Saturday, October 28, 2006

Knight 1 Round 2

Knight 1 Round 2
How much is that Doggie in the Window?
Welcome once again to another new Prosperity Point House. This one belongs to Kora Knight and Jazz Holiday. Jazz is one of Andre's triplets. He grew up broke but very loved. He first met Kora as a teen. They fell hard for each other and attended Sim State University together where they were engaged. Now they've returned to begin their lives together.

Sim Rachel- Kora, Jazz. So good to see you two again! What a lovely house you have chosen for yourselves.
-Jazz runs off-
Kora- Thanks Rachel, we found it online. We just loved the little pond in the yard.
Sim Rachel- Hey, where'd Jazz run off to?

Kora- Bed. I'm afraid he came down with the nasty flu everyone has had. I think he got it at Destin's wedding.
Sim Rachel- That's too bad. I hope he gets better soon.
-12 hours pass-
Sim Rachel- Hey, so where's Jazz? I see he isn't in is bed.
Kora- Shopping. Amelia's Closet.
-Sim Rachel jumps in a cab and speeds off to Amelia's Closet-

Sim Rachel- There you are Jazz!
Jazz- You almost missed me. I'm done shopping and I was just talking to some of the townies before heading home.

Sim Rachel- Finally ready to go home Jazz?
Jazz- Yep, Kora told me not to be too late. She wants to get married tonight. She said we already lost so much time with me being sick.
Sim Rachel- Yeah, you are a little behind.
-Jazz gives Sim Rachel a weird look. The two share a cab back to the house-

Sim Rachel- Oh Kora, you are such a lovely bride!
Kora- Thank you mame. Jazz picked everything out.
Sim Rachel- That's a little odd isn't it?
Kora- Well, yes, but we're in such a hurry. I had to get my hair and make-up done s so it saved time this way.
Sim Rachel- I see. Hey is that the doorbell? Sounds like the guests are arriving.
Kora- You'd best head downstairs then. We'll be starting shortly.

Sim Rachel- What would a Holiday wedding be without a pillow fight?
Me- I wonder if Jenn had a pillow fight at her wedding a couple weeks ago?
Sim Rachel- Whose Jenn?
Me- A fellow simmer. Nevermind, really.

Sim Rachel- Getting tired Kora?
Kora- Yes, mame. It's been a long day and it's almost midnight.
Sim Rachel- Well, things should be wrapping up soon and then you can relax on your honeymoon.

Sim Rachel- The limos here.
Kora: Not a moment too soon. I'm exhausted.

Sim Rachel- I think this is my que to leave.
-The next afternoon-

Sim Rachel- Kora! Kora! Wake up!
Kora- What's going on?
Sim Rachel- Looks like you did a face plant into your grilled cheese. You just got back from your honeymoon, how can you be SO tired.
Kora- Jazz and I were up most the night.
Sim Rachel- Sick to your stomach? Is the flu back?
Kora- Umm, no. Something else.
Sim Rachel- Oh.

Sim Rachel- Hey Jazz! What are you up to?
Jazz: Doing some studying before Kora and I head off to the new Pets Store.
Sim Rachel- I heard that place was coming. I'm SO excited it's finally open!
Me: I think we all are!Jazz: What was that? The TV?
Sim Rachel- Umm, sure. Hey, let's get going.

Sim Rachel- Oh Kora what a beautiful Rochweiler.
Kora- Thanks. We've decided to take her home. We've named her Roxie.

Sim Rachel- Jazz how are things going with the new dog?
Jazz- Just great. She doesn't chew the furniture or piddle inside. She the best dog we could have asked for.
Sim Rachel- Great! I can't wait to get back home and get one of my own.

Sim Rachel- Kora do you have some news for us?
Kora- Yep, looks like we'll be adding another family member very soon. I'm very excited, I'd love to have 10!
Me- Humm, I think I could arrange that.
Side note- I thought this was a great picture just to show all the realistic touches Maxis added to the game. Anyway, back to the story.

Sim Rachel- Whose you friend Kora and ... what's that you're eating? -Looks at me- Hey!
Me- Hey she wants 10 kids, we might as well go for twins right out of the gate.

Sim Rachel- Roxie don't bark at the TV. Hey I think your friend Pepper is here. Go see Pepper girl.

Kora- Oh Roxie, you got so dirty playing with Pepper today. Oh well, I bet you had fun girl didn't ya?
Roxie- bark

Kora- I think it's time!!!!

Kora- Here's our son Apollo. He takes after me in everyway.
Sim Rachel- And?
Kora- And what? Uh, man the pain is back!!!

Kora- And, umm this is Zeus. He's the spitting image of his daddy Jazz. Hey how did you know there would be twins.
Sim Rachel- When you've seen it happen this much, you sort of catch onto the causes.
Kora- Causes, what causes?
Sim Rachel- Che...
Me- Hey you can't tell her.
Sim Rachel- There must be something in the water *gives me a nasty look*

Sim Rachel- Oh my God! Kora, Kora are you alright?
Kora- Oh yeah, sorry to scare you. I'm trying to teach Roxie how to play dead. Didn't mean to scare you.

Sim Rachel- Umm, Santos you don't live here. Do you just go around to people's houses and bathe their babies?
Santos- Pretty much.
Sim Rachel- Interesting hobby dude. Well it looks like it's about time for the twins' birthday. Why don't you put a diaper on that baby and give him to one of his parents?

Sim Rachel- Wow Jazz, Zeus really does look a lot like you.
Jazz- Quite amazing isn't it?

Sim Rachel- And Apollo kind of looks like his grandpa Joe.

Apollo- Me wuv Roxie

Kora- Looks like we'll be needing another crib.
Me- *Sending subliminal message to Kora* Make cheesecake. You love cheesecake!Sim Rachel- Well I had best be off. Thanks for letting me hang out with your family.
Kora- Not a problem any time.
Points - 2 usual for two new sims

A couple interesting pictures. I think the sofa is trying to eat my sims


ruby said...

I giggled through that whole update! Too funny. I think you may want to feed that sofa.
Roxie is adorable and I love when the toddlers cuddle with the dogs
My son has a t-shirt like Santos' IRL I love it!

ASimWen said...

Awwww! I love it when the toddlers hug the pets. :) You are right, Maxis put a lot of realistic touches in the game. Like...errrr..when cats lick themselves. LOLOL

Bubbs said...

Love the update! I like the new pets you are moving in. :) Hmm, twins, cheesecake, pets...this hood is growing by leaps and bounds. :)

Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh, cute house for Kora and Jazz! Oh no! More flu? Oh my Kora looks so beautiful!!! Gorgeous dress! I love her little tiara! It is so sweet! Oh Kora is pregnant! Can you resist the cheesecake? Oh I love Roxie! She's so cute! Nope! Looks like you couldn't resist! I love how different the twins look! OMG! The picture of Roxie and Apollo is SOOO cute! LOL! You've got a carnivorous couch!

Kerry said...

Nice update--I loved Kora's dress, and Roxie is gorgeous. I love seeing sims I'm playing living out "alternative lives" in someone else's game! My Kora went into show biz, had three boys and a gorgeous house, then suffered an aspiration change due to Pets installation, and is now becoming a mad scientist!

PRMami said...

Wow this was a neat update,
Kora's dress is so pretty on her and the dog Roxie is so sweet and looks real good.
The house you moved them to is so cute.
Poor Jazz got the flu too eh? So the flu is gone from you hood now ?
My goodness Zeus is a little mini me of Jazz wow! That's a Holiday for you :)and more babies on the way :)

Fairy D said...

More twins. You are brave.
Great update.

Shaunna said...

I loved the night wedding. Though it seems it was done out of neccesity, I really enjoyed it and thought it gave a nice aptmosphere.

The twins are adorable, as is Roxie! Great update!

Charity said...

Ack! Evil couch alert!
Oooh. Doggie. I just realized that I don't have a single dog in my neighbourhood and that in the 4 months since Pets has been out, I haven't even seen a friggin' Womrat. I've got to actually play with the pets before the next EP comes out!

ciyrose said...

Cute update. The twins are adorable as usual. Zeus really is the spitting image of Jazz. All these poor sick sims.