Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rosada 3 Round 2

Rosada 3 Round 2
Yes, another new house. This is the last of the Rosada sisters, Amethyst, that has graduated and the first of the Vega kids, Bronx. Bronx is one of the older kids of Coqui Vega. He was on a search for love when is brother Santos greet Amethyst. they went to college together, got engaged, graduated and are now ready to start their lives together.

Sim Rachel: Hey Amethyst, hey Bronx! What a nice little house you two have picked out.
Amethyst: Oh thanks! Hey, I'll be right back.

Sim Rachel: That WAS quick. Where'd you go?
Amethsyt: Shopping. We've got a wedding starting soon. The hair dresser will be here any minute.

Sim Rachel: What a lovely new do.
Amethyst: Thanks! The hair dresser was named Rachel too. She said something about writing actions in Photoshop so she had a bunch of options for me. Oh yeah, it was called a re-color.
Sim Rachel: Rachel huh? Well it's lovely at any rate. Uhh, guests are arriving.
Sim Rachel: Wait a minute, why is everyone wearing their wedding dresses?
Me: Ummm, sorry, I forgot to change their formalwear back to something normal. My bad.
Amethyst: It's OK, it's sort of a theme wedding I suppose. Say, if everyone could find a spot, we're about to start.

Sim Rachel: Oh a lovely blue dress for a blue girl.

Sim Rachel: I love it when the bride actually gets out on the dance floor with the guests!
Sim Rachel: Oh hey here's the welcome wagon. Xuan, you sure have been showing up alot.
Xuan: Wen couldn't make it so she asked me to. She wanted to spend time with James, he's getting up there you know?
Sim Rachel: Yes, yes I do. Well, come on in, there's a heck of a party going on right now.

Sim Rachel: These two are pretty sweet together. Bronx is pretty quite for a popularity minded person.
Me: How do you know he's interested in being popular?
Sim Rachel: Ummm, he told me.
Me: So, it's not because he's a popularity sim?
Sim Rachel: No, he's not a sim, any more than I am
Me: I see. How silly of me.

Sim Rachel: What wedding reception is complete without a pillow fight?
Sim Rachel: See, another Roof Raiser, thanks to a pillow fight.
Bronx: I think it's really important that we recycle. I know everything just goes into the one garbage can, but we put the paper in there, we have to be recycling.Sim Rachel: Bronx, you might want to work on your pillow talk. Talking about recycling just isn't approriate right now.
Bronx: I was hoping you'd get bored and leave us alone. It was a plan.
Sim Rachel:OOOhhhh, sorry, excuse me.
Amethyst: Wait, so you're whole family has wings! How cool!
Monarch: Yep, and the people of Prosperity Point are SO open minded. They don't care that you have blue skin or that we have wings! Vanessa's are umm, missing at the moment, but I think we figured out how to get them back.

Sim Rachel: Where you going Amethyst?
Amethyst: Work! I got a job in the business career track. It's my first day! I really want to be a Business Tycoon! Bronx is inside, you can hang out with him for awhile.
Sim Rachel: Great, I'll let you get on your way so you're not late. This will give me an opportunity to get to know Bronx a little better. You know some one-on-one time.
Sim Rachel: Wait, where'd all these people come from?
Bronx: Oh hi Rachel, come hang out. My brother, England, a couple friends from college and this woman Jessamyn who just happened by, and I are all getting to know each other better.
Sim Rachel: Sure, can't hurt.
Sim Rachel: Hey Amethyst, how was work?
Amethyst: I don't fell so good.

Amethyst: Thanks for coming over Mercedes. Bronx and I are trying to make a lot of friends. You see both our jobs require quite a few. I want to be a Business Tycoon and Bronx wants to be Captain Hero.
Me: Plus I want you to scout out lots of potential mates for your kids to come.
Amethyst: What? Huh, what was that?
Me: *Whiseling*

Amethyst: Oh my goodness, I'm pregnant!
Sim Rachel: Yes, this seems to be the way things go. Move into new house, promptly get married, and get pregnant on your honeymoon.
Me: *Still whiseling*

Sim Rachel: Ahh, so sweet Bronx, you brought Amethyst flowers.
Bronx: Of course, we had a wonderful date, what else would I do?
Sim Rachel: Oh and look Jackie Burton came home from work with you. I've heard her family is a real mess.
Bronx: oh really? Well, I'm just looking for more friends, doesn't really matter what their families like. I'd befriend a Dante.

Sim Rachel: Man you guys get a lot of visitors.
Amethyst: So then I danced around like a monkey.
Gage Uglacy: What a funny joke! Let's be friends!
Amethyst: GREAT!

Sim Rachel: Hey Victoria! You're stopping by too huh?
Victoria: Hey Mom, yep. Checking stuff out. I heard this house is a hot bed for towns people, so I thought I'd see what's up. Look, there's Candi Simmers, the writer of the Uglacy Legacy. She's an avid simmer too.

Sim Rachel: Speaking of an Uglacy, Gage is in a terrible fight with Sandra Profitt. Why do all these towns people come to the lots and get in fights? It's so weird, I didn't even think these two knew each other.
Gage: Take that! We might not be attractive, but we can kick some botty!
*Meanwhile, outside*

Victoria: Hey look Mom, someone other than you is having a kid.
Sim Rachel: There have been lots of births around here since you headed off to college dear, mostly by the Rosada sisters. 5 boys and 1 girl.

Sim Rachel: Another boy, man these Rosada ladies seem to pop out boys!
Amethyst: This is my son Tanzanite. We're naming our kids after gem stones. I had girl names like Ruby and Emerald picked out. Thank goodness for Google, it helped me find ones that worked for boys. Wow that hurt, I'm glad that's...

...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!Sim Rachel: *shoots nasty look at me* MORE cheesecake twins!
Me: No, noone here even knows how to make it yet. So much for my plan of a single birth in this house. Even when I don't plan twins I don't get them. I swear I don't have any hacks for it either.

Amethyst: Another son, Zircon. Thanks again to Google.
Sim Rachel: More little blue babies. Soon the regualr human skin tones will be minorities.
Bronx: You're amazing honey, giving birth to two wonderful, healthy little boys!
Sim Rachel: Humm, the nanny must be here. *Whips out bad nanny notebook*
Sim Rachel: Yep, once again she fed the babies and laid them on the floor to sleep all day. Where is she anyway?
Sim Rachel: Of course, playing chess. Yeah, that's great child care!
Sim Rachel: Oh thank goodness Amethyst is home to tend to the little ones.
Amethyst: I got promoted too, one step closer to my goal

Sim Rachel: I have to tell you about the TERRIBLE job the nanny did today.
Sim Rachel: She fed the babies, but instead of putting them back in their cribs she just left them on the kitchen floor while she went and played chess.
Amethyst: You've got to be kidding me! I'll have to call the service and see if they can send over someone better.
Me: *in a hussed voice so no one can hear* Interesting side note, this is the first house
Sim Rachel actually physically showed up at. She isn't very social. I about fell off my chair when she walked by.
Bronx: Alright it's a baby birthday party! Who could resist?
Sim Rachel: Judging from the turn out, not too many people.

Sim Rachel: See, this is the same party and these are almost all different people in this shot. It is a HUGE party.
Bronx: That's it Zircon, one foot in front of the other.
Amethyst: Tanzanite, you're going to use the potty like a big boy for Mommy, aren't you?

Sim Rachel: Hey ahhh Bronx, remember how I told you the Burton sisters don't get along? Well, you've got two of them in the house at the same time.
Bronx: Doesn't matter to me, I'll be friends with both of them.

Sim Rachel: Don't say I didn't warn you Bronx.
Sim Rachel: Whatcha doing Amethyst?
Amethyst: I think I have all the Charisma I could ever need, thanks to my home putting green.
Sim Rachel: Great. Well, it's been great visiting with you, but I still have 3 more new houses to visit and Victoria has a University update before we get back to my house, so I had better take off. See you next week.
Amethyst: See Ya Rachel. Bring some more friends along when you come back.

Me: So ends the round with this family.
2 points for 2 news sims. I feel like I can just copy and paste that from the last entry.


Bubbs said...

I love how the other girls all show up in their wedding gowns. It is like the 'New Wives Club'. :)
I love the huge hangout parties also.
You had cheesecake...fess up! Or maybe your game knew you REALLY want twins, lol.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Wow. I absolutely love Amethyst's new hair. and you did it yourself? it's gorgeous. Her hair really stole the show a lot.

But what was she doing with a thinking cap on as she greeted people?

PRMami said...

Wow you weren't kidding about that house being social central; man that house had alot of company.
Love how you recolored her hair I have an old version of PSP and have been thinking of getting photoshop lite nice hair lol my daughter would love it for her sims lol she has me recolor alot of hair for her simmes.

Great update and loved seeing simRachel, if she and Tempus hit it off she will be the next townie to move in :)

Kerry said...

"I'd befriend a Dante!" LOL Looks like they are befriending anything that moves--those were some big parties!

Anonymous said...

Great update! Love the new hair! Beautiful blue babies! Looks like good nannies are hard to find everywhere!!

ASimWen said...

Heh. That's my boy Xuan taking over the Welcome Wagon duties. hehehe. I'll bet somebody smuggled in the cheesecake....yup....

Shaunna said...

Amethyst's new hair is great! And of course you get twins even when no cheesecake is involved. You asked for it! And to pull out one of your favorite lines: **whistles innocently** LOL!

Charity said...

Your game just got so used to cranking out the twins that it's forgotten how to make single births, lol.
Wow about all the visitors! If I had that many sims in my house I'd go nuts!

ciyrose said...'s like grand central station in this house. The babies are cute, and I LOVE her hair. You photoshopped it yourself? Great job.

Rachel said...

Just the color. I can't make hair but I can change it's color. I am a graphic designer so I would be in trouble if I couldn't do that. :)