to get a collar and doggie dish.
Sim Rachel: Hey look Jenn is buying something, something expensive! I guess she likes the no hassle shopping experience.

Sim Rachel: Trixies set to go home it looks like. Aren't ya girl?
Trixie: *Bark*
Me: I wish I wasn't having graphics card issues, so she would look better. *sigh* Soon, I hope.- Back to the house-

Sim Rachel: Look it's the welcome wagon! Wait there's only two of you. That's weird!
James: Wen was going to come too, but had to back out at the last minute, so there was no time to get a replacement.
Sim Rachel: Is everything OK?
James: Womrat troubles.

Aston: Temple I forgot to do something in college. Will you marry me?

Temple: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's call everyone and get married right away!
Aston: Sounds good. Hey you've always wanted a Medieval Wedding, why don't we wear our Ren Fair costumes?
Temple: Great idea!

Sim Rachel: Guys your guests are here and playing SGX!
Temple: I'm almost ready! Have them start going out to the arch, I'll be right there.

Sim Rachel: What a great time! Have fun on the honeymoon kids!

Sim Rachel: Hey I didn't hear you get back. What are you doing? Guys?
Aston: Studying Shhhh
Sim Rachel: Sorry, I'll come back later.

Sim Rachel: Hey you don't have your nose in a book.
Aston: My eyes were getting tired so I thought I'd teach Trixie to sit up.
Sim Rachel: Good idea.

Sim Rachel: Temple, congratulations, you're going to be a mother!
Temple: Thanks!

Sim Rachel: Why are you wearing that light bulb hat while you're bathing Trixie?

Aston: It's just a quick break from studying, no point in taking it off and putting it back on again.

Sim Rachel: Temple are you going to study your entire pregnacy?
Temple: Yes.

Sim Rachel: I guess you weren't kidding! Aston, get your hinny over here you're about to be a father!

Temple: Meet Lucida.
Sim Rachel: And?

Temple: And nothing.
Sim Rachel: *looks at me* What? Only one?
Me: New rule, only couples with a family sim will get cheesecake twins. I actually started awhile ago, but this is the first house without one.Sim Rachel: Oh so people that take that quiz on line that says if they were sims, what aspiration they would be?Me: If it prevents an argument, then yes, that's what I meant.Sim Rachel: Lucida, what a pretty name. It seems familar, but I can't place it.
Temple: Just think about it for awhile, you know where it's from.
- Several days pass, studying, you didn't need to see another picture of that did ya?-

Temple: Lucida definately takes after my side of the family, except for the brown hair.

Temple: Come to mama sweetie.

Temple: What a big Girl!
Me: So that's where we'll leave this small family, witht the traditional toddler, hugging the pet picture. Only one point for Lucida. Do you know what she's named after?


PRMami said...

Awwww, I love seeing the toddlers hug their doggies

Well Temple looks rather nice in her wedding attire and looks like her and Aston will only have 1 child?

I hear ya about the cheesecake good idea about only family sims - my Temple just became a teen and is a family sim ;)

ASimWen said...

Oohhh!!! Love the victorian. All my simmies in Fellowship have a victorian...errr...eventually they will either remodel their houses to look like that or move into one. :)
Yeah I agree, that black and red outfit is slutty. Daphne Strickland-Robbins grew up in that and I just never changed her over.
I am impressed with that picture of Trixie coming to be. Good job on the pic capture!
Oh didn't you hear ASimWen is now raising Womrats??? Why she has a bout a dozen by now. you all want to buy one? I am sellin' 'em cheeeep!
Hummm I have yet to buy a big doggie and bathe them. That looks like fun.
*Grabbing Chest* GAH!!!! Only one baby? Rachel, let me feel your forehead. Mmm...feels normal. Try this thermometer.... ??? 98.6. I must be having a thermometer malfunction.
Nope, cant think of who Lucinda is named after. The only Lucinda I can think of is one on the Soaps. hmmmm....

ruby said...

So do tell, who is Lucida named after?
Love the cuddle pictures, always gets a great big AW from me
lovely update as always and *gasp* no twins... okay I vaguely remember you mentioning your new rule, but to actually see it is another thing

Bubbs said...

I love the dog...what breed is that???? You really think your game will let you have 1 kid???/

Kerry said...

Womrat troubles? LOL. That'll teach her to do her shopping in your game!

Did you see the way Aston is looking at the giraffe girl (sorry, don't know her name) while Temple is cutting the wedding cake? Cracked me up--he looks really dubious, as if he's wondering how she got to his party, and if she's contagious!

Heather/Simaholic said...

Awww another toddler/puppy hug picture. I don't think I'll ever get sick of those. You really showed some self control there Rachel with only one baby in the house. Or did they not know how to make cheesecake yet? ;o)

Fairy D said...

Great wedding photos and congrats on only one child.
Do you really think you'll stick to only family sims and cheesecake?

Shaunna said...

I think I have figured out the name scheme...don't know if i should announce it, but if it is hat I think it is...ROFL! It is great.

Love the update and Trixie.

Charity said...

Trixis is a great looking dog! I'm having more fun with my pets now that I'm unlocking different colour coats for them. (God, you'd think I have an obsession or something, lol.)

Anonymous said...

Heyy Just Catching up on your post read it already like 100 times LOL!! did anyone else notice that Temple got married in a blue/green dress but when she come back of the honeymoon she was wearing a red one? and Lucida is a sweetie x Love the house too !

ciyrose said...

Awww....I like Trixie. So no more cheesecake for all huh? We'll see how that goes. Lucida is super cute? Fonts?