Thursday, October 05, 2006

University: Then There Was One

University: Then There Was One
Last time we saw the Ia Wanna Llama Greek House at Sim State University, well a whole lot sims went through college. Now a whole lot more will.

Victoria: Hi everybody! Victoria Ziese-Lecy here again. I graduated from college a bit ago, but I told my mom, Rachel, I'd check in again on my old Greek house and see what's been going on.

Victoria: Pretty much how I left it. Someone got a bubble blower, but who am I to judge. I see they moved the telescope toward the back of the lot. That was a great idea! Having it be right there when we got back from class was a bad idea, oh but I'm getting ahead of myself. It seems so quite around here. Let's go inside and check it out.

Victoria: Amethyst Sylvaen, what are you doing here?
Amethyst: Hi Victoria! Well I joined the house. I've been hanging around so long I finally took the plunge and joined.
Victoria: Where's everyone else? Class?
Amethyst: Nope, they've all graduated.
Victoria: What? All of them? I've missed so much!
Amethyst: I'm just chillin' until generation 2 gets here. And don't worry about missing anything I'll go get the Ia Wanna Llama scrapbook.
Victoria: Oh great!
Amethyst: Here are the last of Generation 1 as they arrived.

Victoria: Aww, Danton and Pania's falling in love picture.
Victoria: Jazz & Kora's first kiss.

Victoria: Here's when I moved in. Velo asked me.

Victoria: Another engagement. Last time there were SO many

Victoria: Dakota and Kaliope were always so shy about their relationship. Didn't want anyone taking their picture.

Victoria: Velo and I weren't so shy. We're in love and we don't care who knows it.
Victoria: I need a print of this one for my scrapbook. Oh and one for my mom's, she's big into scrapbooking too.

Victoria: This is what I was talking about with the telescope. It pointed toward everyone's favorite neighbor, Wen Simmers.

Victoria: This is the real story as to why Venice and Wen hate each other. She was the first of many enemies.

Victoria: Another engagement. I grabbed the camera and caught these two, I knew they'd want it someday.

Victoria: Dakota's graduation shot. He's calling to move back to Prosperity Point.

Victoria: I have no clue what this picture is for. Isn't my Velo handsome though?

Victoria: Destin's graduation shot. He got a degree in Biology and went off to be with his beloved Sasha Dante.

Victoria: Jazz invited his hunny Kora to move in.

Victoria: Wen getting REALLY pissed with Venice.

Victoria: Venice got the heck out of here and away from the temptation of the telescope.

Victoria: Kora invited Rose to move in.

Victoria: Jazz poping the question.

Victoria: Jazz got a Mathmatics degree.

Victoria: Me welcoming Aracely to the house.

Victoria: Pania graduated, I don't remember what her degree was.

Victoria: Opps this one is labeled wrong, this is Danton moving out. He graduated too.

Victoria: Kalliope invited Bryon to move in.

Victoria: And his brother Adrien.

Victoria: Ahh Adrien with his love, Ariana.

Victoria: Poor Aracely had a hard time finding someone to love. There weren't any available boys she liked. On this day Parker Jonas showed up. She didn't care for him either.

Victoria: Here's another attempt. This is Joe Knight, Kora's dad. They hit it off well, but he has the flu. We didn't want that going around the house, so they just talked on the phone a lot.

Victoria: My sweetie's graduation photo.
Victoria: Adrien asked Ariana to join us.

Victoria: She promtly got a makeover.

Victoria: Oh yeah, here's when Wen came and yelled at me. I told her to get some curtains.

Victoria: Yep, another proposal.

Victoria: Kalliope graduated with political science?
Victoria: Aracely asking her brother England to move in.

Victoria: Wen had a run in with Adrien but hew yelled back.

Victoria: Aracely tried one more guy, Wash Tam. She didn't feel anything for him either. After that she decided to stop looking, she had already found herself a guy.

Victoria: This one is just weird. You know how Greeks go to campus and bring stuff back? Well Rose brought back this garbage table. I don't understand it.

Victoria: Here's my graduation picture. I got a degree in art.

Victoria: I guess we'll just have to muddle through these pictures from after I left and before you (Amethyst) got here. Looks like Aracely asked her sister Temple to move in.

Victoria: Looks like Temple hit it off with Aston Dante.
Amethyst: Oh yes, they are an item.

Victoria: Bryon graduated with a degree in Science..

Victoria: This one is obvious, Adrien propsing to Ariana. By the look on her face she accepted.

Victoria: Rose got her business degree.

Victoria: Looks like Temple asked Aston to move in.

Victoria: Aracely must have been the official mover inner asker. Here she is asking England's girlfriend Rosario to move in.

Victoria: Adrien getting his Science Degree.

Victoria: Kora graduated although she doesn't look too thrilled about it.

Victoria: Aston asked his sister Kayla to join.

Victoria: Dakota asked the last of generation 1, Benjamin, to move in. Aracely must have been at class.

Victoria: Yep looks like she was at her final. Her degree was in Literature.

Victoria: Humm, what's happening here?
Amethyst: Oh, Benjamin came to college without a girlfriend. He told me he was friends with Jenn Simmers or Sims, not sure. They didn't hit it off romantically, so he called up the Matchmaker. Maggie Jonas was his first or three dates.

Amethyst: Here's the day I moved in. Aston asked me. I'll take over for the rest of the book.

Amethyst: Temple got a mathmatics degree.

Amethyst: Ariana got an art degree.

Amethyst: Here's Benjamin putting the moves on Kayla. He switched a couple turn ons and presto, a good match.

Amethyst: This is my friend Risto, he's pledging right now. He's Kricket and Michaell's brother.

Amethyst: Yep these two hit it off, really well.

Amethyst: Their first kiss.

Amethyst: England graduated.

Amethyst: So did Aston.

Amethyst: And Benjamin.

Amethyst: Kayla got her bio degree and immediately went of pizza.

Amethyst: Rosario got her Political Science degree, leaving just me.

Victoria: Thanks for showing me the scrapbook, I really appreciate it.
Amethyst: No problem. I'll see you around.

Points: 15 for new sims (I forgot to take the new sims points for the 12 new sims in the last Uni update, so those are here too.)
18 points for 4.0s Jazz and Aston didn't, they got 3.9s, darn it, I wasn't paying close enough attention.
Back to the hood we go.


Anonymous said...

Congrats for keeping up with everyone!! Lot's of upcoming marriages! Probably a good idea to face that telescope the other way..why is it so addicting??

Heather/Simaholic said...

Wow, that was a whirlwind of Uni. My head is spinning, lol. Your neighborhood is going to be HUGE with all these graduates!

PRMami said...

Holey Shmoley! That's a lot of kids putting through college and yes pictures work the best for these types of updates :)
now I am going on a hair download spree soon so were did you get Sashas's hair and the rest of the neato female hair?

ASimWen said...

WOW 20 at once! I am loathing the 30 I have in the Fellowship 1 hood right now. LOLOL Maybe I will push some of them thru next time I play them!
SimWen says...what curtians???What???? I don't see how she can be so nice in the welcome wagon, then go around screaming at everybody about the 'scope. LOL

Twoyys4me said...

Wow, that was a great update! So many YA's!
I just love first kiss piccies. :)
That SimWen? she's everywhere! LOL.


Bubbs said...

Great update! I can't wait to see how all their kids turn out. :) I see BLOG HOG Wen is around and picking on others.

Kerry said...

My gosh, I am exhausted just reading your update! There's a lot of (boring--my opinion) hard work behind each of those grad pix! Congratulations!

Shaunna said...

Well, I have to say that there are more YA's in this round than sims in my whole prosperity! Kidding, I probably have more, but it's close!

Still loving it and slowly getting caught up...

Charity said...

Holy! You have my utmost respect for getting all those sims through college!
Heehee. Wen is back. Who are we going to look for after she dies?!

ciyrose said...

That is just a ton of kids. I'm really dreading the amount of kids I'm going to have to put through uni at once in Fellowship One....there were how many toddlers? Like 19 or 20?