Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cooprider 2 - Round 2

Cooprider 2 - Round 2
The Real Porpoise of This

Today we visit the new house of Michaell Cooprider and Santos Vega. Yes, even more college grads. Santos is one of the elder sons of Coqui Vega. He grew up poor and often helped care for his 3 younger siblings. He loved it so much he strongly desires a family of his own. Michaell is the older sister of Kricket Cooprider who you've recently read about. Michaell and Santo met in high school, fell in love, went of to college together and are now ready to start their lives together. I hope their story will be happier than Kricket and Leeland's.

Little side note, I had forgotten to change my graphics settings when back to max when I reinstalled awhile ago, so the pictures will look much better from now on. Check out the details in Michaell's wedding dress! I'm very excited, but I'm a geek, so it happens.

Sim Rachel: Let's see another house of two recent college grads. If it goes like all the rest there will be a wedding any minute, then a honeymoon and a pregnancy will begin shortly after. Let's see, no one's in the yard, no party guests. Humm, let me check. Oh here's Michaell climbing into bed. Michaell what's going on?
Michael: I'm sick with the flu. I need to get some rest.
Sim Rachel: Oh no, this throws the whole schedule off. I mean, sorry to hear that, you get better dear. Oh the welcome wagon is here.

Sim Rachel: Wen I see your back.
Wen: Couldn't resist saying hi to more of the neighborhood.

Sim Rachel: Wow, boy the welcome wagon sure is thrilling aren't they watching TV?
Wen: Hey Michaell is sleeping and we haven't seen Santos yet.
Sim Rachel: Let me see if I can find him. *goes off looking for him*

Sim Rachel: There you are Santos. Looks like you found the WW.
Santos: Yep, I have a strong desire to be friends with Wen now.
Sim Rachel: I'm sure she'd be thrilled to be your friend.
Me: Sure, more blog time for her.
*Wen shoots nasty at me*

Sim Rachel: Feeling better Michaell?
Michaell: Much. Santos and I are having a little home date now that I'm up and about.
Sim Rachel: Great, so the wedding should be starting at any moment then?
Michaell: It's like 3 AM, we'll have to wait until the morning.

Santos: So wasn't it great how we both graduated with honors from college.
Michaell: Wonderful dear.
Sim Rachel: You Vega boys need to work on your pillow talk. I'll leave you two alone now.

Sim Rachel: Michaell do you have the flu again?
Michaell: I think so!
Sim Rachel: How terrible! And it's your wedding day!

Sim Rachel: Well you sure do look lovely, glowing even. Oh boy, wedding time!

Sim Rachel: Looks like quite a party. Everybody having fun?
*Nobody answers*
Sim Rachel: I guess they're having too much fun to talk.

Michaell: Yipee honeymoon time!
Sim Rachel: So that means as soon as they get back it will be pregnancy time.

Sim Rachel: Wait, what, Michaell. Why are you studying and not, umm, you know?
Michaell: My dream is to be a Criminal Mastermind. I got a job in the criminal track and they told me there were some skills I needed before I could get my first promotion so I thought I'd get started.
Sim Rachel: So you'd rather study than... you know?
Michaell: Yep. There will be time for a family later.

Michaell: I need mechanical and...

... creativity and...

...body. Ouch, that didn't go so well. Let me see....

Michaell: Much better.
Sim Rachel: Wait what are you wearing? Maternity clothes!?!?
Michaell: Yeah, turns out I didn't have the flu again.
Sim Rachel: Congratulations, I'm sure Santos is thrilled.
Michaell: He is. It wasn't my plan, but it's alright I wanted kids eventually as well.

Sim Rachel: Wait I thought you already had enough creativity?
Michaell: I do, I'm just working ahead. Oh boy, I've mastered creativity! Oh, no all the excitement....

...has put me into labor!!! Santosssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sim Rachel: Who have we here?
Michaell: This is our daughter, Dolphin.
Sim Rachel: How beautiful and?

Michaell: What do you mean and?
Sim Rachel: She's a twin right?
Michaell: No, just Dolphin.
Sim Rachel: *looks at me* Excellent!
Me: See I can resist the cheesecake twins. The last house didn't use cheesecake either, but no one believed me because they had natural twins.Sim Rachel: Likely story.

Sim Rachel: Oh Santos you must be SO excited to have a child.
Santos: Oh yes, I can hardly contain myself! She's going to be a daddy's girl too.

Santos: Whose the cutest idibity baby ever? You are!
Sim Rachel: *Looks at me* Is it just me or does this choke you up a little.
Me: *sniffle* Just you.
Sim Rachel: Lyer.

Sim Rachel: Ut-oh the nanny is here. *Whips out notebook* So far so good.

Sim Rachel: Feeds baby, good, good.

Sim Rachel: Strike one, Nanny places baby on the floor.

Sim Rachel: Oh good, now she's playing with the baby. Good, good.

Sim Rachel: And back on the floor, strike 2.

Sim Rachel: Ahh, of course she put the baby down to play chess.
Me: Notice how physically close Dolphin is to her crib. Seriously how hard is it to take 10 steps and put her in it?

Sim Rachel: Strike 3, she changed the diaper and put Dolphin back on the floor just a foot away from the stinky diaper. That can't be good for her.

Sim Rachel: Oh good now a neighbor has picked her up and is just standing there holding her with a strinky diaper. Quick Santos tell him a joke to get him to put her down, then grab her.

Santos: It worked. Oh poor Dolphin you were such a stinky baby. It's your birthday, you need to be a flowery baby.
Santos: You OK big giant voice in the sky?
Me: *sniffle* Yeah fine.

Santos: What a beautiful little baby girl you are. You look so much like your papa don't you?
Dolphin: Pa

Santos: Come on walk to Papa

Dolphin: Weeeeeeee!!!

Sim Rachel: Hey there you Michaell. Where have you been?
Michaell: Skilling. Santos loves doing all the parenting stuff, so I let him. I'm more than happy help when I need to.
Sim Rachel: I see. You know Michaell the gold walls with the green carpet and the pink baby furniture don't really go together.
Michaell: Oh hold on. *snaps*

Michaell: Better?
Sim Rachel: Much, but how'd you do that?
Michaell: Not sure, magic I guess.

Santos: Say Ted-e for Papa
Dolphin: Papa
Me: Excuse me, I ah, have something in my eye.

Sim Rachel: Dolphin whose your friend?
Dolphin: Nat-in An-er-sen
Me: Anyone that remembers the Anderson Pass a Sim family, that's Nathan from generation... 14.

Sim Rachel:Still skilling?
Michaell: Yep, just mastered mechanical! I'm off today, so i should get a promotion tomorrow.
Sim Rachel: Great!

Sim Rachel: Ah, I see you're back Wen.
Wen: Of course, Santos wants to be my friend, so here I am.

Sim Rachel: Looks like he did it.

Michaell: Oh crap!
Sim Rachel: Pregnant again?
Michaell: So much for the promotion.
Sim Rachel: Just for now. Well that's all for now. Victoria, my daughter, wants to report on what's been going on at college, so I'll see you all in awhile.

Me: The real question is will Michaell be able to avoid cheesecake for an entire round? I won't make her eat it, but I won't stop her either.
1 point for little Dolphin, my favorite animal BTW.


Melissa said...

Haha on resisting the Cheesecake. Dolphin is a pretty little girl! Good job.

ASimWen said...

Errr Rachel? You wont' make her eat the cheesecake but you won't keep her from it? Hm. Don't you have to have some hand in getting the cheesecake into the house? Hm?

Yes, ASimWen works very hard to makes lots of friends. She is the Friend Queen Bee. Hehehehe I don't reckon she will slow down until she turns gray.

Bubbs said...

HAHA - BLOG HOG WEN shows again!!! Yeah HOWIE!!!

Love the wedding dress!

Still not buying the last house and no cheesecake. I know you snuck it to them....

Santos is really a good daddy with Dolphin. :) We need a frontal view of that Anderson kid. Want to see who he looks like.


PRMami said...

OMGawd I love little Dolphin's hair its too cute and goodness Santos in my game is going gaga over Michell at the moment although they only have 1 bolt hmmm maybe I need to give want Santos wants lol and no cheescake eh? lol

Heather/Simaholic said...

Awww poor Michaell, her first days as a graduate and she's sick. That's not a very fun start. Her wedding dress was gorgeous and I love how she was skilling in it. That was great! She sure did get her money's worth out of that gown. Dolphin is adorable! I can't wait to see if she gets a little brother or sister and if you were able to resist the cheesecake again ;o)

Shaunna said...

Love Dolphin's hair. Soooo cute. And a single birth, I am so proud. Wonder what will happen when we get back around to their house?

Charity said...

I know what you mean about not stopping her from eating it. If its out at another house, who are you to stop the visitor from being comfortable and happy :)
Heck, go for twins all the way around. They're so cute anyway!

ciyrose said...

Dolphin really is an adorable little girl. She didn't get her daddy's ears though. Nice job on resisting cheesecake.