Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ribeiro 2 Round 2

Ribeiro 2 Round 2
Faithful?Last time we saw Abigail Ribeiro and Jan Tellerman was in the first Ribeiro house. They met, fell in love and decided to move out and get a house of their own. These two are truely in love, but can two romance sims stay faithful?

Sim Rachel: Hi there ladies. What a nice looking place you have here. So how are you getting settled in?

Abigail: Oh really well. A bunch of people have come over to welcome us to the neighborhood. I tried to tell them we just moved across the street, but they insisted on the welcome anyway.

Abigail: So Jan how do you like our new house?
Jan: It's big and empty, but so nice. We'll fill it up in time.
Abigail: For now we'll fill it with love.

Jan: Time travels so fast here. It seems like we just moved in, but it's already been a few days. We pass the time playing around and with WooHoo.
Abigail: Oh hi Brandon, so Jan invited you over huh?
Brandon: yep, she and I are really good friends.
Abigail: Funny she's never mentioned you. Well, it's nice to meet you anyway. Perhaps we can be friends too.

Sim Rachel: Ummm, Jan, something you want to tell us?
Jan: No.

Jan: Abigail, I'm pregnant.
Abigail: Oh my gosh we're going to have a baby! I'm going to be a mother!
Sim Rachel: Umm, hate to be a stickler, but Jan is going to be a mother, not you.
Abigail: Yes, I am, Jan is having my baby.
Sim Rachel: Ahhhh, really not possible.
Jan: We only WooHoo with each other, the baby IS Abigail's
Sim Rachel: *shrugs* Alright.

Sim Rachel: Wow time really does fly! Let's see who the father of this baby is.
Jan: Hehe, it's huoo Abigail's.

Jan: Meet my little Georgia peach.
Sim Rachel: Very cute. Humm, brown hair, blue eyes. That really isn't helpful.

Sim Rachel: Inara sure is happy too.
Me: Maybe she thinks it's her's.
Sim Rachel: What?
Me: Hold on let's see what else happens, I'll tell you later.
Sim Rachel: You might finally be useful.

Abigail: So I hear you've met my daughter. Isn't she beautiful? She looks just like me and Jan. We'll hired a nanny for during the day when we're both working. She came with excellent references.

Me: Baby on the floor next to a stinky diaper while the nanny plays chess. Yeah, better check those references again.
Abigail: It's time for my baby girl's birthday

Sim Rachel: Let's see any more clues? Not really. Hey you, lady that says she's the real me, do you know who the father is?
Me: I don't remember, hold on. * a few minutes later* oh yeah, him. I can't say.
Sim Rachel: It makes me sad Abigail really has taken to Georgia.
Abigail: I'm her mother why wouldn't I?

Abigail: Mama's baby girl was all stinky.
Me: OK, this is tearing me apart. Abigail I think it's great that you love your fiance's daughter so much, but you need to know the truth. Your house has a highly advanced security system, so I have have some pictures. Forgive me, they aren't in order.

Abigail: You hussy! How dare you cheat on me and pass your daughter off as mine?!?!
Jan: Oh please Abi, please forgive me, I love you! Only you!
Jan: Oh please Abi, let this Love potion#8.5 and giant sun glasses make you forgive me.
Abigail: I just don't know if I can ever forgive you.
Me: Sorry to interupt, but Abigail how have you been feeling?
Abigail: Alright, a little sick in the morning. What are you getting at?
Me: Jan I think you should know the truth too.

Abigail: Oh Jan, please forgive me!
Jan: Well I guess we both cheated, O.K.
Me: *shrug* Romance sims.

That ends this round in this house. I can't wait to get back to this one. You know time really does go fast when you only have two sims in a house. So who do you think is the father of Jan's baby? Is it Brandon, Komeii or Don?
Abigail: Or Inara or me.
Me: O.K. Brandon, Komeii, Don, Inara, or Abigail? If anyone trys to get me say, all I'll say is maybe, for now.


Heather/Simaholic said...

Oh my. So Abigail thinks she is the baby's father? Interesting. I want to say Komei because he's got the red hair but I know that townies can have dyed hair sometimes. Hmmmmm....a mystery.

Rachel said...

Yeah Abigail missed that day in health class. My sims aren't stupid, they're just dillusional. Georgia's hair is brown

QueenofSimtopia said...

I think the baby is Brandon's only cuz she has his nose. That is just a guess though.

Felicia said...

Since I've heard that Don has miraculously regained his fertility, despite being a zombie and all, I hope it's his child!

The brown hair comes from Jan - she's one of those townies with dyed hair. Brandon's hair is also dyed, and really red...

PRMami said...

What a funny update - who's the baby's daddy? LOL
Well I have no idea who could have fathered Jan's baby let alone Abigail since she's been cheating too :D

Kerry said...

Abigail definitely has some unusual ideas about reproduction. Maybe the father(s) of the babies will become clear once the babies grow up a little more. Then we'll have a better chance of guessing. Until then, Rachel, I suppose you just get to gloat over us about our ignorance! :)

ASimWen said...

Heh. Love makes the Sim-World go round!

Mandie said...

Lol, wow, that's alot of woohoo'ing!! Poor Abigail and Jan, two romance sims trying to make it as a couple! They're doomed!

Bubbs said...

Hmm, Jan is pregnant? Is there something we don't know about Abigail? Who could the daddy be? Oops, Abigail is now pregnant? Got to love romance sims....

Georgia really is a little peach. :)

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying this family...and a baby mystery...hmmm. My money is on Brandon? Though I think brown hair and blue eyes is a lovely genetic combo.

I love the pic of Jan with the glasses and the love potion in her underwear. LOL!

Charity said...

This is great! I can't wait to find out the paternity (or maternity, lol).
Abigail brings to mind two words - dumb blonde, lol.

ciyrose said...

Wow.....those Romance sims can really be fun. I have no idea about the I'll have to wait and see until she grows up.