Friday, October 06, 2006

Dante 2 - Round 2

Dante 2 - Round 2
What Month Is It?
We find ourselves once again at a new household. This one is Sasha Dante's and Destin Holiday's. Sasha is the daughter of Liza. Her youth was unhappy to put it mildly. She has patched things up with her mother and siblings, but they aren't exactly the most solid family unit. Destin Holiday is the son of Andre who was swindled out of a whole bunch of simoleons upon coming to Prosperity Point. So the family of 6 (1 teen - Destin-, one kid and 3 toddlers) were left with a huge house but almost no money. What made matters worse was Andre had a close encounter of the third kind which left him pregnant. So Destin had to spend a lot of his time helping to raise his brothers and sister and ended up failing high school. His siblings all got older which allowed him more time to study and he eventually brought home an A+. He and Sasha had met in high school and fallen hard for each other. Sasha headed off to college first, but Destin had to wait until he got his grades up to follow her. They eventually met up at college but each had to spend most of their college careers without the other. Now that they've both graduated they can finally be together once more.

Sim Rachel: Here we are at the lovely bright yellow house of Sasha and Destin. Oh goodness, this is awkward. These two really missed each other. *Whistling* Lalalala *Looks at watch* Oh I think they're done now.

Sim Rachel: Hi guys!
Sasha: *Coughing*
Sim Rachel: Oh dear Sasha are you alright?
Sasha: I think I have that flu that's been going around.
Sim Rachel: You had better go to bed. I see the welcome wagon coming and we don't want anyone else to get sick. I mean we want you to get better as quickly as possible.

Destin: Hello everybody! Come on in. We'd like to get to be friends with all of you. Thanks so much for greeting us at our new home.
-Several Hours Pass-

Sim Rachel: Sasha what are you doing up?
Sasha: 10 hours of sleep and I'm all better.
Sim Rachel: Oh good! That means it's time to go shopping for some new clothes. Those one's the university issues upon graduation are so terrible. Just look at Temple. What's someone that's interested in knowledge doing wearing such a super slutty dress?
Sasha: Sounds good, I'll call a cab.

Sasha: And then she shook her butt in his face.
Michaell: Oh my gosh, that's the best joke I've ever heard!

Kimberly: *laughing so hard she's about to bust a gut* Oh, Sasha! That was such a great joke! You should be a comedian!
Sim Rachel: Hey Sasha, remember the matter at hand. You and Destin need new clothes, badly.
Sasha: Oh yeah, sorry I was just trying to make friends.
Sim Rachel: I know that's what two love to do.
-Sasha picks out some outfits and heads home for some rest-

Sim Rachel: Oh look it's the whole Holiday family and their all in formal wear. This can only mean one thing.

Destin: Yep it's wedding time!

Sasha: And then I gave him the one-two punch
Me: This is just a weird thing to do at the start of the ceremony.Sim Rachel: Shhhhhh....

Sim Rachel: Wait where's Jupiter?
Me: Look at Venice's right hip. What looks like an odd growth, that's Jupiter's elbow. Apparently Venice didn't know she makes a better door than a window.
Sim Rachel: Ahhhh

Sim Rachel: There's Jupiter! How's the cake little man?
Jupiter: Yummy to my tummy.
Me: See, cutest kid ever! I hope he doesn't roll romance.
Jupiter: *with a puzzled look* What?
Sim Rachel: Don't pay any attention to her.
Me: What wedding reception is complete without a pillow fight or should I say 5 pillow fights?
Me: And some Red Hands. Oh well it was a Roof Raiser. These sims are just weird.Jupiter: Destin, what are sims?
Destin: Don't listen to her.

Sasha: *Sniffle, Cough*
Sim Rachel: Sasha, you OK?
Sasha: I have the flu again. I think I got it from Venice. We were playing Red hands at the reception...
Sim Rachel: Of course.
Sasha: ...and all of a sudden I didn't feel so good.
Me: Note to self don't invite Venice over to any other houses until you have played her house and gotten her better.

Sim Rachel: Sasha, you're sick. Shouldn't you be in bed?
Sasha: I'm not really tired, so I thought I'd study cooking for a bit.

Sim Rachel: Destin how are things with you?
Destin: I got a job in law enforcement, I want to be Captain Hero and finally bring that evil contractor to justice. This is my friend Amy. She came home with me from work today.

Sim Rachel: Sasha you must be feeling better.
Sasha: I am. Now if you don't mind, Destin and I didn't really get to celebrate our marriage like we wanted.
-Sim Rachel excuses herself and watches some TV for awhile-

Sim Rachel: Oh my God, Sasha! What's happening?!?!?!
Sasha: Making pork chops... caught on fire.
Sim Rachel: Destin! Get up, hurry! Sasha's on fire!!!!!!

Destin: Sasha! Don't leave me!!!

-The fire fighter shows up and Sasha gets blasted twice-

Sasha: All you did was run around panicking like some giant moron!
Sim Rachel: I went and got Destin! I'm not really supposed to interfere, but I couldn't let you die.
Sasha: Whatever, I'm still really pissed!

Sasha: That was such a terrible experience it made me physically ill! I'm SO hungry!
Sim Rachel: You'd better eat something quick before you starve!
Sasha: *sarcastically* No really?
-The next night-

Destin: Did you hear about Jackie Burton? She got in a huge fight with her sister Ashley! It was hilarious!
Sim Rachel: Looks like you're doing better Sasha.
Sasha: I am thanks. And sorry for being mad at you. I was starving and charred. It's not like you set me on fire.
Sim Rachel: It's OK, totally understandable.

Sim Rachel: Whatcha making Destin?
Destin: Some dessert for my honey.
Sim Rachel: That's so nice. I wonder what it is?

Sim Rachel: Looks like another little one is joining Prosperity Point.

Sim Rachel: Sasha are you making more friends?
Sasha: Of course. Destin needs a couple more before he can get promoted. This is Wanda Brown, she's new here.

Sim Rachel: Destin, you're making friends too aren't you?
Destin: What else would I be doing? This is Temperance Kirkendall.

Wanda: Hello little one.

Wanda: Peek-a-boo
Me: I've never seen a sim do this before. These two barely know each other and Wanda's playing peek-a-boo with Sasha's stomach. I thought for sure this would hurt their relationship because Sasha would be mad, but she wasn't.-The next day-

Sim Rachel: Sasha!

Sasha: Huh?

Sim Rachel: Sasha!
Sasha: What?
Sim Rachel: You just feel asleep in your lunch twice! You had better go to bed.
Sasha: OK.

Sim Rachel: Destin, get your butt to the bathroom! Your wife's in labor!

Sasha: Meet May Dante. She has my dark hair and green eyes.
Sim Rachel: She's SO cute

Sasha: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sim Rachel: *looks at me* That was cheesecake Destin was making for her wasn't it?
Me: *whistling innocently*
Sim Rachel: Just as I suspected.

Sasha: And a son, October. He has Destin's brown eyes and my mom's and Destin's brother's red hair.
Sim Rachel: what a cutie pie.

Sim Rachel: Shhh... The Dantes are doing what every family of twins does, sleeps as much as they can, before...

... diapers need changing and tummies need bottles....

... and switch.

Sim Rachel: So this is where we leave the family. The babies are both sleeping for the moment, so let's just tip toe out.
Points: A whopping 2 for the two new sims.
Odd Picture
Lucy just went and stood their while Destin took a bath. She was looking at him a second before I got this picture.


PRMami said...

Wow the neighborhood is expanding by leaps and bounds; of course feeding cheescake to your pregnant wife will almost always garantee twins right Destin? ;)

SGX1018 said...

Great Update! I like how the twins aren't exact duplicates of each other, a little variety is good every one in a while. Interesting names! (in a good way)

ASimWen said...

OH OH Giraffe lady is Wanda Brown..she is my contribution to Fellowship II. She is wavin' at bellies' cause she is a family sim!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

What is wrong with Wanda's skin? She looks -- wrong.

Bubbs said...

What is the deal with you and the flu???

Do you have the Cooprider skins? Or did you change some of the skins? hehe

Love the wedding dress. :) Romance for Jupiter!!

Your sims must REALLY like cheesecake. Is she pregnant now?

Twoyys4me said...

Poor Sasha with her burning butt! hehee.. thank goodness she survived. Little May and October are so cute!

Kerry said...

Such domestic bliss! Sasha doesn't care about anything but business in my game--she doesn't even have a steady partner, let alone kids.

You just can't leave that cheesecake alone, can you?!?

Heather/Simaholic said...

I like their house! Its so cute! I'm glad Sasha got over that flu bug. I always get worried about my sims when they get sick like that. LOL! I love that butt shake as part of their jokes. It always makes ME laugh! AWWW! Jupiter is such a cutie!! My very first alien ever was named Jupiter. GAH! Sasha's sick again! Poor girl! YIKES!!! Sasha is having a rough week! The flu twice and then she catches on fire! And then she throws up! Geez! AH! THAT'S why she was throwing up there is a bun in the oven! TWins! You really can't resist that cheesecake can you ;o) Cute cradles!

Shaunna said...

Poor Sasha! Girl had a rough week it seems. And I have a very good friend named May, I like that name alot.

Fairy D said...

Poor Sasha. At least her week got better and now she has her twins and all is well.
Great update

Charity said...

Just when I think I've seen the last of your custom skinned townies, another one shows up! I'm going crazy! Must finish work so I can go on downloading spree.... *drool*

ciyrose said...

More and that cheesecake. lol. They are cute though, and this family was having a very rough week. Glad Sasha got through it.