Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dante 3 - Round 6

Death and Aliens
Last time Kayla and Benjamin continued breeding and raising dogs. Their last son at home, Biff, got his first A+ and his parents were very proud. He has since gone off to college. Kayla got pregnant and had a daughter this time. They named her Jennifer and she is now a toddler.
Rachel: Nice going Abbey!

Rachel: Nice job both of you!

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kayla! But um, what's with the outfit?
Kayla: I don't know. I think it's time to learn to sew.

Rachel: Happy Birthday to you too Benjamin!
Benjamin: Thank you. I think the person giving out outfits is on vacation today.
Rachel: Yeah, I'd say.

Rachel: Welcome home Grimalkin. Grimalkin?

Rachel: Awe man! Another pet?

Rachel: Bye Grimalkin. Poor Abbey.

Rachel: Nice job Benjamin! When are you changing that outfit?
Benjamin: Thanks. Kayla is learning to sew right now.

Rachel: Happy birthday Jennifer!

Rachel: What a cutie!

Benjamin: Baxter, roll over. Roll over. Come on!

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Ando and Amaya!

Rachel: Cute!

Rachel: Looks like a fun day in the snow kids. *waves at Jello*
Jello: Hi Grandma.

Rachel: Nice job Baxter.

Rachel: Hey Croissant!
Croissant: Hi great Grandma Rachel.
Rachel: Don't steal the puppy.
Croissant: But he's cute. OK.

Rachel: Nice job Kayla! How are the new outfits coming?
Kayla: Hold on, I'm still working on my badge.

Rachel: Eeek Ghost!

Rachel: You OK Kayla? Kayla?

Rachel: KAYLA!!!!

Rachel: OK Benjamin, time to smooze Grimmy.

Benjamin: Paaaleeeaze don't take my wife! I love her SOOOOOOOO much!
Grimmy: Pick a hand.

Benjamin: Ha! I win!!!

Kayla: Haha! We win! You lose!

Kayla: Thanks for saving me honey.
Benjamin: Any time dear.
Rachel: This is great and all but can someone feed the dogs?

Rachel: Bad Grimalkin! You OK Jennifer?
Jennifer: I think so.

Rachel: At least you get the day off school. Rest up.

Rachel: Look whose back.
Jennifer: Yep. I'm trying meet as many people as I can.
Rachel: That's smart.

Rachel: Jello sure does like that bubble blower.

Rachel: Nice job.

Rachel: Not Abbey too!

Benjamin: Not Abbey too!
Jennifer: I can't see the TV.
Rachel: *clears throat*
Jennifer: Sorry Dad.

Rachel: Bye Abbey.

Jennifer: I'm not really sure about this cooking thing.
Rachel: Keep at it. You'll get it.

Rachel: Who would use glue?

Rachel: Meeting more boys.
Jennifer: Yep.

Jennifer: Bang!

Jennifer: You've got it!

Rachel: Happy birthday to you both! You both look SO cool.

Rachel: Bye Ando. We must need more room.
Rachel: Speaking of!

Rachel: Welcome Autumn and Akoni!

Rachel: A mate for Amaya?
Kayla: Sure thing.

Rachel: Looks like they get along.

Rachel: Doing some stargazing Kayla. I love the new outfit.

Rachel: Oh boy!

Rachel: You OK?

Kayla: Ahhh!!!

Rachel: Wow, more boys.

Rachel: I would have thought that ride on the spaceship would have maxed your science enthusiasm.

Rachel: Bye puppies.
Rachel: Fire!!
Me: Don't worry the rain will put it out. You've got to go.
Rachel: Are you sure?
Me: Yes.

Points: 3
2 for money
1 for Benjamin's Top of Career


ASimWen said...

Oh man! More Grimmie! LOL Sure squeaked out of that early Simmie death. Buh-bye doggies...more doggies gone. But that leaves room for new ones. :)

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Wow, Grimmy is making a lot of appearances around Prosperity Point. And poor Kayla just can't catch a break, can she? Great update as always

Jenni said...

Awww... All those doggies dying makes me sad... Especially cause I have Abbey in my game right now and she just turned into an elder. *Tear* The thought of her dying makes me sad. I also played Grimalkin for a while but I needed room in my house so he went back into the adoption pool. :-(

Anyway, loved the update, as always! Can't wait for another one!!

snarkysims said...

So sad to see Grimalkin go. He's my favorite dog!

Rachel, I've been reading your blog for a while, and I really enjoy it! I love guessing what each new house's naming convention will be.

Kerry said...

Oh, that's so tough--all the dogs are the same age, so they are all passing. Bye, doggies! I'm glad Benjamin was able to save Kayla! That was close!

Minty said...

So many pet deaths :( Sad.

Melissa said...

I love Amaya - she is beautiful. Good job saving Kayla. I like the outfits she's making. I've not gotten that high of a badge with one of my sims yet.

Galena said...

Looks like you pulled out of the bad chance cards maybe. Good job on saving Kayla. If only dogs were that easy. Abbey was in my game so it's sad to see her go.

ciyrose said... many more deaths. Kayla had a really really rough week. Glad she is ok, cause she just got hit with one thing after another.

Chrissy Brown said...

Ugh, Poor Kayla :(