Monday, September 11, 2006

Dante 1- Round 2

Dante 1- Round 2
Some Genes Are Stronger Than Others
Last time the Dante Family moved to Prosperity Point thanks to a wonderful social worker, Melissa. They were a very troubled family to say the least. Liza, the mom, had a startling surprise when she found out she was pregnant. She later had a son named Pine. Her two oldest, Sasha and Leeland each found love and were shipped off to college, which they have both already completed. The younger 2, Kayla and Aston grew into children and Aston made his presence known around town. Liza met and befriended Howie Busto and he moved in at the very end of the round.

Howie: I'm down on bended knee, So many nights I dream of you, Holding my pillow tight, And I know that I don't need to be alone.
Sim Rachel: Wow, Howie I had no idea you were such a great singer.
Howie: I studied in college, but I haven't sung since I still a young man. Liza just brings it out of me.

Liza: I love you, Howie, you're the man of my dreams!
Me: Really?
Liza: Hey get out of here, this is private.
Howie: I love you too Liza. Your thirst for money is matched only by own.

Sim Rachel: It looks like another one of your kids really like you.
Liz: Yes, my baby Pine wasn't around when, well the bad things happened that made the rest of my family hate me.

Liza: Time sure does fly, and it's already time for Pine's birthday.

Liza: Oh Howie! Yes, yes!!!
Sim Rachel: So when's the wedding?
Liza: I don't know, eventually.

Liza: Howie and I decided to open a home venue to bring in some extra cash. His mascot job didn't really pay well, so he quit that. Here are some neighbor kids. They paid to play cops and robbers for a couple hours.

Sim Rachel: Hey Kayla, it's your birthday already huh?
Kayla: Yes, ma'am

Sim Rachel: What a beauty! So what's your life's ambition?
Kayla: Lots of friends.
Sim Rachel: Well the home venue should help with that.
Kayla: Hey, Aston's blowing out his candles now too.

Aston: Woot! It's my birthday!

Sim Rachel: Nice sweatervest Aston.
Aston: Oh thanks!
Sim Rachel: So what are you interested in?
Aston: Knowledge.
Me: I guess the sweatervest is appropriate then.
Aston: What's that supposed to mean?
Me: Oh nothing, I love Chandler Bing!
Aston: Chandler Who?

Sim Rachel: Looks like you guys just finished a study session.
Pine: Yeah mom just helped me with my homework. I love my mommy.
Me: Wow, what a great kid!

Sim Rachel: Aston, who are you talking to? .... Aston.... Aston... well, we'll talk to him later I guess.

Liza: Another baby on the way. I hope he or she is a good kid like my Pine is.
Sim Rachel: Me too. Things are so much better for you guys here so I think they will be.

Sim Rachel: Yes, I'm sure of it. Look Pine already has an A+

Howie: The home venue brings us lots of new visitors. This is Wendy, Victoria's daughter. You all met Victoria over at the Ribeiro household. You know the woman with 24 kids? Yeah, this is one of those kids.

Kayla: Yep all the visitors are helping me find some friends.

Kayla: Here's another. I tried flirting with him, but there wasn't really anything there.

Liza: Howie had taken to being a dad again very well, which is good because...

...he's going to be, for real!

Liza: Meet my baby girl, Lily.

Liza: Here Aston hold your sister.
Aston: But Mom, I need to work on my skills.
Liza: Just do it, I'm...

...having another baby. This is my son, Oak.
Me: Wow, another set of twins! No cheesecake either! This hood is full of natural twins!
Sim Rachel:Ummm, Liza, maybe you shouldn't have gone to work immediately after giving birth.
Me: Yep, that was Liza hitting the ground. She's fine, nothing to see here.

Me: Hey it's Madalyn Jonas. Grilled cheese Madalyn?
Madalyn: No thanks.
Me: oh that's right that didn't happen to the original Madalyn, nevermind, make friends Kayla.

Kayla: Rachel this is Bacillus. He's really nice.
Me: I wonder if you will have good chemistry when you get older. What beautiful kids you'd have. We'll see, we'll see.

Howie: The little one's grow up SO fast! Before we knew it, it was the twins' birthday

Howie: Lily, what a beautiful little girl.
Me: Um, yeah beautiful, that's what I was going to say.

Howie: Now for Oak... I said now for Oak, *sigh* now for Oak!
Me: Stupid bugged baby. Moveobjects, delete Oak, exit lot, reload lot and...

Aston: And now for Oak!

Me: *gasp* Um yeah, ahh, I guess some genes are stronger than others. Ahhh, nice looking kid.
Howie: Thanks.
Sim Rachel: Well, I guess I had better keep moving along then. See you all next time.
*leaves lot* Oh my god Rachel, did you see that kid? He reminds me of that Bat kid that was on the Enquirer cover for all those years.
Me: I was thinking the same thing. I sure hope he's got a great personality. All sims need love. He'll be happy, don't worry about that.
2 points for 2 more sims


tktrn99 said...

Love your blog! Just got caught up earlier this week - sorry! Yeah for more twins, too bad for the dominant genes :) Glad to see things have improved for this family, though. Look forward to more!

Heather/Simaholic said...

You know, Lily isn't too bad. She's got Howie's nose but the rest of her seems to be okay. Hey as far as a Busto baby goes she's downright gorgeous, lol.

PRMami said...

Well no denying who their dad is - those Busto genes are strong eh?

Kerry said...

Yes, Lily might turn out okay when she grows into her nose--but I agree that Oak is terrifying. Hopefully he has a nice personality to make up for it! Great update, Aston and Kayla acted pretty much the same in my neighborhood, too.

Catootje73 said...

Those Busto genes are strong, but Lily isn't too bad. You will have your own little Uglacy here I think.

Speaking of pretty sims, Wendy from the NC is quite pretty too. Joe Carr is her father, right? I remember once having Joe Carr as a father and most of his kids were gorgeous too.

ASimWen said...

Heh. WENdy from the other challenge. I like that name. WENdy. hehehe Busto genes...glad to see 'em goin' strong. :)


Bubbs said...

Yeah Howie is in love!!! Kayla and Aston look great as teens. :) WOO-HOO Busto twins!!! I can't wait to see them grow up!! They are so cute! :) Got to love them Busto genes.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking...awww Lily got her father's nose it's not so bad...and then little Oak. Umm...cute?

Hehe Love it!

Charity said...

I love the Busto genes! Those babies are great. I cracked up about the Bat Boy comment though!

ciyrose said...

Wow....Busto twins....Lilly isn't too bad. I think she might be ok when she grows up...I can only hope the same will be said about Oak, cause WOW.