Sunday, October 15, 2006

Caligula 1 Round 2

Caligula 1 Round 2
Word Sure Does Get AroundToday we start another new house. This one belongs to Kalliope Caligula and Dakota Holiday. Dakota is another son of Andre Holiday. Kalliope is a quintuplet and her family came here when she was a toddler. These two met in high school and headed to Sim State together. They kept a very low profile there although I did manage to get a shot of them getting engaged. They are very sweet together and any time I don't have them engaged in an activity they are flirting or kissing. See (look below).

Sim Rachel: Hi there guys. Welcome back to Prosperity Point! We sure didn't see too much of you at Sim State.
Kalliope: Dakota is shy, he doesn't like to faunt our relationship. He just wants to learn and be a Mad Scientist one day. As for me, the more friends, the better. I really want to be Mayor of Prosperity Point. Dakota said he was nervous about you coming by and asked me to talk to you. I don't mind really.
Sim Rachel: No reason to be nervous. I'm sure once he gets to know me, he'll start to open up.

Sim Rachel: This sure is a lovely house you have here.
Kalliope: Well, thank you. We ordered it off the internet. Sort of strange I know, but it was so lovely.

Dakota: (in a hussed voice) Kalliope did you hear what Wen did? She's going around picking fights with people. She's supposed to be the head of the Welcome Wagon, what's with her?

Kalliope: Oh MY!!!!
Sim Rachel: What's that Dakota? I didn't quite hear you.
Dakota: Nothing, really.

Sim Rachel: Kalliope, what are you up to now?
Kalliope: Gotta practice my speeches if I want to be Mayor ya know!
Sim Rachel: I see, where's Dakota?
Kalliope: Upstairs.

Sim Rachel: Whatcha doing Dakota? You aren't working on your skills!
Dakota: I have the flu. I need to relax. The doctor said I have to stay as comfortable as possible and not to be around anyone, even Kalliope.
Sim Rachel: I'd better take off then, I have a poor immune system. Bye. *runs downstairs and out the front door*

Sim Rachel: Hey guys, what are you all doing out here.
Benjamin: We're the Welcome Wagon, but these people aren't answering their door.
Sim Rachel: Dakota is sick with the flu. The house is quarentined until he gets better.
*group walks off dejected*

Sim Rachel: Kimberly Emmis, what is going on?
Kimberly: I came by to visit this new family. I heard about their wonderful internet house. I wanted to congratulate them.
Sim Rachel: Dakota is sick with the flu. So they aren't allowed visitors.
Kimberly: What? Don't they know I only stop by a few houses? Well, I'm outta here!

Sim Rachel: *creeps quietly back in the house to see if Dakota is better* Dakota is sleeping, that's good, hopefully he'll be better soon then. I wonder what's he's dreaming about
Me: Your daughter, Victoria.
Sim Rachel: What? How do you know that?
Me: I have my ways. Sim Rachel: You sure do know a lot for a sim.
Me: Oh great this again! Sim Rachel: Where did Kalliope go now?
Me: Check Bluewater, at Amelia's Closet.

Sim Rachel: There you are. I thought you weren't supposed to be in contact with anyone while Dakota is sick.
Kalliope: He's all better now. I had been couped up for too long, I just had to get out. Plus tomorrow is our wedding and we need clothes.

Kalliope: Yeah, Dakota really likes doing jigsaw puzzles. He's a geek but I love him.
-An hour later-

Kalliope: Really, so their gross earnings went up? Interesting.
Sim Rachel: Hey Kalliope don't you think you should head home soon.
Kalliope: I was so busy meeting people I almost forgot about my hair appointment. I'll see you at home.
-Another 2 hours pass-

Sim Rachel: Oh Kalliope, what a lovely hair do you got for the wedding!
Kalliope: Thanks, I like it too.

Sim Rachel: Dakota are you excited for the wedding tomorrow? Dakota? Hey Dakota!
Dakota: What now?
Sim Rachel: Nevermind, go back to studying.

Sim Rachel: Kalliope, what are you doing now?
Kalliope: Rehearsing the vows.
Sim Rachel: At a podium?
Kalliope: Where else?
Sim Rachel: I suppose.
-The next morning-

Sim Rachel: Don't you both look lovely! And your house makes for such a pretty back drop! Oh it's starting.

Sim Rachel: Yet another lovely wedding! Weddings and birthdays galour around here!

Jupiter: And when I'm president, everyone will be able to eat macaroni and cheese for every meal!
Me: Man that Jupiter is cute!
Sim Rachel: Get down Kalliope!!!

Sim Rachel: Ahh yes, the ritual pillow fight at the reception.

Sim Rachel: Great party Kalliope. Wait Kalliope, where are you going? Get in the limo!

Sim Rachel: Seriously, you missed your honeymoon to take a shower!

Dakota: Why didn't you come on the honeymoon.
Kalliope: I wanted to make sure I smelled as sweet as roses for tonight.
Sim Rachel: *slides silently out of the room*
-The Next Day-

Dakota: Alright!!! I just got a promotion!

Sim Rachel: Looks like there's a little one on the way. Not too surprising.

Sim Rachel: What's wrong Dakota?
Dakota: I just got demoted.
Sim Rachel: Oh no!!! Buck up, you'll get back on your feet.

Dakota: Yep Gordan, Kalliope is working her way up to Judge.
Me: Yep, Gordan Anderson is of the "Famous" Andersons from Pass a Sim. He just married in though.

Kalliope: It's nice to meet you Flower!

Kalliope: And you Janson!
Sim Rachel: Making friends?
Kalliope: Working on it.

Dakota: I got my promotion!!!

Dakota: Party time!!!

Sim Rachel: More visitors?
Kalliope: Of course! What else would I do during materity leave?
Sim Rachel: Rest?
Kalliope: Nahh.

Sim Rachel: Dakota, even you're making friends?
Dakota: I need more for my next promotion.

Kalliope: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Kalliope: Here's are sweet baby girl, Ellen. Awww, she's shy like her papa.

Sim Rachel: She's adorable!!! All these Holiday kids are!!!

Dakota: Oh boy another promotion and...

... some beautiful flowers for my beautiful wife!

Kalliope: I'm a Judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sim Rachel: Oh, hey Venice! Did ya come over to meet your neice?
Venice: Yep, she's alright, actually pretty cute.
Sim Rachel: Wow, so you think you might want some babies of your own?
Venice: Heck no! No kids for me.
Me: We'll see about that. Moohaha!
Venice: What was that?
Sim Rachel: Nothing.

Dakota: And we powder the baby tushie.
Kalliope:Venice this is Cal. I thought you two might get along.
Venice: Cal, such a strong name for a strong man. I've heard such wonderful things about you.
Sim Rachel: Excuse me, I'm going to be ill.

Sim Rachel: Flower, you sure are here a lot. Whose this you brought with you?
Flower: This is my cousin Felicity. We both want to get into this story.
Sim Rachel: Slight problem, they had a girl.
Flower: This time. No one around here just has one kid. I'm surprised they didn't have twins.
Sim Rachel: Wait, me too!!!

Sim Rachel: Wait I see a birthday cake. This can only mean one thing!

Sim Rachel: Happy birthday, dear Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: One last look at an adorable baby!

Me: Wait, she's still a baby. Time to change the diaper.

Me: Another try.

Sim Rachel: Dakota, she's adorable!
Dakota: Yes, she is and I'm going to teach her everything.

Dakota: Say Dada

Ellen: Naaahhhhaaha

Felicity: We've scouted out this house to get in the story. How dare you try to too!!!

Kalliope: Go to the potty like a big girl Ellen.

Sim Rachel: Ahh, look Ellen's dancing!
Me: How approriate.

Sim Rachel: So sweet Ellen's first steps!

Sim Rachel: Hey look who Dakota brought home with him from work. If it isn't Joe Knight! Joe I heard you're getting into one of these new houses.
Joe: I hope so. Aracely and I are friends, we'll have to see if we get to be anything more.

Kalliope: So my sister-in-law Venice....

Kalliope: ...yeah, she's enemies with...

Kalliope: ... your friend Wen. Wen's picking fights all over the place.

Me:So that's where we'll leave the Caligula household, with the same gossip we started with.
Points: Just 1 for little Ellen.
I wonder if anyone will know what the naming scheme is in this house? It's hard without twins!


Bubbs said...

Poor welcome wagon, left ignored on the driveway. Why does Dakota dream of Victoria???

Hmm, why would she miss her honeymoon? What was she doing with her sick husband???

(falls down in shock) WHERE ARE THE TWINS???? Ellen sure is cute. :)

Twoyys4me said...

Poor Dakota getting sick! It's like a ritual in your 'hood isn't it?!
Kalliope's wedding dress was gorgeous and I loved Jupiter's mac and cheese comment.
Little Ellen is a beauty...
but where are the twins?!

PRMami said...

Oh but what a cutie pie Ellen is - this was a sweet update wow my Holiday Kids are still teens but then again I just got back to playing prosperity.

I love that stereo nice!

I loved Kalliope's wedding dress you sure did an wonderful job getting her to be such a lovely bride!

Kerry said...

Just had to throw us for a loop, didn't you! Everyone scrolling down looking for the second baby--I swear I could hear you laughing in the distance! But Ellen is darling.


Heather/Simaholic said...

Hey look at that Bacillus made it into the story! No twins? I'm shocked! Ellen is a cutie!

Fairy D said...

Another great update. I was surprised that there was no twins.
Dad is so cute teaching his daughter to walk. I just love watching the toddlers learn to walk.

Shaunna said...

Loved the update. Thought that these two had escaped the sickness of Prosperity Point, but no luck, poor Dakota!

My fav wedding dress so far! Ellen is a beauty. And an appearance by my fav sim in you hood, Venice!

I knew you were capable of a single birth! Nice work Rachel.

Charity said...

Aww.. What a sweetheart Ellen is! And she loves to dance too!
Jupiter is a cutie, too, I can't wait to see how he turns out!

ciyrose said...

Ellen is such a cutie pie! Poor sims all getting/being sick..that's no fun. I really liked Kalliope's wedding dress...beautiful