Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rosada 1 Round 2

Rosada 1 Round 2It's all Blue!
This is another new house. Zachary is one of James Lancaster's grandsons. He is moving in with his high school/college sweetheart, Aquamarine.
Sim Rachel: Here we are at the next set of college grads' house. This cute place belongs to Aquamarine Rosada and Zachary Lancaster. Hey guys. Aquamarine, what's the hurry?
Aquamarine: Do you see this terrible outfit they gave me when I graduated?
Sim Rachel: Yeah, that's awful! Get your booty to Amelia's closet and while you're there get a wedding dress. I heard you're engaged.
*a couple hours pass*

Sim Rachel: Oh what a beautiful dress and I love new hair too!
Aquamarine: Thanks!

Me: Humm, maybe she should have gotten something new for Zachary too!
Sim Rachel: Shhh, I'm trying to listen. And yes, she should have.
Sim Rachel: Oh look the Welcome Wagon is crashing the wedding!
Sim Rachel: Hey James you might want to check on Vincent there, he's jumping on the bed and could fall off.
Sim Rachel: Seriously James, I know watching the first dance is fun and all. Fine, Vincent get off that bed!
Sim Rachel: Ahh, our other newlyweds sure can cut a rug.
Aquamarine: Vincent so wait you're my husband Zachary's Uncle?
Vincent: *giggles*

Me: Traditional roof raiser limo run!

Sim Rachel: oh sorry, I just wanted to find out how the honeymoon was, but I'll come back later.
Sim Rachel: Pregnant already?
Aquamarine: Yep, I want a BIG family, well and to reach my golden anniversary. We wanted to get started right away.
Me: Plus I REALLY wanted to see how these genetics panned out.

Sim Rachel: What have you got there?
Aquamarine: Some of my world famous Cheese Cake.
Me: Good idea!

Me: No Abigail put down that cheesecake, you're pregnant too! Oh, wait, go ahead, I love sim babies, lots of sim babies. ( I seriously intervened and stopped her once, but then I decided, why not).
Sim Rachel: Oh noy, it's baby time. I wonder who they'll take after? Blue skin or orange, oorrr one of each. I mean I love the gentic divers...
Aquamarine: Would you be quite and help me please?!?! This HURTS!!!!!!!!!

Aquamarine: It's a blue boy, I'll name him Royal.
Sim Rachel: And the second?
Aquamarine: Another blue boy, we'll call him Navy.
Sim Rachel: SO CUTE!

Sim Rachel: Umm guys, didn't you like JUST have twin babies 5 minutes ago?
Aquamarine: No time to waste. Excuse us.

*the next day*
Sim Rachel: Looks like no one is around. How do I know? The good old nanny cam. There she is in the background getting ready for a bath while the twins lay crying on the floor. I'm amassing as many of thes e pictures as I can so I can report these horrible nannies to the agency. I swear random neighbors that stop by do a better job taking care of the kids then these hired hands.
Sim Rachel: What is going on now?
Zachary: I invited my friend Professor Jerry Leong over and this old bat just picked a fit with him.
Sim Rachel: I'll make note of this for my report.
Zachary: Now she's leaving! She's hired to watch the kids while my wife is at work and she isn't home yet!

Sim Rachel: Here she is and with a promotion!
Aquamarine: Yep, I've made it to Celebrity Chef!
Sim Rachel: Great Job!
Aquamarine: I think I'm going to whip up a special desert to celebrate.
Sim Rachel: Wait what are you making?
Aquamarine: Cheesecake of coarse!Sim Rachel: You know the rumor that's going around about that stuff right?
Aquamarine: What's that? Oh crap, hold on. *runs off*

*ten minutes later*
Aquamarine: Oh boy another baby is on it's way.
Me: Or two!
Aquamarine: What's that, Rachel did you hear some thing?
Sim Rachel: What's that? Sorry, I was playing chess.
Sim Rachel: Man I think every house has at least one birthday when I visit. *clears throat* Happy Birthday Dear Royal!
Sim Rachel: What a cutie! But what's with the red hair?
Aquamarine: It must be a recessive trait from Zachary. his brother William has red hair too.

Sim Rachel: hey Zachary, haven't seen too much of you. Oh, another birthday.
Sim Rachel: Another red head! Man the gentics in this family are interesting!
Royal: Bunny cute. What you bunny say?
Navy: Bunny say Shoo Flee.

Me: Family sims are so sweet with their kids.
Me: Quick Aquamarine make that pancake, your plumbob is red. Maybe a second twin pregnancy in a row wasn't such a good idea.
Aquamarine: What was that? Did I hear something about a plumbob?
Sim Rachel: What? Sorry I was playing with the boys and their charisma bunnies.

Sim Rachel: Holy cats, here we go again!
Aquamarine: My first daughter, Ultramarine!
Aquamarine: And a third boy, Metro!
Sim Rachel: Oh my this is a busy house. I'm going to take off and let you guys tend to the babies.

This house was pretty heckic. I just love playing around with genetics. Before anyone asks they are all Zachary's. I'm surprised they don't look like him yet. I was thinking of 4 at least one should be orange, oh well. All the kids in this house will be named for colors, I'm starting with shades of blue.
5 points this time. 4 for new sims: Royal, Navy, Ultramarine, and Metro
1 for Aquamarine reaching the top of her career.


PRMami said...

Wow four babies yikes that should be ummm fun :)

Kerry said...

I liked "Bunny say, Shoo Flee!" No surprise--after all those pregnancies and births, I bet everyone's saying "Shoo Flee?!" around that house!

Heather/Simaholic said...

Wow! That house has got to be making you about ready to pull out your hair! Two toddlers and two babies! Eeek! Well it looks like Blue is dominant over orange. Very interesting.

ASimWen said...

Rachel that is really unusual for all 4 kids to pick up the mom's skintone as dominate. In the Falls, the kids usually pick up the dad's at first in the 2nd generation. Hm. Very interesting, indeed.

Bubbs said...

Where is Wen in the welcome wagon? I see Venice is there waiting for her... LOL at Abigail and the cheesecake. Aww, the nanny is so mean to leave the babies on the floor. At least she fed them.

The genetics are interesting. Maybe Zachary wasn't created in CAS and the blue is recessive...hmmmm

Galena said...

You had time for 4 babies and reaching the TOC? Aquamarine is like superwoman/mom

Anonymous said...

Like I said before...brave...

But I really like Aquamarine. She looks great in her wedding dress. Something about the blue skin and hair against the white dress!

Charity said...

Ack! I named my Blue Baby Navy too! I kept reading, thinking, please don't have a Cobalt... I really would have felt like a cheater then!
But Blue babies are just too cute not to have more! And it is weird that we haven't had an orange one yet. I can't wait to get to their next update!

ciyrose said...

Wow....all 4 blue babies, and it looks like all 4 have the red hair. Quite an interesting thing. Hopefully an orange baby will crop up soon. :) I love Aquamarine....she's in Fellowship one, only as a teen right now....she's going to be a fun mommy!