Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cooprider 1 - Round 2

Cooprider 1 - Round 2
Once again we are visiting the house of two recent college grads, Leeland Dante and Kricket Cooprider. Leeland grew up in a very unhappy house. He hated his mother and his oldest sister after the death of his father. Kricket came to Prosperity Point as just a toddler, but grew VERY fast on the mean streets. Leeland chose a life of romancing ladies for himself. He never wanted a family or all the drama that came along with it. He met Kricket while they were in high school and from that moment on never even looked at another girl. Kricket just wanted to have fun, but couldn't resist trying to make a better life for herself, so when Leeland asked her to go to college with him, she jumped at the chance. They got engaged and both graduated with 4.0's. Now, they're back in the real world. Let's see how these two deal with the Responsibilities of adulthood?

Sim Rachel: Oh hi Kricket. Hi Leeland. What a lovely house you two have picked.
Kricket: Thanks, it's quite lovely isn't it? Leeland, you want to have a date?
Leeland: I'm always up for that!

Sim Rachel: Hey guys the welcome wagon's here. Guys?!?! Alright, I'll let them in.
Sim Rachel: Geez you two, can't you see there are people in the room. That's just rude.
Kricket: Oh sorry.

Kricket: Is this better?
Sim Rachel: Well at least you're in a different room, but can't you wait to WooHoo until after they leave?
Leeland: No!
Sim Rachel: Sorry! I'll got out and ahh, distract them, maybe show them the other side of the house.
Sim Rachel: Man you two sure do jump from one thing to another, don't you?
Leeland: The guests are on the way. I never thought I'd get married, but I love Kricket SO much!
Sim Rachel: That's great Leeland! I'll take my seat to watch the ceremony.

Sim Rachel: Man Leeland you sure do like to leave your woman flowers. Not even married two minutes and you're leaving her flowers. That was a lovely ceremony. You two make a great couple
Kricket: Thanks Rachel. We couldn't be happier! Time to cut the cake.

*music* and the way you look tonight
Sim Rachel: How sweet.
Sim Rachel: Seriously? Again?
Leeland: Yeah, get out!
Sim Rachel: Alright.
Kricket: Honeymoon Time!!!
Kricket: I think I got motion sick in the limo.Sim Rachel: Hum, I've never heard of that happening here. You sure it isn't something else?
Kricket: Pretty sure.

Kricket: I guess it wasn't motion sickness after allSim Rachel: See that makes more sense. How is Leeland taking it?
Kricket: I haven't told him yet. I'll tell him when he gets home from work today.

Me: Hey Kricket, here's some cheesecake.
Kricket: Oh Boy!!!

Kricket: Leeland, I'm pregnant.
Leeland: Oh my love, it's SO wonderful!
Sim Rachel: Looks like he's taking it well. Looks like Leeland's life is finally turned around.

Kricket: Oh holy crap this hurts! Michaell go get Leeland. I need him!
Sim Rachel: How lucky your sister was here to help!

Kricket: It's a Boy! He looks like a real Cooprider if I ever saw one. Oh holy crap, it hurts again!
Sim Rachel: You didn't eat any cheesecake did you?
Kricket: Ahhh yeah that chic with you gave me some.
Sim Rachel: Figures.
Kricket: Oh wow, I had twins! A girl this time!
Sim Rachel: Yeah, that happens a lot around here.
Kricket: Must be something in the water.
Sim Rachel: Or the cheesecake.
Kricket: What?
Sim Rachel:Nothing. So what'd you name her?
Kricket: This is Grasshopper. She looks more like her papa.

Sim Rachel: What a beautiful family you all make.
Leeland: I made over one of the extra rooms into a nursery. We're opening a poker hall. That's the other remodeling I did.
Sim Rachel: Why?
Leeland: BECAUSE!!!
Sim Rachel: Wow, umm sorry. I'll go check it out.
Sim Rachel: Kricket, what are you doing?
Kricket: I'm so excited about the new business, I just had to jump of the sofa.
Sim Rachel: OK, I'll join you. Channing, move!
Me: Pleasure sims are so funny.

Kricket: Drinks are served.
Sim Rachel: Oh you guys got a bar?
Kricket: Leeland insisted it would help the business.

Sim Rachel: Leeland!
Leeland: I was really thirsty.
Sim Rachel: *looks around* Ahh, O.K.
The next day.

Sim Rachel: Leeland!
Leeland: It's fine. Don't tell Kricket.
Sim Rachel: I don't know if I can promise that.
Sim Rachel: O.K. I won't *slinks off*
Leeland: Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Wow things are getting out of hand here.
Sim Rachel: I know, I don't know what to do.
Me: Maybe it isn't as bad as it seems. Let's see how the rest of the week play outs.
-The next day

Sim Rachel: Hey Kricket. How's it going?
Kricket: Leeland's acting weird. All he ever wants to do is play cards. He said he is trying to make friends so he can get his promotion to Professional Party Guest, but... I don't know.

Kricket: I could really use help with the twins, but he leaves it all up to me. It's not like this was my plan. They came as a shock to me too. We have to deal with what happens to us in life and be responsible for our actions. He was so happy at the very beginning. Always snuggling them, now it's hard to get him to feed them. Tonight's their birthday and I have to work. I asked him to help them grow up, so we'll see how that goes.
Sim Rachel to Me: He looks so loving toward Scorpian. Maybe he just had a hard day the other day.
Me: I hope so.

Sim Rachel: What a sweet little boy Leeland.
Leeland: *Grumble*

Sim Rachel: Now it's Grasshopper's turn.
Sim Rachel: She looks so happy.
Leeland thinking to self: For Pete's sake I thought WE were done with this changing diaper CRAP! But OH NO you couldn't grow up with a stinky diaper. YOU and your BROTHER RUINED my LIFE! Things were perfect before YOU TWO showed up! Dreamdates and WooHoo every day. It WAS everything I wanted! I need a drink.
-A couple hours later-

Sim Rachel: Ahh a second try. Humm, that didn't work either, maybe she's hungry or tired, she won't grow up if she's either of those.
Leeland thinking to self: This stupid baby! Just grow up already!!!!! Fine, I'll put you to bed but I'm NOT changing another diaper!

Leeland: Oh Kricket my love. I'm so glad you're home! Let's have a dream date and some WooHoo!
Kricket: Alright dear. Say have you been drinking. Your breath smells.
Leeland: One or two with some of the customers. No big deal.
Kricket: Oh, O.K. How'd the kids grow up?
Leeland: Scorpian was just fine, but Grasshopper wouldn't, I tried 3 times.
Kricket: Alright, I'll take care of her birthday in the morning. But for now *looks at
Sim Rachel and Me* excuse us.Sim Rachel to Me: Leeland was drinking AGAIN, I didn't even see him. Hey did you something? Some chimes?
Me: Ahh, no.

Kricket: Oh Grasshopper, please grow up for mommy.
Kricket: There's momma's big girl
Sim Rachel: Kricket, I need to talk to you when you have a sec.
Kricket: Tonight, the car pool is waiting for me.

Sim Rachel: Hey is it bring your toddler to work day or something?
Sim Rachel: Guess so.
Me: Note to other simmers, don't let an adult take a toddler to work. He came back exhausted, in bladder and hygiene failure and almost starved to death. I brought him back though to a good state though, but I did get the what kind of parent message.

Sim Rachel: Looks like Scorpian is practicing his koala impression. So how'd he like work?
Kricket: He liked it, but he missed his nap, so it's bedtime.
Sim Rachel: Then we need to talk.
Sim Rachel: Kricket we need to talk.
Kricket: Sorry I needed to teach my darling to walk. Listen things are pretty crazy right now. Why don't you and I schedule a time to talk next week? Alright? Good, see ya. Leeland, where are you? It's dream date time!
Sim Rachel: Umm, OK, next time then. I hope this family can be saved.

Me: That ends this round with the Coopriders. Not a happy story, but Leeland is Romance and he a troubled past. We'll have to wait and see how this pans out next week. I don't actually know myself.
2 points this round for Scorpian and Grasshopper.

Odd Picture:

How do I always manage to end up in someone's head? This is Bethany Ribeiro.


PRMami said...

Leeland does not seem to be a happy camper and Kricket is oblivious to what is happening tsk tsk
What an odd photo of Bethany's teeth lol

ASimWen said...

Wow! Love the boy....Scorpio???hehehe I know it isn't that but something like it. Hm He got the blue Cooprider skin. :) Grasshopper might be carrying it as a recessive. :) Or her mom's. Leeland is a turd.

Bubbs said...

Yeah, more babies!! Ah-ha, your sims need to watch out for cheesecake, they will get FAT, lol. I love how the recessive Cooprider genes have shown up here. I see it took the woman to grow up Grasshopper, Leeland could not do

Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh how weird that the toddler went to work with her. Bizzare. Ah, young Grasshopper. Sorry couldn't resist, LOL.

Kerry said...

Okay, now let's be fair to Leeland--some people just aren't at their best with infants. Perhaps now that the twins are older he will bond with them more. The best dad/grandpa sim I have ever played was a romance sim. I still have hope that Leeland can get his life together!

Charity said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor Leeland, hitting the bottle. Maybe he'll coem around... Either way, this family will be interesting to watch!

ciyrose said...

Oh dear....Leeland is drinking. That's not good. I hope he can pull himself out of all of this. Scorpian and Grasshopper are super cute. Just love those genetics.